The Isle of Misfits Players 01/31


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The Isle of Misfits Players 01/31

The Isle of Misfits Address

Our Channel is for those that are here to game,
But know that you’ll be banned, if you are lame.

Beggars, botters and those that use ITH,
Aren’t the types we want to hang with.

To all those who have come before,
It’s not our fault that you’re here no more.

Please leave now, if you’re here to ridicule or to flame,
Our channel is for decent people, and we don’t want you in our game.

RESPECT should be the word of the day,
Without that, a Misfit game is where you’ll never play.

The RESPECT we expect can’t be traded, bought, or sold,
It can only be earned, which becomes worth more than gold.

So if you’d like to join our little group,
Welcome to The Isle of Misfits troop.

Remember our motto from which we all smile,
“Ask not what the Isle can do for you, but what you can do for the Isle.â€


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Norm said:
Greetings to all! Call me Norm. I am finally posting here after months of having my nose squished up against the glass, peering in. Many of you know me already, having played with me - Paladin of true heart, collecter of truly crappy items (no smart comments, Kat!), fearless (some might say dumb) goofball who charges in without thinking sometimes to his eternal chagrin. To all of you, thanks for taking me in.

A little background on me FYI: Kat (and Kook and John and Digger) and I go way back, to the early days of old Diablo and the cracks in the earth in Tristram (well maybe it was Diablo II) and I think she will still vouch for me even with all my faults as a D player (tell me you will, Kat! BTW nice avatar). To Kat, Kook, Louis, Mike, Kev, Wing, Mr. Cheng and everyone else I've had the good fortune to have run with, thanks again for all the help! To those of you I have yet to meet in the game, I look forward to the day when we can slay the monsters together!

Look me up in the following accounts: nornagest, bridgeofsighs, oblivionexpress.

My heart soars for Pub and Phur! My heart is saddened for you Kyle. The sun rose today and it will tomorrow too, though it may not seem like it right now. Like Wing says, many fine people are out there, looking for a connection.

Hello Norm.

Glad you could join us. Now all you have to do is get Kat to say something. That should not be a problem.

To Pub, Phur, Kyle. I can not use better words then Norm did in his last paragraph.

Kyle - Being 50, I could say alot of things. But I will just ask one question, and make one statement.
Is it worth it for your health well being to be sad and/or angry? Being "over it" you win, until that happens they win.

Dubby - :howdy:


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Norm is my oldest D friend. We met & have been playing together for a LONG time. You will not find a more trustworthy person, & if ya' ever need to just get drunk & talk at 3 in the morning, Norm will be there for you. Also, he knows all the lyrics to all the rock-n-roll songs of the 70's & 80's. I am extremely pleased that he has finally joined us. Perhaps some of you will be able to encourage him into throwing out some of the absolute crap he has on his hundreds of mules. The guy saves everything (I thought I was a pack-rat until I met Norm).

Thank you all for making him feel welcome.


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First Page!! #9 I believe...
How is everyone on this fine Sunday morning?


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My green dragon thing is becomming slightly lonely sitting in the forum data-base, and wanted to be seen again. So, I'll start posting a little more.



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Hey i will make this short and sweet because i dont have the time or patience to type alot with one hand. My knuckle is not broke like i thought, but it is in a splint, because i have a severly bruised tendon in my hand now.
Well we did some more talking last night, and i finally got some answers i think. She told me last night that i am the perfect boyfriend, and i have the im perfect girlfriend, and she couldnt do that to me. I didnt understand this at first but she went on to explain... I knew what she ment after she explained(im not going into that because most of it is pretty personal). And that she is doing these things because she didnt want to hurt me, and she wanted to get me away from her anyway possible. She said i shouldnt have to put up with her problems. Well, of corse i told her that that is what i am for. But if she really trully cared that she wouldnt do the crap that she did. None of what she said really got to me untill she said that "If i died today, i want you to know that i love you, and that will never change even if i dont show it, or dont act like it." I dont know wy but that really hit home. So i just told her that i have alot of thinking to do... I dont know what im going to do, or if i could ever be in a relationship with her again... But i dont really want our relationship to end like this. I would like the keep the friendship we had/have. This is the most serious relationship i have ever been in. She is the type of person I could spend everywaking moment with. Thats wy im having a hard time letting go. But maybe that would be the best for both of us. I dont know. But i would like to thank everyone for there help. It does help, if anything it help to know someone cares, and i have people to talk to. Because the one person that would understand and be able to help me the most, cause all of the problems. Ok, well im gana stop typing now. This splint is gana drive me crazy. No games for about a week.:( The one thing i had to take my mind off of things, is no gone... But anyways thanks alot for all of your help i really do apreciate it.

