The Journey to an Untwinked Guardian Sept of Mis-Fit Toons


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The Mis-Fit Toons
Azlynn- Kicksin
Riddick-Bone Necro
Braveheart-Frenzy or WW barb.
Eragon- Polearm Holy Freeze (Act 2 Merc copycat)
BeoWolf-Fury druid

(I'm terrible at naming toons I feel like) :rolleyes::rolleyes:

I'll try to document as much of the Journey these 7 Mis-Fits make til they all hopefully Guardian or parish. Should make for quite the challenge.

All will be run using patch 1.14d, RWM, and GoMule.

Here goes nothing...Start 2020 of right.


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1st Mis-Fit toon to make Destroyer is Kaylyn the Bowazon!!! Ran all of normal on P8 settings. She is currently sitting at lvl 46. Going to do a few pindle/baal runs to get to 48ish before starting NM. It was slow going in the beginning with the mana intensive exploding arrows, then switched to Immolation in Act 3 onward. Started putting skills into Ice arrow late in act 5. I will probably stay with the Immolation/Ice arrow combo threw NM but until then a few pics from the boss kills. Very few drops to note through normal. Did manage to have quite a few rune drops that were sent to GoMule for later.

I forgot to screen shot Andy kill. So here is duriel first. Sanders Boots sure were nice to get early for that FRW! Nothing else was of use here.

Nothing but "Charsi food" here from meph. (outside of the gems)

SkyStrike bow! Thanks Diablo for dropping something useful :p:p

Down goes Baal! Thanks for the Hawkmail--Cannot be Frozen!! :):):)


I also have 1-3 points in each of Crit. Strike, Penetrate, and Pierce.

Next Mis-Fit toon up for all of Normal is Azlynn the Kicksin!

1/7 Destroyers
0/7 Conquerors
0/7 Guardians

I'll get better at write-ups hopefully as this thing goes on. Until next time.


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2nd Mis-Fit Toon has became a Destroyer! Azlynn the Kicksin has completed normal on P8. She had an interesting time progressing through normal. First time playing a kicksin so it took some getting used to the mechanics and skills. I took some time reading a few Guardian threads and build "guides" and most make use of Death Sentry which I decided against. My thought is if it the toon uses DS then why not be a trapper or state that its a "hybrid kicksin or trapper" I could be wrong in my thought process but oh well. I will not be using a single point in the trap tree. Pure Kicker with Phoenix and Dragon Talon, a few points eventually into Dragon Flight.

So Act 1 for Azlynn was pretty straight forward questing. Make a stop at countess for a few runs to get Tal Eth for Stealth and a few extras Tals for a socketed claw along the way. Then Andy wasn't too bad of a fight.

Drops from Andy were of course worthless...Gems were stashed and everything else was sold.

Act 2 was the same. Hired a defensive merc and straight through questing to Duriel. All drops were once again sold.

Act 3 was real pain, chasing around all the little flayer guys.

Wish I would have been in Hell though with the LK map that she had :eek::oops::(. Both camp fires, ALL 6 chests plus pop-ables right next to the WP!

Oh well time to move on to Meph. A couple low lvl set items. All was sold again.

Act 4 time. My personal favorite act. Got the first decent low lvl unique. Would have been great for the fury druid or a Barb if I wasn't gonna run Frenzy. BONESNAP!!
What a ROLL! 298%ED!!
Onto to Diablo now. That fight was intense! The lightning hose was a sure death hose if I got caught too long in it for sure. So there was a lot of running and hitting Diablo a time or two then run again. Once the charges were built up I was unleash the Dragon Talon kick. Rinse and Repeat for about 10 minutes and down went Diablo. No drops worth anything of course.

