The Lifeless Tournament - Progress


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The Lifeless Tournament - Progress


Please be so kind as to thoroughly read through these rules of the tournament;


  • HC only. You must start a new character.
  • No twinking. You may mule off to a seperate stash and then mule items from that stash on later as you see fit.
  • 1.11 and 1.10 only. RWM and RRM are allowed but you may not create non-sp rw's.
  • Multiplay is allowed. Post IP in here if you start a MP game.
  • If your character dies in the first two acts in Normal, you are allowed one more chance (with new build if you choose).
  • Any build is allowed. You decide which character to play with.
  • You may run any area up to five times only. If you restart in an area which you've run thrice, please try to avoid unecessary killing.
  • The goal of the tournament is to gather as many points as possible. There is no prize stash. The winner wins the glory though


  • No visits to any town healers (see below) EVER !
    (Yes this means you cannot complete Den of Evil and can't repair in act 2).
  • No life-leeching items allowed
  • No red or purple potions
  • No life-regererating items
  • No exploit of the "stay-in-town-for-an-age-to-regenerate-life" trick
  • No life-leeching auras or curses or skills
  • No life-regenerating auras or curses or skills
  • No healing shrines and wells
  • Skulls may only be inserted in shields
  • +life items are allowed though, so you may stick prubies in your gear.

Only way to ever gain life is to level up !!
(Note: No, you may not talk to a healer if your life bulb is full)

- 1 point pr WP.

All waypoints count, including the ones you get for free (town wp’s).

When your character dies (or completes the game) your score will be multiplied by a factor depending on which build you've played:

Caster: x 1
Summoner: x 1
Ranged: x 2
Melee: x 3

Restricted NPC's and Quests

You may NEVER EVER talk to the following NPC's:
  • Akara
  • Fara
  • Atma
  • Ormus
  • Jamella
  • Malah

You can NEVER complete the following quests:
  • Den of Evil (you cannot get the +1 to a skill from Akara)
  • The Search for Cain (Cain will appear in Act 2 where you can purchase ID from him)
  • Radament's Lair (you cannot get the "reward" from Atma)
  • Blade of the Old Religion (you're unable to give the Gidbinn to Ormus)
  • Prison of Ice (you cannot get the thawing potion from Malah)
  • Betrayal of Harrogath

You're allowed a rogue merc only.
You may choose another than the one you get for completing Blood Raven.
You may revive the merc infinite times.
The merc is allowed life-leeching gear.
You may not feed your merc with potions.



Melee Character:

Defining the word melee:
Melée generally means hand-to-hand combat or mano-a-mano. Weapons commonly used in melée include swords, clubs, spears, axes, or fists: almost anything you can hit someone with. The word melée is specific to disorganized hand-to-hand battles, which may even be free-for-all occasions, as in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

A melee champion is a character that engages in hand-to-hand combat with any monster he or she makes contact with. He or she does not stand back while awaiting the destruction of foes by hired mercenaries or summoned helpers, though may very well retreat and organize battle with strategic planning.
I'm certain we all know how a melee fighter works.

Ranged Character:

Defining the word ranged:
A ranged weapon is any weapon that launches a projectile or that is a projectile itself. In contrast, a weapon intended to be used in person-to-person combat is called a mêlée weapon. Early ranged weapons include thrown weapons such as spears, slings, darts, the bow and arrow, and medieval siege engines like catapults and trebuchets...

A ranged character brings destruction to his or her foes from a distance. Either with a volley of arrows or other deadly piercing weapons can the champion lay devastation and never enter in deadly hand-to-hand combat. The character may occasionally pluck out a monster in melee, but generally stay back and let the hired or summoned meatshield stop incoming threats.


Defining the word summon:
The word conjuration (from Latin 'conjuratio', 'conjurare', to swear together) can be interpreted in several different ways: as an invocation or evocation (the latter in the sense of obligating by vow); as an exorcism; or as an act of illusionism. The word is often used synonymously with "invocation", although the two are not synonyms. One who performs conjurations is called a conjurer or conjuror.

A summoner is a person who conjures allies and let them do the killing for them. The character may him or herself engage in the eliminating process, but the main part of the slaying is done by the summoned confederates.


Unfortunately google brings no solid definition of this arcance form of evocation.

A caster is someone who shapes the elements to his or hers benefit and, like ranged characters, demolish foes from a distance. This character also rarely gets in hand-to-hand combat, and when it happens it is more likely to be by fault. Be it the summoning of volcanoes, lightningstorms, meteors or whatever kind of fire, ice, lightning or poisonous attack, it is the work of casters.



  • Caster: x 1
  • Summoner: x 1
  • Ranged: x 2
  • Melee: x 3

Below are mentioned skills and what "class" they are considered.
Some skills are "utility" skills, meaning that they will have no influence on
your end-game multiplier.

For examples on build look below.

Amazon Bow tree
- All skills are considered ranged.

