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The Month That Was...

Discussion in 'Diablo 2 Community Forum' started by ZygFryD, Nov 8, 2006.

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    Oct 1, 2004
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    The Month That Was...

    I am just writing this to tell you guys that I have been pretty lucky in the last month or so. I think I may have found some 10-20 HR worth of staff only from hell meph. Hmmm, let me think of the bigest ones: 246/20 Ravenfrost, 194 Gorerider, 2/1 Seraph, 5/5 lite-die Facet (along with other 5 no-perfect,) Legit Lo!, 185 Hoz, Azurewrath, Nature´s Peace, 3% BK ring, 2x Dracus (13 and 15 str), 3x Neftarious, 2x Marrowwalk, a 4os eth Zak shield and a 0os eth Sacred Rondanche (Dont remember resists, but were 25+), and a lot of rerolled skillers from minor items for pgems (Lite lifer, Fire lifer, Fire 6str, Trap 3Dex, Jav, 2xShadow, 2xShaper, among others)... Now I should stop braggin about me, but I am so happy that I have finally finish by uber smiter (Only need Um for Duress) and I can get a Enigma, Hoto, Beast, and Infinity for my uber summoner (I just need to liquidate my skiller and other staff I am not using in my pally.)

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