Final Act for Azlynn. Act 5. Bloody Foothills went fast. Just pretty much ran along one wall to Shenk. Took him and Eldritch down. Ran Eldritch for a few levels and some gold. Then proceeded a trek through the highlands, stopping long enough to save the Barbs. Into the icy passages she went. Once at the WP, made a quick trip to Act 2 to get a 3 socket shield and make Ancients Pledge for the resists. Saved Anya. Got more resists from Malah and sold the claws Anya gave me. Pindle time for a few levels and gold, then down to Nihlathak just to say the quest was complete. Once he was dead it was beeline to the Summit for the Ancients. But wait, had to stop in Ancients Way for anything BONESNAP! #2, crazy RNG honestly. Only a 268% but still 2, in the same normal run. A first for me. Ancients went down pretty easily. Down the Worldstone to Baal. That fight was worse than the Diablo fight, only because Baal decided to keep a clone around for 90% of the fight. ANNOYING! but in the end Azlynn prevails!
Kuko was the only worthy drop of note. Would have been nice for Kaylyn, but oh well, into the GOmule stash in goes.



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Character Stats and Skills for Azlynn

No skill points in traps and only 1 skill point in all shadow disciplines except Venom, Shadow Master, and Mind Blast...that'll all change in NM once Pheonix is maxed.


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Mis-Fit toon #3 makes Destroyer. Meet Eragon, the polearm/spear wielding, Holy Freeze Paladin (Act 2 Merc copycat)

Pretty standard start for a paladin. First pre-reqs. in Sacrifice, Might, Holy fire. Then started pumping Resist Cold in preparation for Holy Freeze to be unlocked at 18. I got zeal to 5 hits right away then put that skill off til Holy Freeze was maxed. Then back to Zeal I went with points to be next skill maxed for the AR. Then I'll split points between Sacrifice and Resist Cold. Once those are both maxed, Salvation last. I will worry about cold immune monsters when it comes time. It very well may be a slow go by then but only time will tell. On to the drops.

Andy was breeze. Drops of course were terrible. (topaz was nice.)

I believe this amazing Jewel dropped in sewers or early on Act 2.
Rusty Jewel of Wrath
Required Level: 9
Fingerprint: 0x4c2534e4
Item Level: 16
Version: Expansion 1.10+
20% Enhanced Damage
+8 to Maximum Damage

After that drop, nothing to be noted...even Duriel's drop. It had potential in the boots but no FRW, res, or MF so they were sold.

Onto to Act 3, slow go with another melee chasing down the flayer people. Ran sabrina for 2 levels and some gold after going on a gambling spree for circlets (which came up empty). Down to the durance where a decent LC drops from a goul lord by meph. [email protected] Meph's drops had nothing of true value at the time. Muled off the sets into a compiled stash of a "Sept. guardian grail" for this project.
LG @4.jpg
Eragon Meph.jpg

Eragon pushed onward through the portal to Act 4. Decided to gamble a new pike right away with the amount of gold accumulating. After a few tries, we finally gambled a winner!

Soul Barb
Two Hand Damage: 16 - 73
Durability: 7 of 25
Required Level: 17
Required Strength: 60
Required Dexterity: 45
Fingerprint: 0x5532117
Item Level: 31
Version: Expansion 1.10+
5% Chance to cast level 3 Fire Bolt on attack
+10% Increased Attack Speed
16% Enhanced Damage
+18% Damage to Demons
+36 to Attack Rating against Demons
Adds 1 - 11 Lightning Damage
Adds 150 Poison Damage Over 5 Secs (250 Frames)
2 Sockets (2 used)
Socketed: Tal Rune
Socketed: Tal Rune

Afterwards we pushed to Izzy and into the City where we found a nice armor upgrade in Darkglow.
Then stopped by the forge for an El rune, and some gems...after that quick chaos run to Diablo. Before the fight began, Eragon made a trip back to shop for a life tap wand. After a dozen or so refreshes we found one. We kept that tap casted on Diablo to help off-set the dreaded Lightning hose. It ended up saving us twice. Got caught in a 5 hit zeal animation and Diablo decided to let loose the hose. Luckily Eragon landed some strikes to keep him upright in the fight. Then it was only a matter of time and lucky timing to end it. Thought I would ding on the Diablo kill. OH SO CLOSE! Both gloves were garbage. Rusthandle would have been nice if I wasn't stuck using polearms. The pike went to the merc for a nice upgrade at the time.

