The Isle Of Misfit Players 02/13


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The Isle Of Misfit Players 02/13

[SIZE=2]Please Read the last Paragraph.. After the Address[/SIZE]



Our Channel is for those that are here to game,
But know that you’ll be banned, if you are lame.

Beggars, botters and those that use ITH,
Aren’t the types we want to hang with.

To all those who have come before,
It’s not our fault that you’re here no more.

Please leave now, if you’re here to ridicule or to flame,
Our channel is for decent people, and we don’t want you in our game.

RESPECT should be the word of the day,
Without that, a Misfit game is where you’ll never play.

The RESPECT we expect can’t be traded, bought, or sold,
It can only be earned, which becomes worth more than gold.

So if you’d like to join our little group,
Welcome to The Isle of Misfits troop.The Isle of Misfits Address

Remember our motto from which we all smile,
“Ask not what the Isle can do for you, but what you can do for the Isle.â€

If you noticed I did not put a closing msg in the previous thread. The topic in the last thread is interesting to read, etc, But this is a D2 Forum. We sometimes go off topic, etc. What I am asking here that if you want to continue or respond to that discussion, please do it in that thread not this one. (Now I maybe overruled on this by our Mod ZappaFan, He may decide it is to off topic)


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I'm a total rookie at this, and 2nd!

Heh, I never noticed you can give a "reason" for your edits, until I read that next post.


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Hello neo, it was good to see another familiar face around the other day! Sorry I declined to play, but I was pretty tired. You're starting a new amazon, right? What kind will she be? You could certainly talk me into playing up with you. Although, I'm not sure what kind of character I would like to make. I'm sort of sick of the caster players that 1.10 has forced everyone to play, I'd like to try something beefy. Prez made a CB/DS melee druid that turned out really well, maybe I can try the same sort of thing with a barb, with zerk backup for PI's. That means I need to do a bit of mfing, I think. Or just steal prez's things.

Hooray for buddies! :jig:


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Yes, I did indeed decide to start a new character after finding that I still had one mule that was untouched (Contents: 2 bonesnap, Verdungo, and a few other middle of the line things)

I think I will be rebuilding my Bow Sorc, because she was a blast to play. Although I'm not too sure.


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walt with the midday shift of the isle :)

maybe i come and edit or repost to continue my char query/requests



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Sure, start the new thread while I'm away at a meeting :) Do I at least squeeze in the top 10?

Yep, a drink or four sounds good, with or without the cheese sauce... but must first toil in the salt mine for another six hours... alas...


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Darn...second page....oh well....

If anyone is starting a new char ltae in the weekend, keep me in mind. I need to start my sorc again (due to stupidity :bow: ) But oh well at least my barb made it to lvl 68.....weeeeeeeeeeeee :clap:

I will not be on much tonight or saturday but come sunday I will be all ove rit again :thumbsup:

Be safe all


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That last thread was very heavy... alot of intriguing thoughts and opinions.

Just wanted to bump this thread ne how...



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Happy Valentines!

On a seperate note, this game has lost its glamour to me. I am not going to quit any time soon, as I still enjoy logging on to chat with many of you. I will start liquedating my mules to give the items to the *needed* (Jim doesn't qualify, :)).

Dub, wisp is yours.
Sky, I will give you the java charm that you've been coveting for a long time ;)


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happy valentines day to all!
clsurfer, just take a month or two off and you will get the urge again. I always do that when i get really frustrated.
Wing, im up for some binge drinking and cheese eating! Ill bring the cheese!
Cya guys around



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Well, I leave town on business in our nation's capital, come back and get blown away by the previous thread. Louis, what the heck you doing dying with another sorc when I'm gone? ;) I can see I got to stick closer to you in the future pal...

Kelicc glad to hear about your pop -- as the proud participant in two cardiac catheterizations myself (I now have two stents in my RCA) which saved my life, I wish him all the best and I thank god for modern technology and skilled docs. The docs I had were super and I sure hope your dad has the same success I have had so far. Good Luck!

BTW, I am looking for some folks to help me get some levels on my pally. He's at 77 now and in Act 2 Hell. He's a party guy (max conviction, level 6 salvation for my pals) so if anyone ever is interested in some hell questing let me know. Look me up - oblivionexpress.

Happy Valentine's Day- I hope we all remembered our sweethearts! There's still time if you forgot.

Norm :love:


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Happy Valentines Day to one and All.

Norm, Ed, myself, Buddy are questin through Hell. We are at different places. We would be happy to join you. We usually play some weeknights from 7:00 to 9:ish+

Cheng. Would u happen to have a moser's or two?