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The level 30 caster mini-guide (LLD)

Discussion in 'PvP' started by crawlingdeadman, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. crawlingdeadman

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    Jun 7, 2005
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    The level 30 caster mini-guide (LLD)

    i have typed this all out a few times, but can never find it so i'm making it into a half-assed guide.

    in my opinion the best beginner LLD is a 30 caster. they start out cheap, can be very effective, are tons of fun to duel with, and are probably the most common level/build. also, they all essentially have the same gear so when you get the gear, you can make one and if you dont like it, make a different one instead.

    Beginner Gear:
    peasant crown
    telling of beads or eye of etlich
    spirit crystal sword
    rhyme bone shield, spirit pally shield (pally), rhyme head (necro), viscertuant (sorc), or whitstan's guard
    magefists, bloodfists, or frosties depending upon your fcr needs
    2x 10fcr/mana/life rings
    string of ears, crafted 10fcr belt (if needed), nightsmoke, or rare with fhr/life/replenish
    sander's boots

    insight in a staff on switch

    Advanced Gear:
    2tree/20fcr/30frw/2os/life/mana circlet (if you dont need fcr, pcrown wins out over most rares)
    2tree/10fcr/replenish/life/mana ammy
    35%/100+ mana spirit sword
    same shield selection as above
    same gloves
    2x sojs (rarely will the stats of a rare beat out sojs)
    string of ears
    sander's boots

    insight staff on switch

    Note: helms and ammies are probably the most expensive single items of this type of build. a good helm or ammy can be worth several high runes. i personally paid between 10 and 15 high runes for an amulet for a hammerdin and considered it worth every penny. before trying to get the really good helm/ammy combo, do yourself a favor and invest in a pair of sojs. they will take your builds further for less than either helm or ammy could. as i said before pcrown is very tough to beat. imo, a helm has to have 2tree/20fcr/30frw before i'll even consider it. the mana, life, frw, and replenish on pcrown are unbeatable unless you have those.

    fill your inventory with any charms you can get ahold of until you can switch them with 15 life small charms. some builds cannot get enough frw so you may want to put a few frw/mana charms instead of lifers. res is rarely a problem with this level, but if you need some, fill it out here.

    a beginner would do well to socket helm and body armor with perfect rubies to start with. the gain in life will keep you alive through your beginner mistakes. after you start living longer and duels go on longer, switch the sockets to perfect skulls. the amount of life you'll replenish over a longer duel is not to be ignored. in longer duels you can gain back as much as 200-300 life depending on situation. replenish is great, get it where you can! if you cannot make a hit recovery break point easily with charms, you can also socket helm/armor with shaels, but this isnt the best solution as you cannot get replenish on charms, but you can get fhr, life, mana, res, etc.

    stash items should be kept to a minimum. there are items of sorb for most of the damage types in this level, but it's generally frowned upon to sorb someone. one thing i nearly always have handy however, is death's belt for the cannot be frozen.

    first of all check here. there are several in-depth guides for the main builds. speaking of which, top builds tend to be (in no particular order) hammerdin, fireball sorc, and bone necro. these are the top three, but they do have good competition with lightning trapper, blizz sorc, fissure druid, and poison zon. i'd also put bowazon into the top echelon, but they use entirely different gear so i wont touch on them here. windy is a do-able build, but the range limitations coupled with no easy movement skill like charge or teleport make them less common and easier to beat with the top builds. fire trappers work well in teams, but just dont put out the damage needed to go 1 on 1 (they are a ton of fun to play though).

    i was going to do a quick summery of some builds' skill placement, but not now, maybe some other time.
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  2. theredpredator

    theredpredator IncGamers Member

    Feb 5, 2005
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    Re: The level 30 caster mini-guide (LLD)

    you are a hero for doing this. There is a lot not written bout lld.

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