The Jason Bourne Mafia Game

The Silver Shroud

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Welcome to The Jason Bourne Mafia game.

The Rules:

***Roles have been randomly assigned by Advanced Random Generators Shell: MafiaScum Random Generator***

1) Do not talk about your role or any other relevant information concerning the game outside this thread, with the exception of designated QT topics.

2) If you post at night I will kill you, no matter what.

3) If you edit your post I will kill you (This includes editing for spelling mistakes)

4) If your role allows you to communicate with others during the night or during the day or via PM, instant messaging or any other form you choose. Only those roles expressly allowed to communicate privately with each other at night or during the day have any questions, contact me privately.

5) Once you're dead, stay that way. Dead people tell no tales, or in this case, dead people make no posts. Suck up your death and keep watching and rooting for your team. There's always the next round.

6) Every player gets one lynch vote during the day. Votes and unvotes need to be bolded . If your unvote isn't bold, it doesn't count. As long as Ican read it and figure out ho you are voting for, I will count the vote. Obviously names that are grossly misspelled will not be counted. I'm also not going to take issue with names being case sensitive.

7) The required number of votes to seal a lynch for the day is equal to one half the remaining number of people alive (rounded up) plus 1. Once someone reaches this number of votes, they will be lynched no matter what; however, the day will still continue to its scheduled conclusion. Half rounded up equals a lynch, but no lock, so the lynchee has until the days end to persuade the town otherwise.

Proper vote format is: vote: player'a forum name (Example - Vote: Noodle or Unvote: Noodle.)
***If I cannot read your vote or figure out who its for or it's not bolded or formatted correctly, it does not count***

8) Never post anything in the thread that shouldn't be known to the town. Don't flame in the thread. If you have a problem with anything in the thread, please PM me and I'll do my best to handle it.

9) Any player may claim any role. I.E. Any player may claim to be something that they are not.

10) Do not post any information sent to you in a pm. If you want to claim a role, don't copy paste the PM I sent you. If you're a townsfolk aka regular forum member, the only person you should be pm'ing (no private aim or msn conversations between each other) is me. Mafia can pm between themselves (or talk on msn or aim). The Mafia have day talk.

11) Roles are not revealed on game start. Game mechanics may hider role reveal information being revealed on death. It's complicated.

12) Day lasts 48 hours and night lasts 24 hours.

13) Do not post at night or edit or I will kill you. I will post a timer for Start/End of day. I will also allow a minute or two (no more than five) for end of day just in case I'm not around/someone is still typing. Votes and unvotes will not count after end of day, even if I am not around,

14) You will get mod killed if you are inactive (at least 2 contributive posts a day).

15) While this is a mafia game, it is themed and modeled after characters and events in The Jason Bourne Novels, not the movies, and as such, will be different from events of the movies. This does not include the spin off Jason Bourne Movie with Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner, nor will it include any events from that movie.

16) This game is unconventional (even more so than the Big Trouble in Little China game) as far as the standard fare goes. Both sides are stacked with abilities. Expect things not happen as planned. Expect the unexpected. I've tried to make it fair and balanced for both sides, but this game is by no means normal. Lynches may fail. NK's may fail. More than once. Expect other weirdness also. Hell, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man might appear and step on a Church...

17) Based on shenanigans with past games, please do not like posts in this game. We don't want a headache again.

18) I will post vote counts as often as I can, at least once a day. Hopefully twice.

Read the rules once more. Have Fun! Good luck!

List of Players:

1. Zarniwoop/My Little Pony (joke directed at Zarn)
2. zemaj
3. Noodle.
4. Little Leo
5. D2DC
6. Prestige 7
7. Caluin Graye
8. Mr_thingyman
9. Drixx
10. Kestegs

***The Game is currently in "Pre Game" status***

Role PM's are being formatted and will be sent out soon. The game will start with a night phase. When I have 8 players out of 10 confirm their roles, the game will officially start with a night phase that will last 24 hours.

