The Luckiest Wednesdaily ever!


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The Luckiest Wednesdaily ever!

Well it's not quite Wednesday here yet but I didn't want people to miss out on my exciting news!

RL: I found 2 (thats right, two!) 4 leafed clovers while I was working today and my friend found 5 of the bloody things! We've decided we should have a good stint of luck coming to us now! Any Irish folks in the SPF who know the procedures on how to coax the luck out of them? I've never seen one before btw. Oh, and no, there aren't any Nuclear plants near by.

D2: Playing TehDexAZon right now. Others seem to be wearing loads of +dex gear so they are ahead of me despite my higher level. No matter though, I'm doing well and she is fun to play still!

Have a great day everyone!

*goes to buy some lottery tickets.*



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If I had the luck you do, I wouldn't buy lottery tickets, I'd get a subscription of the silly things. Congrats! I've got a friend who's surly enough to be Irish, hehe... But he's of no use to you (or anyone for that matter =P)

Finally, a daily thread that keeps up with me. It's been wednesdaily here for 12:46 minutes, by the way.

RL: trudging through Micro$oft Access jargon at the moment. It's as boring as all heck, and isn't logical, to boot. Hooray for Boredom!

D2: starting a 'Hunter' barbarian. Think of a Barbarian with an identitiy crisis. When he's 'done' he'll be able to shape shift into a wolf, summon spirits, creepers, wolves, pack nasty poison damage, and have 7.5k life. Awesome!*

*user experience may vary


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Well - it's wednesday arvo, and my day off from uni!
RL - practicing guitar, doing washing, lying in the sun maybe (lovely, warm and sunny today)

D2 - Hopefully, I'll get some time to get my new HolyFreezadin to act 3.

Neumein - East coast Aussie? :smiley:
HP - were you 'looking' for four-leafed clovers? :grin:


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HP_Sauce, where are you? I assumed you were a Canadian from your forum name. I used to find 4-Leaf clovers in my yard in Nova Scotia all the time - I don't think they ever really increased my luck, unfortunately...

Still another ~3 hours of Tuesday here in Colorado, but Tuesday was pretty craptacular so far (i.e. boring + work).

RL: Wed. is my last day in the boot with my broken foot. Yay, I won't look like a dork anymore (ok, I'll still look like a dork, but at least my footwear will match :wink3:). Nothing else too spectacular expected for the day (i.e. work).

D2: Haven't played in a couple of days - I've needed a small break to recharge my interest in the game. I'll probably resume my necro tonight - he's about ready for NM Chaos Sanctuary (Io from Hellforge - meh).

have fun


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HP - were you 'looking' for four-leafed clovers?
Yes, we found a small (20x10 foot) patch of clover next to the cottage we are working on, within about 10 seconds of him bending over to look he had found one and we were hooked from then on. We spent about half an hour or so searching.

HP_Sauce, where are you? I assumed you were a Canadian from your forum name. I used to find 4-Leaf clovers in my yard in Nova Scotia all the time - I don't think they ever really increased my luck, unfortunately...
Yes, Canadian. Ontario actually good guess!

I've got a friend who's surly enough to be Irish, hehe... But he's of no use to you (or anyone for that matter =P)
This made me laugh!

but Tuesday was pretty craptacular so far (i.e. boring + work).
and craptacular is one of my most favorite words I think. It makes me laugh almost ever time I read/say it!



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Yes, east coast aussie, Melbourne in fact. Where are you previously/currently/potentially situated?


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Neumein: Born in melbourne, raised and uni'ing in SE Qld. :)

Bah, we have a lovely warm day up here, with a strong cold wind! Ah well, I'll still be able to play guitar (which is what I'm doing now.)

HP: I couldn't imagine looking through a patch of grass/clovers for four-leafed clovers. :) It might be fun though. :wink3:

Have a good day/arvo/night/wherever you may be. :) Take it easy.

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Not quite Wednesday but, close enough

RL: Work 10-6. I don't know after that. Time will tell I guess

D2: Pindle runs to...... oh wait, I completed the Pindlethon today. Guess I'll have to do something else. Probably play my WW barb. Will be nice to get down and dirty smacking mobs around after a month of casting meteors and fireballs.