Talked to Tyreal and through another red portal to Act 5. Hurried through the foothills to run Eldritch/Shenk for 2-3 levels (cLvl 36 when done). Once that was complete, Save Anya, kill Nihlathak, absolutely destroy the ancients in a 2v3 brawl. Marched straight down to Baal. The only hard wave on /p8 was Listers. Once we split them up in 2s, they went down fast. Baal was a huge pain, he casted his clone 6 times during the fight. So Razan was constantly focusing on the clone of course, leaving me to fight Baal "mono E mono" In the end Eragon prevails!! Baal decides to be VERY generous with his drops for once. GOBLIN TOE!! (Eth :(:(:() Titans!! (on a untwinked pally, and very painful untwinked sept project.) Well in the stash they go for later if Kaylyn doesn't find a set before she makes guardian)

Titan's Revenge

Ceremonial Javelin

Throw Damage: 76 - 204

One Hand Damage: 76 - 150

Quantity: 80

Required Level: 42

Required Strength: 25

Required Dexterity: 109

Fingerprint: 0x1ec852d9

Item Level: 60

Version: Expansion 1.10+

+2 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)

+2 to Amazon Skill Levels

+30% Faster Run/Walk

186% Enhanced Damage

Adds 25 - 50 Damage

7% Life stolen per hit

+20 to Strength

+20 to Dexterity

Increased Stack Size

Replenishes quantity

Destroyer #3 out of 7


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Mis-Fit Toon Beowolf is the next one to make it to Destroyer as a Fury Wolf Druid. This build is extremely slow in the beginning. I didn't feel like making a fire druid to just to do normal, so I decided to go straight forward to Fury. Started off alternating between Werewolf and Lycan. in the beginning and placing the single points into the pre-reqs to Fury. The one exception was Feral Rage where I put 8 points into it to get that 4-40% life steal. Once Fury became available in Act 3, I just started dumping all my points into it. Fury packs a punch with a Great Maul with +56% ED. Nightmare should help with the IAS issue. (Shael Runes will be greatly needed)

Act 1 was a slog with Werewolf and Feral Rage. Managed to slowly make it to Andy and took in her down.

Act 2 was up next. Made the quick trip down to Radament and got the extra skill to put into Feral Rage. Then a nice pair of gloves drop in the Far Oasis which was used for a short time til a gambled pair of 25mf gloves from Elzix. Then a pretty sweet amulet drops in the AS, a little @res, MF, and other mods. This was used all the way til Act 5.


Onto to Act 3. The worst 1/2 of an act in this game I personally think. The jungles are just terrible. Nothing to note in this act what-so-ever. Just a straight questing through to meph and down meph went.

Up next is Act4 and Diablo himself. Act 4 is a pleasure to do full clears of the areas. Monster density and types are usually pretty good with Knights, Venom Lords, Stranglers. Souls aren't even that bad in normal with decent Light Res. Beowolf did have 1 NDE in the Chaos with Ventar spawning Extra fast and quickly surrounding him. Managed to kill 1 minion and smash a Big purple pot and escape to a hallway where Beowolf could deal with them 1-2 at a time. The Diablo fight was a bit tricky with the lightning hose as usual. Swing in and land a few hits, get out. Rinse and repeat for 12-13 minutes and then it was over.

