The Iron Berserker Guide - V1.00


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Re: The Iron Berserker Guide - V1.00

Another fine guide Asmo :thumbup:

Would have thought a chromatic amulet of life everlasting (30%AR/25PDR) would be hard to beat for this build.

Also I'd think a Stormshield would be a poor man's Gerke's especially if you wanted to pump PDR.

Combined the above ammulet with Gerke's and you could have 60% all resist, 41PDR, 18MDR and +15 life replenish straight off.
I have a PDR berserker in progress at the moment. Some good suggestions in the guide for the equipment slots I haven't yet bottommed out - Belt, boots, gloves. I hadn't considered Dracul's.

A small gear suggestion based on experience with my Zerkazon and Fishy's zerker guide - Nightsmoke is great for a mana boost thanks to the whopping 50% damage to mana and the +10% RA. Great if you are using a Reaper's Merc.



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Re: The Iron Berserker Guide - V1.00

Just wanted to stop back and say GREAT BUILD! Jut Pat'd my Iron Berserker and I have to say, not a single NDE through all of hell. Even when things got tough and the Merc went down my health just went down nice n slow, plenty of time to chug a potion and usually the only time I had to do that was when I forgot about howl because I rarely had to use it.
My find of LO and subsequent Grief during the Mephathlon certainly helped out, what a great weapon.



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Re: The Iron Berserker Guide - V1.00

Cheers. Good ideas in here. I just picked up Insight for my merc and will switch him from Defiance to either Blessed Aim (early NM untwinked to-hit issues) or probably Prayer in a bit.