Btw: I did have my wrestling tourney today, but i lost 2 matches because of my hand, my coach took one look at it, took me over to the trainer at the tourney, she looked at it, and said your done for the day, go sit down. Im just glad its not broke and will be well intime for me to participate in the GAC(the big tourney at the end of the year)


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Well then...

You're better off without her. The first cut is the deepest. A cliche I know, but oh so true. There'll be more... girlfriends & heartache.


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Since we all know that you care for Kailen, maybe it would be better for the two of you if u can work out that you both leave off at a solid friendship. Relationships takes a lot of time, effort and understanding. That is alot to juggle around esp. as u stated "your 1st serious relationship". Sometimes being a friend and just being there for the person is the best u can get after the fact.

There is also the possibility that you two develop this bond that someday, when you and Kailen have "matured" ( not saying your not ). It's quite possible that bond of friendship can lead back for you being back in a relationship with each other.

I'm not saying that is definite, but just let her know you care very much about her, and u would rather leave off as friends, instead of loosing her totally.


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Well, i thought i'd given up making irrational mistakes in HC, guess i was wrong. I was helping out some folks by teleporintg through worldstone ... teleported in a large pack of exploding guys .. which was certain doom for the sorc, and incidentally, also did in my necro, since he was wearing all the gear that my necro was (shako/skulders ...) and the sorc's merc had the shaft/gaze that my necro merc was wearing ...



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mmm, been ages since I dropped by to say hi.

Not in diablo and the misfits channel unfortunately...still at home with an outdated comp for net connection, that and for some reason LoD won't recognise either my cd images nor my origional disk after my computer upgrades. Ahh well something to do over the next few days is to try and get it working (finnaly new mobo/graphics card/cpu. and finnaly I can turn on games detail setting up maximum *GRIN*).

Been bussy lately as Phur knows. New info being released for the next game I'm interested in (Guild Wars) which is planned for release 2nd half this year. Since it'll have official guild support I've been thinking of making a guild for my friends from here (GAT, Misfits, and BtK). And Phur's been made a moderator (probably to keep me in line *GRIN*) on a fan site for the games forums. I'll probably drop a line when the Beta gets announced (not for a few months at least - not yet announced), to see if anyone wants to try and get into it. Very low system requirements atm for some really amazing, smooth graphics. (PIII with a GeForce 3 runs pretty well by all reports)

New years and Xmas went reasnably good considering the death of a close friend (I now officially despise crocodiles with a vengence due to that). Family took a holiday leaving me to look after the house (Party anyone??) which was cool. Except for the phone developing problems due to lightning and the car getting defected due to a cracked windshield. As the holidays draw to a close and university starts up I should get bussy :)

Hope you guys are having fun, and take care all.


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Nice to see u again...

That croc and friend reference... I hope it's not what I'm thinking, even if it has nothing to do w/ each other... sorry bout the loss.

On your CD prob ... is it not recognizing the CD at all? I know u prob already checked but just to be on a silly note... fingerprints :)


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Unfortunately it is most likely what you were thinking. This also hit the national news here in Australia (weeked before xmas) He and 2 of his friends were quad biking (a thing that they did every weekend) through the bush. He's a very outdoor and mud racing person so the rain and outdoors never bothered him in the slightest, so it never phased him to quickly rinse off near the river. (skip to the end if you don't want to read this as this is a reasnable detailed account of what happened. imagination is less worse than this)

Loose mud and he fell in, his two mates tried to get to him, but spotted a croc. All three turned for the bank and headed for the nearest tree. By the time the two were up it and looked back he nor the croc was nowhere to be found. I think the worst thing for them was that the croc returned 5 mins later with my friend's body. Dissapeared for a little while with the body and then stalked the other two still in the tree for the next 22 hours until they were rescued. Kudos to the police rescue team as they helecoptered in, dropped an inflateble boat into the water ands then two of them paddled to the tree with high winds, rain and an overflowed turbulent river.

They searched for his body until it had to get called off because of the rain (the river level has now risen and the tree that they 2 guys were in is now under water), and they shot what they think was the croc.

So now I despise crocodiles. One cannot simple imagine something like that happening....I've imagined being in car crashes in the like, but taken by a croc is something my mind either can't comprehend or just doesn't want to (probably the latter)

Anyways enough of that. At least now that some time has past and the memorial done, alot of people have come to grips with it, so its just an old dull ache. Another mental scar from loosing a close friend.

And thanks for the small comfort. Its appreciated.

Got no idea with the cd issue. I've never had a problem before with either the origional cd nor the cd image (runs faster due to being on the hdd), even with 1.10 installed. I'm thinking of making a second image and trying that one out. Weird to say the least. Will probably get it working sometime this week.


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Just stopping in to say hello to all....

I am still trying to figure out what to do with my sorc. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am also starting to rebuild my barb....lvl 70 axman dead after IM....

Norm good to see ya stopping to you all soon

Be Safe