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The List (many perfect runewords+ 44pcomb)

Discussion in 'Non-Ladder' started by warpeon, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. warpeon

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    Sep 24, 2007
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    The List (many perfect runewords+ 44pcomb)

    First i'll start with the flawless items


    Perfect Exile Vortex Shield

    Perfect Infinity Colossus Voulge

    Perfect Pride Cryptic Axe

    Perfect Bramble Archon Plate

    Perfect Beast Berserker Axe

    Perfect Necro Summon Grand Charm with +45 life (also have +44)

    Perfect Dracs

    Perfect Thunder Gods


    Paladin Combat Grand Charm with +44 life

    Duel Leach Ring - "Grim Turn"
    6% mana leach
    8% life leach
    +20 strength
    +8 stamina
    Cold resist 10%
    Lightning resist 33%
    Fire resist 10%
    Poison resist 10%

    Grief Phase Blade
    39/40 increased attack speed
    +385/+400 damage
    -21/-25 negative enemy poison resist
    11/15 + life after kill

    Pally Torch
    +20 Attributes
    +13 All resists

    5 Sorceress Lightning GC's



    I am polishing up my PnB PvP Necro so..

    Necro FCR Ammy

    Necro FCR Circlet

    FCR Rings

    (With nice mods like +Str or Dex +Resists yada yada yada)

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2010

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