Last Act of normal. Rushed through the foothills as normal and started running Eldtrich/Shenk for levels til 36-37. Mad Sprint through the highlands (saving the Barbs of course), through the Plateau and down into the icy passages. Saved Anya really quick. One interesting drop occurred down in the River, BLOODLETTER! (too bad its on the druid and not the Barb :mad::mad:) The pelt for saving her was pretty good with 2 high resists. It is saved in the stash for NM. Nihl went down next and very easy. Onward to the summit and the Ancients. Beowolf quickly took them down and proceeded to Baal. All waves were dealt with ease, had to break up Lister's wave into 2s but other than that, piece of cake. Baal played really nice and didn't Clone himself at all. Thank you RNG! After a few trips to town for pots, he fell and left nothing :rolleyes::(

One Hand Damage: 31 - 97
Durability: 23 of 54
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 25
Fingerprint: 0xb9d75969
Item Level: 42
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+20% Increased Attack Speed
140% Enhanced Damage
Adds 12 - 45 Damage
+90 to Attack Rating
8% Life stolen per hit
+3 to Whirlwind (Barbarian Only)
+3 to Sword Mastery (Barbarian Only)
10% Slower Stamina Drain
+30 Maximum Durability


Up next is Braveheart the Frenzy or WW barb.


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Braveheart the Barbarian makes in through Normal unscathed. Basic double swing with Malice and 3x Tal maces all the way to the end. Started off bashing everything til lvl 6, then bought 2x2os scepters and filled them with a combination of chip rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. I used these 2 weapons through Act 1. I ran the countess hunting for the runes I needed to make Stealth, Malice and 3xTal runes for the maces. I ran that tower for what seemed like forever. All the way to level 18 :oops: :eek: :rolleyes: (p8 on levels 1-4 and p1 on level 5) until I found the runes I needed. I had to stop and open GoMule twice during that time to mule off the gems and runes that were collecting in his stash. The levels made the rest of Act 1 a breeze. Andy was taken head on with 1 visit to town. Nothing of use of course except muling off the gems for later.

Then onto Act 2. Power shopped for 2x3os Flails at Fara 1st thing to make Braveheart's weapons to get through normal. Set Malice on the
"main hand" and the 3xTal mace on the "off-hand." Went and picked up a war buddy at Greiz, his name is Leharas the defensive merc. Figured for now the extra defense would be appreciated being up close and personal in the fights. Proceeded down to Radament who didn't disappoint in an early 6 @res GC, any bit of res early helps, especially for Lightning and Fire. After Radament, it was a full sprint to the Halls for the cube. Once Braveheart obtained the cube, it was a full on upgrade fest with all the gems acquired. Managed to make multiple reg. topazes, emeralds, and rubies which is a bonus early on for crafting blood gloves/rings and the MF with the Topazes. Once all that was over, we just took off for Duriel. Took him head on with Leharas and didn't even have to take a trip to town.


Boring Act 3 again. Simple questing, no drops and onto Meph.

Act 4 was started off with a gambling spree of circlets. Didn't find any good or even decent rare ones. Only one that was kept was a 24 Cold res. +37 life. It was an upgrade to the simple 20 life circlet that was gambled previously. Diablo was probably to easiest fight so far out of the 5 times in this sept. Resists were well above 50 fire and 40 light. Braveheart was able to tank some of the lightning hose with 1 potion and some movement.
1 trip to town and Diablo was taken care of.


Act 5 started off like the rest of the Mis-fits, beeline to Eldritch and run him for 2-3 levels. He managed to cough up 2 Sigon Pieces (Belt and Boots). So those were put on rather quickly for the added life, res. and life steal set bonus. Then a trip through the highlands to save our Barb friends. Afterwards it was trip to the ice caves and the river to save Anya. Sold the helm she gave (+1 grim ward) and that was the only skill mod on the helm. Down to Nihl, his CE was painful on p8 for some Braveheart proceeded with caution, cornered him and took him down. The reward? Wall of the Eyeless unique Boneshield...would have been nice for a caster Mis-Fit, never the less it was muled away to the "Sept Guardian Grail" stash. Ancients were a breeze with an almost maxed out BO life pool. Baal waves were easy, just had to split Lister into pairs again to handle them on p8. Baal behaved himself and didn't clone, so it was a straight forward Frenzy/Double swing fest til he went down. The gauntlets would have been a great find for Azlynn the Kicksin. Whitstan's Guard shield would be a nice defensive shield for a melee char, but not this Frenzy/WW barb.



