The Joe Biden gaffe thread.


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Big news, if you're into the Democrats' senile, racist, pedophile candidate: he selected Kamala Harris as his Vice President today.

Which helps explain why the mainstream media started talking LITERALLY THIS MORNING about how nobody ought to be allowed to degrade or insult his pick on the basis of sexuality. For anyone who's not aware, Kamala Harris literally 'slept her way to the top' using her status as Mayor Willie Brown's mistress (he was the adulterer, not her).

Pity Sarah Palin, who the media published rape fantasies about & lampooned as a bimbo, stupid slut, claiming her daughter's illegitimate child as her own, &c. &c. didn't receive this same kid glove treatment.

I'm sure there are totally valid reasons that she was literally accused of conspiracy to assassinate Gabby Giffords while the New York Times hired a panty-sniffing paparazzi to camp out at her back yard fence to try to get nekkid pictures of Palin. Totally honest reasons.