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The leeching sorcbear

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Gimmershred, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    The leeching sorcbear

    Leech is always a problem on a sorcbear, and drinking pots is just irritating. So why not pick a little bit slower attack and incorporate some physical damage.


    Dream Helm
    Dream Shield
    Grief Phaseblade, 37% ias or higher
    Armor fortitude
    Gloves Draculs
    Belt string of ears
    Ring 1 raven
    Ring 2 dualleech ring with a bit of ar
    Amulet highlords
    Boots Gore riders

    With a 37% ias grief pb and 15% ias on your gear you will reach a 7frame attack (7 frame ain't so bad). You will have around 24% lifeleech, wich works on hell 1/3th = 8%

    Let's say you have a +-slvl 8 werebear attack, a 375 grief , 68% deadly strike in total and around 100 str.
    With the deadly strike then counted in your average physical damage will be around 4k (omfg yes). 8% leech per hit means you get 320 life per hit back.
    With lifetap from draculs you will be back to health in no time.

    Only problem might be ar, but you still use a infi merc, and still have enchant.
    The beautiful thing is that grief also has ignore target's defense , and -25% defense for bosses.

    wow, now you have a build, that does , 1)huge light damage 2)pretty big physical damage 3) decent fire damage

    I haven't tried this myself yet, but might do it soon. Did it on a doubledream palabear before and that really was a godly bear.

    Edit1: Resists might be a bit of a problem: 30anya, 30forti, 40anni+torch, 30 dreams = 30res all. Still have to get 45 all res from charms.

    Edit2:I am currently thinking of some more manaleech to make es viable on this build too.
    Maybe another option is to get the 15% ias elsewhere then amulet and use metalgrid, but you also loose +1 skills and 33% deadly strike that way.
  2. dreamofwinter

    dreamofwinter IncGamers Member

    Aug 24, 2006
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    Nice to see this issue addressed. I've found it to be a pretty much a leech-or-die world out there, especially if you are a pure melee sorc as opposed to caster/melee.

    Options that I've found viable: (pick one)... :)

    4-shael'd griswold's set caduceus [5 fps attack, 135 avg dmg (double that vs undead)]

    BotD phase blade (60% IAS) [7 fps attack, 150-170 avg dmg, 12-15% life leech, 7% mana leech]

    Grief phase blade w/ 37%+ increased attack speed [8 fps attack, 370-430 avg dmg, plus deadly strike]

    BotD ethereal berzerker axe (60% IAS) [8 fps attack, 330-370 avg dmg, 12-15% life leech, 7% mana leech]

    I believe the way it works is that only ias on your weapon counts when you are in werebear form. I would go for ebotdz. Slower, but 8 fps is pretty fast already. Along with your elemental damage, you will be able to kill using physical damage -- especially if you are wearing chains of honor or fortitude.

    Note that at some point you may just want to make a whirlwind barb...

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