Destroyers 5/7

Next up in line is Riddick the Bone-Mancer


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#6 Mis-Fit toon has reached Destroyer statues. Riddick the Bone-Mancer went through all of Normal on P8, with the exceptions being countess on P1, Duriel on P1, Diablo on P3, and Baal on P3. Another mana intensive toon right now with Bone Spear costing 10+ per cast and only having around 100 mana by the end of act 5. Constantly had the belt full of mana minus 2-3 Health pots, plus had at least 12 mana pots in the inv. for the most part of the run through Normal.

Act 1 went pretty smoothly, had to run the countess about 12 times to get Tal-Eth for stealth. Then pretty straight forward questing to Andy. Andy drops were bleh again...but what can I expect from 1 quest drop with little to no mf.

Act 2 was all about buying a merc. (combat) Got the cube, then quests to Duriel. I forgot to screenshot his drops so nothing memorable from that.

Onto to Act 3, Jungles went good with a Flayer skip which is also awesome! Then made it to Sarina at level 27, so I ran her for 3 levels to get to 30. Then through the sewers to trav to Meph. Meph wasn't too terrible with a merc, clay golem and Iron maiden. After meph, Riddick gathered all the chip gems he had stashed away and started re-rolling wands for money to gamble, while doing so one wand rolled with +3 Bone Spear! Sweet UPGRADE! (forgot to take a screen shot til typing this) Put a Tir rune to get some mana back while killing things (didn't make a bit of difference)


Onto Act 4 now. Izzy was pretty simple as well with the same tactics as meph. Merc, golem and Iron Maiden. Then onto the forge, El rune and some gems. Did manage to get a decent pair of early game boots (35% Treads) right before the forge. Then a simple Chaos run while using Bone Wall (need to switch to bone prison in NM). Popped all seals and took down each one fairly easy, once done here comes Diablo running down towards Riddick. One firestorm from him and down went the merc. Riddick just left him for dead and stood there firing spear after spear and running when the deadly lightning hose came flying. After about 5 minutes Riddick prevailed and moved on to Act 5. Rare demon hide gloves were absolute trash.


Act 5 like all other Mis-fits was a fast pace foothills to Eldritch and Shenk. Ran them til level 36 or 37. Off to save the barbs and get the runes to make Ancient Pledge for the resists. Once completed, Riddick entered the ice caves and the Frozen river to save Anya once again. Beside the 10 @res from Malah, a Reanimated Skelly decides to give us Chance Guards (34%). The zombie head was worthless (around 2k gold) but never the less, she opens the portal to Pindleskin for some leveling and item gathering for gold. Ran Pindle til level 42 with no good items from him. Gained another level killing Nihl. Once he was disposed of, Riddick took off to the Summit and the Ancients. Took them down really quickly with the merc tanking Talic and Korlic so Riddick could kill Madawc. Then Riddick lined up the other 2 and fired continuously with Bone Spear to kill Talic and Korlic simultaneously. Earned the 1.4 million and into the World Stone he goes. Gained the rest of the level (46) on the way to the throne. Once Riddick cleared the throne, Baal starts throwing wave after wave at Riddick. Wave 4 coughed up a Steeldriver...useless for Riddick but off to GoMule it went. Only wave that gave him a little trouble on P8 was of course Lister. Once Riddick split them up and was just a spear and retreat thru the throne until all minions were dead. Baal fight was pretty simple even with the clone coming twice. Just adjusted the Bone Spears to hit both and it went quickly.

