The Item Find Thread


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Pindeskin dropped me these three items this evening:

Bone Visage x2

and this snazzy rare:

Cruel Song
Balrog Blade
One-Hand Damage: 59 to 295
Two-Hand Damage: 216 to 464
Durability: 38 of 50
Required Dexterity: 87
Required Strength: 185
Required Level: 53
Sword Class - Very Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86
Fingerprint: 0x293c1f8f
+294% Enhanced Damage
+48 to Attack Rating
7% Life stolen per hit
7% Mana stolen per hit
40% Increased Attack Speed
+2 to Offensive Aura Skills (Paladin Only)


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This morning I did some more Pindle runs with my zon - she has less MF than my necro but runs a bit faster and it's more fun. More lucky too, it seems like. The finds from 50-100ish Pindle runs this morning:
It's my first in 1.10, it was +3
My second ever, I found one just a few days ago as well.

Also, I found some more stuff not worth taking a screenshot of.

Colossus Crossbow, Ogre Axe, Loricated Mail and one particularly annoying drop.

Storm Barb
Scissors Suwayyah

One-Hand Damage: 56 to 72
Durability: 135 of 204



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Why not just make a long item find thread? At the other place, they had an item find thread with 100+ pages.