The maximum amount of mana that is possible?


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I'd like to know too... and max amount of life.

Barb would probably win life contest, and sorc mana contest, but what are max mana/life for the various characters?

I'm sorry I'm not helping, but since I'd like to know the same thing, I thought it'd be better to just expand this question, and not start a thread of my own.


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it will have to be a barb with all in energy, BO along with the weirdest gear.

2 sojs
2 wizardspikes
nightsmokes (maybe?)

as setup something like that. Maybe you can reach around 3-4k? i dk b/c no one has ever tried it. lol
Barb > Druid in life of course... go into bear/wolf form, using high lvl of BO and Oak sage. Remember barb gets double life pr. vit. point than druid.

How much mana does a barb get pr. point in energy? If a sorc gets more then I guess a sorc with BO could outrange the barb?

PS: Yes I'm very looking forward to see how much since I'm planning on making an ES sorc with meditation aura ;)


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i tried this with heroeditor:
lvl 99 sorc
4 sock 4x sur armor
shako (sur)
liddles (spirit would have given more but i dont have that item)
2x sojs
on switch: cta +1 (props to the guy who made itempack with only +1 cta btw), liddles.

39x 20/17 sc's and perf anni)

stats: 103 str (for archon 4s with life)
75 dex (for wizzy, suppose hel would have helped here)
47 vit
478 energy

with bo:
1764 life
5488 mana.

for skills i maxed tk and energy shield then rest into orb + synergies


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You have a lot of items that add mana or energy based on clvls. BO doesn't boost this, and not +energy from items mana either. A rare amulet with +2 sorc and mana would also be better.

On the life side, I think someone made a wolf barb with ~14 000 life once...


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"Jeweler's Monarch of the Colossus 'JahJahJahJah'" anyone? +260 life!! :D:D:D
"Jeweler's Archon Plate of the Whale" /w 4x Perfect Rubies +252 life
"Plated Belt of the Whale" +100 life
"Doombringer Champion Sword" +20% life
Also, I think "Sounding Grand Charms of Vita" pay off more than 3x +20 life would, at least if the GC is +45
"Echoing Amulet of the Whale" +3 warcries and +100 life

1 crafted blood rings +60 life
1 "Nature's Peace Ring" gives Oak sages as lvl 5 charges