Great Maul
Two Hand Damage: 112 - 171
Durability: 54 of 60
Required Level: 29
Required Strength: 50
Fingerprint: 0xae6c329c
Item Level: 43
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+40% Increased Attack Speed
195% Enhanced Damage
+150% Damage to Undead
Heal Stamina Plus 25%
Requirements -50%

Demonhide gloves would have been a nice pair for a zon.

Bitter Clutches
Demonhide Gloves
Defense: 33
Durability: 11 of 12
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 20
Fingerprint: 0x3f855417
Item Level: 60
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
Adds 1 - 4 Fire Damage
3% Mana stolen per hit
24% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
+2 to Light Radius



Skills are 12 teeth, 3 Corpse Exp., Max Bone Spear, 1 Bone Armor, 11 Bone Wall, 1 Clay Golem, 1 Amp Damage, 1 Iron Maiden. Planning to respect in NM to get rid of Clay, Amp and Iron and put those into Bone Prison to start using that skill instead of Bone Wall.

Last Mis-Fit toon to be played thru normal is Sydney the Fire/Light Sorc.

Destroyers 6/7


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The last mis-fit has completed normal. Sydney the Fire/Light sorc. (All fire right now, except points in static, telekinesis, and teleport). Normal is so mana intensive on P8 for any caster. Definitely nice to be able to stock up on mana pots through vendors constantly. Carried a least half a inv of mana pots constantly to keep questing and such without having to TP to town as much.

Act 1 started slow as usual. Blood Raven decided to be helpful right away with a nice Artic Fur drop. Gladly take those 10 @res. early on. Then straight questing to the Countess for rune collecting. Tal-Eth and Tir-Ral were needed for this normal run. Gathered all the runes and leveled to 17 for Stealth at countess. Then off to kill Andy. Dinged level 19 right before Andy on Cata lvl 3 which meant Sydney could equip Leaf before taking on Andy. The +3 skills were nice for damage purposes, but not needed as much having static.


Start of Act 2 was a little different than the other toons. Sydney first took off for the cube rather than Radament right away. Her stash was plum full of chip and flawed gems that need to be condensed before anything could fit. Once the cube was acquired and the gems were taken care, the sewers were done with ease. Extra skill was added to static. Then it was a quick trip through the desert, palace, and the 1st One-way Arcane of the sept. 7 chances and only 1-one-way...terrible...Duriel was static'd down to nothing and fireball'd a few times to nothing.

Act 3 was a mad rush through the jungle to get to the Kurast Bazaar to run Sarina to level 30. Gained some gold and once level 30 dinged, it was onto the sewers and trav. Meph shortly after that. Once again static to a sliver, a few fireballs/1-meteor and down went meph.

Act 4 was mostly tele'd through to Izzy, then tele'd through the City, and the RoF to the forge. El rune again :rolleyes: , but it is normal so the gems are more needed than the rune. Diablo was just like every other boss, static-meteor/fireball-dead. Chance Guards!! (31% :() but still not bad to have early on.

Act 5 was a mirror image of all the other toons. Eldritch/Shenk to level 37...tele'd through the Highlands (Saved the Barbs). Tele'd through to Anya, saved her. Ran Pindle til level 42. Tele'd to the Ancients, stopping long enough to gather levels to 43ish...Dinged to 44 on the Ancients. Then ran through the WSK and Throne to ding level 45...Baal waves were a cake walk including Lister, all waves got Sydney to level 46+. Kept it on P8 for Baal, Static-meteor-fireball-dead.



Character Screen for Sydney

Skill Tree for Sydney (4 skills on the Lightning tree. 2-static, 1-telekinesis, 1-Teleport)

Destroyers 7/7

Time to level all toons to 50, do normal cows to find bases for spirit/insight for a few toons, then start NM.

Looking forward to the challenges that NM will bring for all the Mis-Fits. I'll randomize the order for NM like I did for Normal.