Amazon Javelin tree
- Jab/Impale/Fend melee.
- Power/Charged/Lightning Strike melee.
- Poison/Plague javelin caster.
- Lightning Fury/Lightning Bolt caster.

Amazon Passive tree.
- You cannot summon a decoy and valk at the same time. You're a summoner if you do.

Assassin Traps tree
- Every skill is considered caster exept for Blade sentinel, Blade fury and
Fire Blast; they are all considered ranged.

Assassin Martial Arts tree
- All skills considered melee.
- Cobra Strike is not allowed.

Assassin Shadow tree
- The use of the skills in this tree as a utility is allowed for all builds without
turning someone into a caster or ranger.

Necromancer Summon tree
- You cannot summon more then one helper at the same time on penalty of
becomming a summoner. So one golem or one skeleton or one ... is allowed,
otherwise you're a summoner.
- Blood golems are not allowed in this tournament.

Necromancer Curse tree
- All curses are considered utility skills.
You may use Life Tap but if you do, you may not hit a cursed monster, thereby gaining life.

Necromancer Poison and Bone tree
- Posion Dagger melee.
- Bone Armor/Wall/Prison utility skill.
- All other skills are caster.

Barbarian Combat tree
- All skills considered melee.

Barbarian Mastery tree.
- All skills considered utility skills.

Barbarian Warcry tree
- Utility skills except;
- Warcry. More than a single point here and you're a caster.

Paladin Combat tree
- All skills considered melee, except for holy bolt, hammer and FoH which are
caster skills.
- Sacrifice is not allowed.

Paladin Offensive/Defensive aura tree
- All aura's will make no difference towards the build you choose. Any AoE
damage will make you happy. Note that you can't use prayer or redemption in
this tournament. You can only use cleansing or meditation if you do not have
a point in prayer since it will heal you if you have a point there (so use

Sorceress Fire/Lightning/Cold tree
- All sorceress skills will be considered caster except for the three masteries,
the three cold shields and enchant. Enchant is considered melee when used
with a melee weapon and ranged when used with a ranged weapon.

Druid Summoning tree
- If you have more than one helper, you're a summoner, so one bear is allright for melee.
You can use a combination of a sage + vine as long as the vine isn't the poison vine.
- Note that the carrion vine cannot be used in this tournament.

Druid Elemental tree
- All skills are considered caster except;
- Cyclone armor utility.

Druid Shapeshift tree
- All skills considered melee.
- You cannot use feral rage or hunger in this tournament.

All characters equipping a bow and using the skills considered melee will
become a ranger. So if you're melee, DON'T keep a bow on switch.

All characters using any charges of a skill considered caster will become a caster.

All characters who are hybrids using skills classified differently in the
melee/ranger/caster class will be judged towards the lowest multiplier.
So a barbarian maxing warcry but using berzerk as his main skill will still be a
caster and receive a x1 multiplier.



#1: Amazon weilding a bow.
She's weilding a bow and her primary attack is fire arrow and strafe.
On switch she has a javeling using plague javelin.
She uses a Valkyrie and a fire arrow mercenary.

Her class: Caster.
Why? Because the plague javelin she has on switch is considered a caster weapon.
If she decides to ditch the javelin on switch she would become a ranged character.

#2: Assassin weilding claw and shield.
Her primary attacks are Pheonix Strike and Dragon Flight.
She uses no traps and has a Shadow Master and a cold arrow rogue mercenary.
She has nothing on switch, and uses blade shield and mind blast to stun enemies.

Her class: Melee.
Why? Because she uses only skills treated as melee skills. She has only a single
summoned helper alongside her hired merc.

#3: Barbarian wielding throwing axes.
On switch he has a fastswinging sword used for berzerk.
He utilizes a single point in warcry to stun enemies and has a maxed shout and BO.

His class: Ranged.
Why? Because he only has 1 point in warcry which is then considered a utility skill.
Besides he primarily uses ranged weapons. The melee swith weapon does not influence
his class.

#4: Sorceress using a sword and shield.
She uses enchant to magically enhance her weapon and chance to hit. She has a magical
sword with +1 - 500 lightning damage on switch. She uses shiver armor for protection.

Her class: Melee.
Why? Because she uses only melee skills. Had she a orb with +3 to blizzard on switch and
used it to rain down icy shards of death upon her enemies, she'd have been a caster.

#5: Druid using a two-handed axe.
He has cyclone armor and uses shapeshift into wolf form. His primary attack is fury.
He has a grizzly-bear and two ravens with him, alongside his trusted merc, a fire arrow rogue.
He also uses an oak sage to increase his life.

His class: Summoner.
Why? Because he has three summoned minions. Did he choose to cancel the two ravens or
a raven and the bear, he would be melee. The oak sage does not count as minion.

#6: Necromancer using a wand and a shield.
Primary skills are raise skeleton and amplify damage. He uses Corpse Explosion too, when
The first few monsters are slain. He has 7 skeletons revived and the rogue merc.

