The Javazon I am going to Make to pvp. I need advice!!! i


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The Javazon I am going to Make to pvp. I need advice!!!

Ok, I am Making a javazon to pvp and only pvm really to baal. I don't really look at other ppls guides cause i like to make my builds unique to me, just need a lil advice, or a rating on how you think it looks. I am going for an all around build, this is what i have for equipment that i will use.

P Griffons 5/5 facet
Ap CoH
Bk ring x2
P Tstrokes, (I have ETH P tstrokes for pvp)
SS 5/5 facet
crafted zon gloves//

1 raven for when i need it for cbf.

9 jav gcs some with fhr some with life, torch, anni, rest life/res scs.

Skill wise, I will be done at lvl 98, <-- haha i know will take forever,, but I will get there.

Max all CS synergies, and 1 point into all passve but no inner, slow, decoy and valk. Not sure if i need pierce, if i don't then i will be done at lvl 97.:grin: :grin:


str- enough for equip
dex- enough for max block
vit- the rest
en- none

What i Achieve with this equipment,

11k CS damage
Max Res
Max Block
43% DR
50/60/50 on the D/A/E with the 12 plus skills on my equipment.

Sooo, dont hold back.. what do you think, and what changes would you make.