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Looking through the GoMule stash (Flavie Report) for the Guardian Sept through normal baal so far. (minus cows and 25 levels to 50)

Found 32 normal Uniques and 5 exceptional uniques, plus1 class-specific unique in Titans. (38/377 unique items)
Found 35 normal Set items and 3 "Expansion" Set items. (38/127 set items)

Completed Artic Gear, Berserker's Arsenal, Cleglaw's Brace, Death's Disguise, and Hsarus' Defense sets.

Manage to make 39 perfect gems.

Highest rune found was Dol (3 of them)

Will update this once all toons are at level 50 and through normal cows.


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All the Mis-fits ran about 4-5 Baal runs to get to level 50, did a few cow runs for 1 crystal sword to make spirit and a couple bases for possible insights if they roll properly. Baal did drop a TC3 in Hand of Broc (didn't screen shot it), Braveheart found a nice early pair of gloves in he were an Assassin.

All ready to take on NM!

Up first from Randomizer is Braveheart. Plan is to get to countess and run for some mid-level runes to make some better weapons such as Black and possibly Honor if I manage to come across a 5 socket 1 hander :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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Braveheart has conquered NM! It was slow going through Act 1 at P8, so I settled into P5. Way more manageable. First upgrade came early with Rakanishu, The Patriarch great sword...the best unique in the beginning days of Classic 1.00 Diablo.
It was put to use right away, ditched the 3x Tal flail in favor of the sword. The beginning of the transition from maces to swords has begun. After Cain was rescued, it was off to meet the Countess to negotiate how long of a stay it would be to gather up the necessary runes from her. Turns out it was a rather lengthy one til Braveheart had acquired the runes he was looking for. 54 runs total. 3 Io's, 3 sols, 4 amns, 5 thuls, and numerous Rals, Tals, Eths, Iths, etc. etc. Left the Countess' tower and quested without stops to Andy. With Leharas along for the battle and a good BO already, Andy was face-tanked with no worries and down she went.


Off to Act 2. First order of business, replace Leharas with Fazel the Might merc. Definately a nice added damage boost. Then a nice trek through the desert, skipping the Halls is always nice in NM and Hell. Having a Frenzy Barb is nice in the maggot lair cause its hard to get surrounded in the tunnels. Once down to level 3, Coldworm is always a crap-shoot on how many baby bugs will be around. Luckily it was managable and very rewarding for killing Coldworm, "Poor-Man" shako has dropped...Peasant's Crown. It replaced the cold res and life circlet. NM has been good so far with upgrades.
Once the Staff and Ammy worth reunited again :rolleyes:, it was time to venture through the palace. Came across an interesting Ammy that was saved for later.
Lizard's Amulet of Life Everlasting
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0x1749a33a
Item Level: 47
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+3 to Mana
Damage Reduced by 24

Then shortly after that amulet in the Palace, a random monster or maybe the summoner, (I don't remember:( ) decided to drop a rare amulet that was a nice upgrade with +2 Warcries.
Beast Noose Amulet
Required Level: 30
Fingerprint: 0xeee4a031
Item Level: 55
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+2 to Warcry Skills (Barbarian Only)
Adds 5 - 1 Damage
+76 to Mana
Fire Resist +24%
77% Extra Gold from Monsters

Up next is the true tomb and duriel. Drank about 2 dozen thawing potions (overkill, probably). Sat face to face with Duriel while Fazel managed to stay untouched. After a few slow moving minutes, down went Duriel.
A quick talk to Tyreal and others, then a boat ride to Kurast. Time to gamble some pikes in hopes of a high ED roll. After 10 or so Braveheart lands this beauty which was quickly upgraded with the cube to a Lance.
After some long runs through the jungles, finally a rest point in LK. Went to Hratli for some repairs and came across a nice Field plate that was bought right away.
Ocher Field Plate of the Squid
Field Plate
Defense: 104
Durability: 47 of 48
Required Level: 30
Required Strength: 55
Fingerprint: 0x99594b47
Item Level: 61
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+61 to Life
Lightning Resist +17%
After this purchase, decided to stop a Sarina for a level or 2 to get some gold stashed back up to gamble more in Act 4 or 5. Somewhere from LK to Meph Braveheart came across a nice jewel for some added damage somewhere.
Realgar Jewel of Malice
Required Level: 37
Fingerprint: 0xbe202baa
Item Level: 53
Version: Expansion 1.10+
25% Enhanced Damage
Attacker Takes Damage of 5