His class: Caster.
Why? Because he uses Corpse Explosion. Did he not, he would be considered a summoner.
But there is no difference in multiplier between a caster and a summoner so it doesn’t really

#7: Paladin wielding a morning star and a shield.
He is using Holy Freeze and Zeal, has conviction and Vengeance as secondary attack
and utilizes holy shield to protect himself. He has only a rogue merc as helper.

His class: Melee.
Why? Because he uses only skills considered melee. If he has chosen to use
Fist of Heavens instead of vengeance as secondary attack he would be a caster.


I hope this summs up any questions any of you might have.
If you are still in doubt, drop me a PM or ask your question in here.

This concludes the intropost, and I will hereby open the tournament for all who wish to enter.

The tournament end date is still unknown, but it will run to at least mid May so far.
I will post an exact end date later, but wish to give the players with little time, the time
They need to finish this quest.

Entrants are allowed for a few more days in the signup thread . Then the tourney closes and only those who
are already in it, can play it.

The most important thing in this tournament is; TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH!
Remember that, and you might just make it far :smiley:

Please write your log as this. I will include a table later on.

Forum name: Rizzo
Character name: Javelina
Class: Ranged
WoC: Javelins (weapon of choice)
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment

She might be a caster (if she utilizes the lightning/poison javelins) or she might go melee (charged strike or the like).
I dunno that yet, first of all I need to get out of the moor... :smiley:
Edit: So I use her as melee untill I figure it out (ie I dont throw the javelins).

The tournament is now open!!
Good luck to all!


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Before ever getting out of the encampment, I decided that Javelina will be using a bow instead of her javs. So she will stay a ranged character and use magic arrow (for now).

Edit: I guess her name doesn't quite fit now eh? Ah what the heck...


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Forum name: Nightfish
Character name: Doomedfish
Class: Summoner
WoC: Wands
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment

Build is going to be 20 RS, 20 SM, 20 Iron Maiden, 20 CE. I've been aching to try that curse out and now I guess I will. If I live that long.

Any limitations on player settings? Didn't see that answered so far.


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Hehe, making good progress. Mana Potions are allowed right? It's not the manaless tournament after all...


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Forum name: AeroGear
Character name: Vixen
Class: Caster
WoC: Claw+shield and Claw/Claw
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment

Already working on a M/A assassin so this one will be a basic trapper.


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Nightfish said:
Hehe, making good progress. Mana Potions are allowed right? It's not the manaless tournament after all...
Yes mana pots are ok, but not purple. Remeber that. And no talking to Akara!


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Forum name: newco
Character name: Moritura
Class: Caster
WoC: Claw+shield and Claw/Claw
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment


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Rizzo said:
Yes mana pots are ok, but not purple. Remeber that. And no talking to Akara!
Yes sir. :p Though imho you should have allowed it at full health. Will suck to have to go back to normal and nightmare to get those points after he makes guardian... :badteeth:


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Forum name: Bloodfire
Character name: Mandy
Class: Melee
WoC: Claws
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment

Build is undecided at the moment, but will most certainly have maxed claw block.

Sint Nikolaas

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Forum name: Sint
Character name: Rizza
Class: Ranged
WoC: Shuriken
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment

We'll see how this goes. Don't you dare go caster on me rizzo, not now I named my char after you :grin:


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Forum Name: Vang
Character name: Deadbob
Class: caster
WoC: wand
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment


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Sint Nikolaas said:
We'll see how this goes. Don't you dare go caster on me rizzo, not now I named my char after you :grin:
Hehe no worries Sint, Javelina is surely ranged now with her new best friend magic arrow :smiley:


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Nightfish said:
Yes sir. :p Though imho you should have allowed it at full health. Will suck to have to go back to normal and nightmare to get those points after he makes guardian... :badteeth:
maybe as a reward for completing a difficulty, you could be allowed to collect the rewards from anya, marla, ormus, akara? .... just an idea ...


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Forum name: Atil
Character name: Sonofsigon
Class: Melee Barbarian
WoC: To be confirmed
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment


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Forum name: Nightfish
Character name: Doomedfish
Class: Summoner
WoC: Wands
Level: 10
(Way)points: 3
Location: Underground Passage

HP: 105/108

So far, so good.


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Just a bit of a warning, posion damage is very very nasty.... running around the den of evil on 1 hp is not fun. Mandy the assassin neeeds to be more careful...


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Just a small warning, be careful of poison damage.... Running around the Den of Evil with 1 hp is really not much fun... Mandy the assassin needs to be more careful.

Edit: Bah, sorry for double post.


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Forum name: Wolron
Character name: RiverMaiden
Class: Ranged
WoC: Bow
Level: 1
(Way)points: 1
Location: Rogue Encampment


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Forum name: Rizzo
Character name: Javelina
Class: Ranged
WoC: Longbow of Quality
Level: 11
(Way)points: 3
Location: Stony Field

It's been really fun to run around and find the best position to snipe those shamans from the distance. Magic Arrow is getting better and better but I fail to see how it will last forever...