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RL: well tuesday night for me still. 1116 pm. have volleyball at 530 am in the morning. homework, schooling. work from 4 to 9.

D2: notta. in orem all day, (40 min from my house).


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RL - All employees for the company I work for has been retrenched on Monday.(The mother company felt there was not enough cash generation - typical government run crap). Just got a job offer from them for my old position so its all good.

D2 - Started with my Frost Zealot. Pushed him to lvl18 just to see how well HF works. He will eventually wear a HoZ found early last week and use a Nords Tenderizer as main weapon(found last night). I've never playd a pallly before and he is pretty fun, using Civerb's set atm so everything dies in 1-hit on /p8.

Have a good one



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RL - Slugging it out with staff queries and general admin work.

D2 - Only been back a very short while to SP (used to play Battlenet till the comp died and I lost everything in my accounts) so mainly stuck with cookie-cutter builds for MFing to start with. Finally tired of the Poison/Summon Necro at L54 so will start a new Blizzballer tonight.

Oh and bappy hirthday, Serdash. :)

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Happy Birthday Serdash.:thumbsup:

I'll have a platter of cookies waiting for you at the EMB. We'll give you Durf's credit card too.


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RL: Job still sucks, but I had an interview with a different company that I think went well. Any job sucks, I just think that going someplace else at this point and dealing with new things that suck in stead of the SOS will freshen my views a bit.

D2: Played my Hammerdin last night to the Normal Ancients Way and Lvl 44. At this point, things just melt in front of him, and if he does suffer a little damage, flash on Redemption and voila, a full health and mana bulb. At this point, he's pretty unstoppable. Kind of an interesting build, never tried one before. Baal with his mana burn thing will be interesting, though. I've been working on this character while trying to grow the stones necessary to take on the Hell Oblivion Knights and their cold immunity with my pure Blizzsorc. I haven't the foggiest idea right now how to tackle that one.


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I haven't the foggiest idea right now how to tackle that one.
I avoided that area as well the last time I had a blizz sorc that far. I finally sucked it up and went for it. My first thought was to teleport to the seals past everything and then kill the bosses. That will kill every other monster around, and then deal with diablo mono e sorco. However that's typically the way I die most of the time. So I just took it slow and killed everything that wasn't cold immune. My merc killed the rest slowly at players 1. I'ld teleport back if he started taking a beating and it would also thin out the mob to make it more reasonable for him. You can also use telekinesis to bounce back a few of them while he's taking care of the others. It takes longer than normal, but it feels good when diablo drops that green breast plate for you.

RL: We've got about half of our christmas shopping done so far. It's nice to be ahead of things for a change.

D2: leveled up my hc blizzard sorceress up to 29 while running normal mephisto for items (some usefule ones hopefully too). My grail is up to around 12 I think.

have a good wednesday :thumbsup:



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It's two months til Christmas!!!!
RL: work, planning to pick up Frontpage, at the academic price of course. It's all part of my plan to get MM to work on our webpage instead of me updating it once half a year. Class tonight, hurray for auditing.

D2: played with my enchantress last night, decided to change from aiming for energy sheild to doing one of the cold tree sheilds. Should be interesting. She rescued Cain last night. Still chugging potions but less so.


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RL: Just one of those days where it starts out "meh" and from that point on nothing goes your way. I have to wait until tomorrow before I can start sorting any of it out, so I'm just chilling and not letting it bother me. Maybe I'll do some homework - writing up neat some of the notes I've made over the past few weeks.

D2: Not had much chance to play it really. Doing a little bit, but not that much time at the moment. Maybe I'll do some homework - building up a new character to lvl 22 and Act III for Thyiad's classic mp games. :grin:

(I found a character to play - seeing how a bone necro does in classic. I've been meaning to build one for a while, plus I've already beaten the game with a necromancer)


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Hp_Sauce: My wife, from Cork, says you can only coax the luck out of the things if you have kissed the Blarney Stone.

I suggest you have a couple of pints of Guinness and leave the rest to fate.

D2: Pindling (Is this a term for Pindle running?) with my Necro.

RL: Cooking Chilli, as it is pouring down and cold here so I need something hot.