List of Players alive:

Caluin Graye

List of players have jumped off

Noodle (Modkilled Day 2)
Prestige7 (Died Day 3)
Drixx (Died Night 3)
Kestegs (Died Night 3)
D2DC (Lynched Day 5)
Leopold Stotch (Died Night 5)
Zemaj (Died Night 5)

Day/Night Lynches/Deaths
Night Zero: No deaths
Day One: No Lynch
Night One: No Deaths
Day Two: Noodle, (Mo Panov, Town Doc) is Modkilled for inactivity, also no lynch
Night Two: No deaths
Day Three: Prestige 7 (Luther Lavalle, Mafia) is killed while attempting to perform Mafia NK
Night Three:
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The Silver Shroud

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Role PM's to go out shortly to:

1. Zarniwoop (confirmed)
2. zemaj (confirmed)
3. Noodle. (confirmed)
4. Little Leo (confirmed)
5. D2DC (Confirmed)
6. Prestige 7 (confirmed)
7. Caluin Graye (confirmed)
8. Mr_thingyman
9. Drixx (confirmed)
10. Kestegs

Please do not start posting yet.

When I have 8/10 confirmed, the game will start.

Confirmed: 8/10
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The Silver Shroud

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Authorities and Emergency Fire Respose teams were called to the Hotel Constitution on the Northwest corner of 20th and F Streets. The hotel was engulfed in flames, quickly turning into a 5 a larm blaze. In the aftermath one person wasn't accounted for. A porter named Omarr was missing in the wake of the blaze.

Forensics determined that the fire started in a luxury suites bathroom. Burned remains were found but were unidentifiable. Forensics also revealed traces of Carbon Disfide as the cause of the blaze.

Strangly, Jacob and Lev Silver had vanished without a trace, even though they checked into the hotel shortly before the fire.

Night Zero has ended.
No One has died.

It is now Day 1 and everyone may post freely.

Day 1 will end in 48 hours (and a few minutes) at 11:30 AM CST on Sunday, May 19th 2019.

End of Day one

Feel free to post.


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Also, let us know how that is... sequels can be sch a let down but shoot-em-up action films don't really need a compelling story...

Leopold Stotch

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I will also be gone most of the day too. Heading up to Santa Barbara today. Gonna be a long drive for me.

So, I think we should lynch Jacob and or Lev Silver. It's so obvious that they started the fire. :eyeroll:

For real though, I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies. I watched the first one but that was like 15 or 16 years ago, lol!!


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Woo! I enjoyed the last game, but its good to get back to the kind of mafia I understand.

Here's to hoping this game knocks my half life game off the heap as most frustrating!


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Dark Tower that already.

Hi Drixx!

It may interest some to know that Dark Tower has gone through loads of revisions over the years and will be run soon™

Also if you want a lesson in why random mechanics and mod talkativeness is bad, just go find that.


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I think we should lynch Jacob and or Lev Silver
Sorry, cant do quote function correctly on my phone.

I agree.. anybody want to.claim to be Lev or Jacob??

As far as posting is concerned. I have internet on my phone now, so will be available more often. Just that posting is kinda tedious.


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And so it begins! I am also looking forward to this, it's been a long time since I've played, barring last game.

For real though, I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies. I watched the first one but that was like 15 or 16 years ago, lol!!
Hold on there, he actually said before that it was based on the books and not the movies, and we all know you've read those!

Vote: Leo

On that not I have not seen or read them either, maybe someday they'll do a game I actually have knowledge of.


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Hold on there, he actually said before that it was based on the books and not the movies,
Arrgh. I've seen the Bourne Trilogy like a dozen times. Never read the books though.. I was hoping to finally play a Mafia theme where I knew what was happening. :mad:

I was hoping for a role PM like this:
You are .. you can't remember who you are. You wake up on a fishing boat off the coast of Marseille. :D
I have two theories on the fire:
  1. The players that started the fire are actually named Jacob & Lev Silver.. Is that something typically done in Mafia games? Revealing character role names involved in night actions?
  2. The names are some sort of sort of self-amusement for SS. The fact that one of them has Silver in the name leads me to believe he is just messing around with us.. o_O


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I tried to read the books. They were very pedestrian after the first little bit. Basically two people sitting in a hotel room irritating me for a few hundred pages. I gave up.

Enjoyed the movies.


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As people always claim that it's scummy to post non-substantive comments on the thread I was just biding my time.

Never read a Bourne book. Seen every movie but other than the pencil scene in the apartment in the first one--they all blend together for me.

Vote: Ethan Hunt