The LLD Hammersin. Help me out here, guys.

Lord Nyax

The LLD Hammersin. Help me out here, guys.

Gah! My post just poofed. I'll have to type that damn thing all over again. Oh well...:sad: Here we go.

I'm planning on making a LLD Assassin who uses the level 1 Shadow Skill, Psychic Hammer. Psychic hammer has automatic KB and mediocre damage. My plan is to get 174% FCR for a very fast cast speed, and keep people in KB lock until they die.

  • 20% FCR Circlet (+2 Shadow Skills ideally)
  • 10% FCR Amulet (+2 Shadow Skills ideally)
  • Suicide Branch wand (50% FCR, +1 skills)
  • Skin of the Vipermagi (30% FCR, +1 skills)
  • Wall of the Eyeless (20% FCR)
  • Magefists
  • 2x 10% FCR Rings
  • Crafted Caster belt with 4% FCR+
That should give me 20+10+50+30+20+20+20+4=174% FCR for a very fast cast speed.

Now, with ideal gear, what will my damage be. I plan on getting to level 33 for Suicide Branch, then stopping. I will have:
  • 20 points in Psychic Hammer
  • 1 point in BoS and Fade
  • 1 in Mind Blast
  • Remaining points in Shadow Master
With my gear, I get (ideally):
2+2+1+1 skills, so I'll have +6 skills. That's level 26 Psychic Hammer. According to a skill calc I use, that means it'll be doing:
42-56 Physical, 42-56 Magic, for a total of 84-112 damage per hit, with a mana cost of 10.25. Assuming no PDR or MDR, that gives 12-16 damage per hit, PvP. This is where the trouble is. Versus most normal characters, that's acceptable. They'll be dying...eventually. However, versus characters such as a LLD Hammerdin with dual spirits, that's an automatic +8 Magic Absorb, up to a theoretical +16 Magic sorb. seeing as how I'm already doing 6-8 magic damage PvP, Absorbing that AND gaining the health back means I'm essentially doing 0 damage.

With my already insane FCR, I figured I might want to just go with Mind Blast. That's pure physical, so there wouldn't be the problem with sorb, and there is much less PDR as it is in LLD. However, as it's a level 24 skill, at level 33 I could have a max of 10 points in, which would lead to a level 16 MB max. That's 64-74 damage, which is ~9-11 physical damage PvP. I might be able to get that without losing the Shadow Master/BoS/Fade, if I got a GRush and did all the skill quests.

At this point I'm kind of out of ideas. I don't want to get much higher than 33, because then I start to get outclassed a lor more than I will at 33. If I got to 42 I could use Shadow Skillers, which could give my +skills the major boost it needs, but at the expense of my opponents being much stronger as well.

Thoughts? Comments? The one thing I don't really want to hear is "your build isn't going to have a chance against any 'good' dueler". I don't plan on entering tournaments, I don't want to win a "Best LLD" award, I want to have fun and duel.


Flayed One

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my advice would be simple... make a lvl 18 hammerassa.
Then you'll be pretty much unabsorbable. You won't get such FCR and high skill, but you'll have a dueler able to take on every other one.
Good luck on it:thumbsup:
I've been considering making one for a while, but never got to it

Lord Nyax

Awwwwwwww. But at level 18 I'm not sure I can even hit the second to last BP, much less the last one...hrm...
You've got a point though. At that level there are very few ways to stop Psychic Hammer damage...

Flayed One

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hhhmmm...let's see...

10% FCR circlet
2x10% FCR ring
25% FCR stealth
30% FCR Malestorm wand
10% FCR amulet
7% FCR belt

102% FCR

ammy and circlet can have +1 shadow skills

with that gear you hit one but last FCR breakpoint:wink3:

-edit- I should add, that I have no idea if it will work... it's just that I have been toying around with the idea a bit...

Von Lazuli

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If you do play one at level 30, you will want an insight on switch, because you are going to be chewing a lot of mana. Trust me... it takes a long time to kill with pure mind blast (I do that on my high level assassin when it is unsafe to whirl...) and to kill a poor hammerdin it takes about 3 mana pots...

Insight allows you to keep spamming and not worry about mana...(plus it grants 35 FCR!!!)


Lord Nyax

Yar, the Mana is a pain. I have a kinda crappy level 45 Hammersin right now with 104% FCR or whatever the BP under 174% is. Even with a 3os mask with 3x PSapphires, she still eats Mana pots. I'm willing to eat mana pots though...