The Isle Of Misfit Players 01/28


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The Isle Of Misfit Players 01/28

The Isle of Misfits Address

Our Channel is for those that are here to game,
But know that you’ll be banned, if you are lame.

Beggars, botters and those that use ITH,
Aren’t the types we want to hang with.

To all those who have come before,
It’s not our fault that you’re here no more.

Please leave now, if you’re here to ridicule or to flame,
Our channel is for decent people, and we don’t want you in our game.

RESPECT should be the word of the day,
Without that, a Misfit game is where you’ll never play.

The RESPECT we expect can’t be traded, bought, or sold,
It can only be earned, which becomes worth more than gold.

So if you’d like to join our little group,
Welcome to The Isle of Misfits troop.

Remember our motto from which we all smile,
“Ask not what the Isle can do for you, but what you can do for the Isle.â€

Due to problems with the old Post, Started a new thread.


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One post said that the forums archived sooner then expected and that the backup was corrupted.....

So here we go again :rant:


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hmmmmmm my PKK story got deleted.... I will recap....

Yay! :flip: I got my first PKK! Lvl17 sorc killed by my lvl9 barb!

Last night, I was camping at the trap door in a few pubby sewer run games with my lvl9 double swing barb, ManuelNoriega. A few games in a lvl 76 druid joins, immediately hostiles, and comes down the trap door. Give me a break man! Lvl 76 picking on lvl16-20 chars? I thought about trying to take him, but I'm only lvl9 and thought better of it since its was my first time out, so I just went up to town. He exited without any kills. A few games later I meet up with a fellow PKK. It was rather funny, we are both camping at the trap door while everyone runs, 'uhhhhh whatcha doin man?' I offered to team up with him but he wasn't interested. Maybe he didnt believe in my lvl9 barb. A few games later, after the group made it to sewer lvl2 and I was just thinking the game was getting stale, a lvl17 sorc hostiles and comes down the trap door. I guess she TPed or WPed back to town. One hit from my merc and 'PKUrA$$ was slain by ManuelNoriega'! LOL, I didn't even get a swing off with the barb. Yeah I know it was cheap, but hey I am a total PvP noob, I don't even have any of the right gear or charms, so I'll take it. I scoop up my ear, the sorc exits, and everyone else laughs and congratulates me. I was the big hero! :)

It was great fun, I think I might try again tonight. I've thought about lvling to lvl12 to use Angelic, but I think lvl9 is more appealing to the PKs. I dont play in pubbies, so what are some other popular runs PKs like to do? Council or CS runs might be good, I could lvl to 16 and use stuff like Twitch. I've thought about lvl21 on Baal runs, but dont most ppl tele to Baal?


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Well, nm went by a lot quicker than I thought... found a good pubbie game (!) and we managed to whirl through acts 1, 2, 3 and 4 in about an hour... unfortunately, I'm not going to have too much time to play tonight or tomorrow, so she'll probably be stalled at level 52-53 until the weekend. Hopefully I'll at least get my socket quest done this evening.

She's fun. She had about 5 close calls (under 100 health left) while doing the izzy quest in a solo game... it's been a while since I've played a character who actually *got hit* on a very regular basis. Yikes.


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Grats Pub on the PKK. Sounds like fun, maybe next time you will get to do some killing instead of letting your merc do your heavy lifting for you. :D

I don't do pubbies, but I would think Baal runs would be more of the trapped wp/trapped tp kind of killing. Maybe coucil runs, like you mentioned.

Have fun and stay safe out there.



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Congrats on your first ear......merc or not an ear is an ear :clap:

@ Phil if you catch me on I can help you out with shrek and anya pretty quickly.

Well, Just want to say thanks to the generosity of McSaladShaker, PBall and Wing and ALL the others who have helped me out!!!! :worship:

I was able t odo a few nm baal runz with Wing and someone else ( :scratch: not sure who) and got my barb up to lvl 70 :thumbsup: that nice shiney rock comes in handy

Thanks again to all, Be Safe


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Typically the pk is looking for "run" games. Of those the trav, arcane, and sewer are probably the easiest to be a pkk for. Blood runs used to be a great place but they are a thing of the past now for the most part since people just try to get to baal runs once they hit act5.

It would be possible to try pkking in a baal run but you may go longer between seeing games with a pk since it is a bit more work to pk in a baal run. Most have a sorc tping so the pk would have to run through monster infested levels to reach the victims (unless he tried the fast wp to attack people getting bo).

In high lvl most likely pks will be of one of 2 types in a baal run. Either trapped tp/wp as mentioned or people trying to find the next hydra/ga pk trick. I think that I heard that blessed hammer was fixed so that does not work. Don't know about other skills. In the past heard that some of the sorc missiles stayed active after the sorc went to town (ice bolt etc). Possibly bone spirit. That sort of pk would be very hard to pkk since they do their killing from town or via traps. You would be forced to either try to trap them back, initiate the hostility, or hope they would come back down after the hostile to try direct attacking as well.

On the dueling/trading front check out the stuff I posted on the marketplace (I am Tecira over there (imagine that ;)). The item that people interested in high lvl dueling might want to look at is the 990 max eth cryptic axe I have posted :).


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Im not gana retype that whole damn post.... it consited of me being pissed at the word because i got a phone call from some one saying that my g/f is messing around with some one else.... AHHHHHHH I dont know what the hell im gana do, im shure you dont wana hear this but i gatta let off some steam some were and my knuckles are turning purple and starting to hurt... Im so damn mad i cant even type and im shaking uncontrolably. Screw it all....