Meph went down fairly easy with maxed BO and 2300hp to tank.
Tusk Sword was great to see but not useful. With Meph dead, onto Act 4 Braveheart and Fazel go.

Outter Steppes was generous in dropping a white Zweihander. Instantly Braveheart traveled back to town and saved. Muled back in some runes and gem to socket it in the cube. Hoping for 3 or 5 sockets, and 5 sockets it is. Back to the rune stash for the runes for Honor.
One Hand Damage: 58 - 100
Two Hand Damage: 84 - 149
Durability: 28 of 50
Required Level: 27
Required Strength: 125
Required Dexterity: 94
Fingerprint: 0xec17431c
Item Level: 56
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to All Skills
160% Enhanced Damage
+9 to Minimum Damage
+9 to Maximum Damage
+250 to Attack Rating
7% Life stolen per hit
25% Deadly Strike
+10 to Strength
Replenish Life +10
+2 to Mana after each Kill

Then shortly after that drop and rune word creation a nice KO rune drops. Great start for the rune word possibilities to come.

Izzy was easy, NM forge was an Io rune. Then the Chaos and Diablo was uneventful, even Infector. That was a sigh of relief for sure.
Talked to Tyreal and journeyed through the portal to Act 5, the land of the Barbarians and hideout of Baal himself.

Quick trek through the foothills to Eldritch and Shenk. Gained 2 levels through that. Then off to the Icy areas to rescue Anya, and journey up to the Summit. Had to save and exit with no monsters around due to being stun locked during a fight in the river with "rot walkers." Did some searching through forums and such and found that the simple trick to get out of this is to hit "W" and weapon swapping will free you. Still learning about this game 20 years in. :oops::)o_O

Ancients were re-rolled 7 times due to at least one being PI, mostly Talic. Once the roll was no PI it was game on. Finished them off and down to Baal he goes. All the waves were done on P5 and Baal on P3, and just like that Braveheart prevails as a Conqueror!

Small toon dump for Stats/Skills

Name: Braveheart
Class: Barbarian
Experience: 343383406

Strength: 160/190
Dexterity: 130/131
Vitality: 150/170
Energy: 10/30
HP: 737/983
Mana: 81/253
Stamina: 288/307
Defense: 32/550
AR: 635/1211
Fire: 87/47/-13
Cold: 49/9/-51
Lightning: 74/34/-26
Poison: 60/20/-40
MF: 0 Block: 20
GF: 198 FR/W: 55
FHR: 0 IAS: 30
FCR: 0

Bash: 1/3
Leap: 0/0
Double Swing: 5/7
Stun: 0/0
Double Throw: 1/3
Leap Attack: 0/0
Concentrate: 0/0
Frenzy: 20/22
Whirlwind: 0/0
Berserk: 0/0
Sword Mastery: 11/13
Axe Mastery: 0/0
Mace Mastery: 0/0
Pole Arm Mastery: 0/0
Throwing Mastery: 0/0
Spear Mastery: 0/0
Increased Stamina: 1/3
Iron Skin: 1/3
Increased Speed: 1/3
Natural Resistance: 3/5
Howl: 1/5
Find Potion: 0/0
Taunt: 0/0
Shout: 13/17
Find Item: 0/0
Battle Cry: 0/0
Battle Orders: 20/24
Grim Ward: 0/0
War Cry: 0/0
Battle Command: 1/5