The Intricities of the Trapper


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The Intricities of the Trapper

Ok so I have questions regarding the mechanics of a trapsin.

Correct me If I am wrong

IAS= Faster Trap Laying
FCR= Faster Mind Blastinging
Therefore, it is safe to say that you need IAS and FCR to pwn?

So would you be using 2x +3/3 Trap Claw with CTA on switch Or, Hoto/Spirt.... Or 3/3 Claw 2x with Hoto on switch, or 3/3 Claw with Spirit - OR whichever the situation calls for -_-

So please help me find the IDEAL gear for a good trapsin


Helm-Shako (coa idealy)
Armor-Enigma (DS, BP ??)
Rings Soj/BK bk/bk soj/soj?
Ammy Maras, or +3 trap 10fcr?
WS1 3/3 Claw
WS2 3/3 Claw or Spirit
Belt Arach
Boots Waterwalks for dex?
Gloves Magefists or LAYING OF HANDS i have heard...

Charms ( why do people not use torch in their setup and only 10x Trap gcs???)
-Torch, anni and 9x Trap GC +20 small lifers/resist

Thanks guys, assassins are one of the few builds which make me confused, but they are SO much fun to play. Cant wait to get Infinity/14k Trap dmg going and break some LI immunes in PvM =p.. oh and the pwnage in pvp


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"Ideal"? :)

FCR IAS and damage ensure your offensive capabilities: DR, block (claw or shield) life and resists/sorb determine your defensive ones. You need a mix of both to do well, and there are many ways to achieve this...

To my knowledge there are a few types trappers fall into: claw/claw (high damage, high life due to no block-dex) weapon/shield (lower damage, max block, max DR) weapon/spirit (high FHR/FCR/damage, no block) are the notable ones. BoS can be used to make IAS breakpoints easier to reach, or fade for DR/res/curse length reduction.

Don't think of characters as "ideal gear" but as "ideal mix of breakpoints/resists/damage". Set some goals (9 frame traps, 105FCR, 86FHR, max DR, max res, 4K life, 7K traps, whatever) and build towards them, then test to see what needs to be tweaked. Don't be afraid of using things that lower damage but increase survivability - eg there's no point in using hoto over wizardspike if you don't have good res.

Pre-torch guides talk about 10GCs and an anni since torch didn't exist back then.


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Oh, ok thanks a lot... So I am correct about the IAS/FCR thing, cool.

Followup Question

Im not too worried about IAS, but moreso FCR and Block (preventing 3/4 hits completely far outweighs 1k life...untill u fight the casters..). (BoS can take care of IAS). Im leaning towards a max blocker, is this easily achieved with 2x claw from +skills?

What are good FCR/FHR rates to aim for on a max block, 105/86? And does Fade reallly give damage reduction?

I was thinking of just max +skills gear, but ill review it considering FHR and FCR breakpoints

Enigma (for stre)
Shako (dr, skills, life)
Arach (FCR , skills)
Waterwalk (Dex, life)
Magefist(FCR, Regen)
Ammy- hmm, maybe some gambling to do here =p (maras)
Rings- 2x Soj (mana, skillz)
Wep/Wep#2 - Hoto/Spirit(105 fcr) or Wizspike/Stormshield (9fram traps) Trap Claw/Stormshield

it would be Nice to have 2 setups to have more FCR or Trap laying frames depending on the situaion.

Thanks guys

Von Lazuli

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Why dump all those points in dex (esspecially for block with Spirit) at the cost of life when assassins have Claw block, which not only doesn't require dex, but blocks a lot of things which are unblockable with a sheild.

There is only one reason to use Hoto/Sheild and that is FCR, but in my opinion if you can hit 65FCR without Weapon and Sheild you should definately go Claw/Claw.

My ideal gear would be this (bear in mind that this is crazy over the top):
2 sin/20 fcr/2soc/other mods circlet (2x Shael).
Arachnid's Mesh
Magefists (Because Fire blast is cool) otherwise Trangs for the resists.
2 x 2sin/3ls claws, Main hand has 40ias and 2x 15all res/ias jewels, off-hand has a mod of choice and 2x 15 all res/7 fhr jewels.
Eth Treks/ Fhr/resists boot (must have 20% fhr)
2 x SOJ
2 sin/fcr/ other mods Ammy (or Mara's and a FCR ring)

1x Trap/FHR gc
8x Trap/Life gcs
Res/Life scs

This gear nets huge +skills (+6 all, +11 sin, +9 Traps, +6ls), decent resists, 86% FHR, 65% FCR, speed in order to use fade, etc.
Ideally 9 points would go in weapon block for 60% block with BC.



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I used to run around with a spirit/hoto trapper and really wasnt too happy with result. Finally tried dual claw and loved it.

The weapon block you get from going dual claw will be about 50% or better with 1 hard point and +skills. Getting decent block off a spirit(monarch) will take 100+ added to dex -- you can save all that and put in life.

2nd you would need 156 str for spirit shield -- claws at most are 120 str foe elites -- most people opt for exceptionals with only 79 str req -- you can save alot of points here too for more life

on switch a cta and a lidless wall will only be 1 less point bo/bc - not much difference - but the lidless has a much lower str req.

if you are looking for a fast telly - putting a wiz spike/lidless on switch will be plenty to get over 105 fcr with arachs and 20% fcr gloves - then just switch to fight with claws.

Also you can get up to +6 light sentry on each claw if you get lucky shopping.mfing or trading -- hoto + spirit = 5. With only minimal effort you can shop 2 +3(or better) claws from hell anya. Each point in trap damage is about 400 damage.

The build you are suggesting can work - but you will have minimal life (2k or so bo'd) and hardly reach the potential damage that a trapper can do (maybe 10k or so). My trapper has 3500 life bo'd, stacked res w/ fade, 50+ res on burst of speed, and 13.6k trap damage.

never mind the cool factor -- dual claw looks tough :cool:


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Alrite, I think ill go dual claw.. I have a +3 LS Runic Talon (fastest claw is good, high str/dex i think is bad) with 3 open sockets, should i use this and put 1-3 shaels in it and maybe FHR/RES jewels in the rest?

Or should i try shoppping/trading.. How much does a 2/3 or 3/3 Claw go for on US east Softcore Ladder?

If ne1 knows prices for azn gear plz tell me (east scl) im buyin trap GCs and claws. Thanks

So Ill hit 9 frame traps no problem, 65 fcr...
20 arach
20 gloves

hmmm That takes away like 4-5 skills but it may be worth it in the right situation

Should I get sorb gear? Already got 2x raven n black oak, Tgods+blackhorns for lite.. dwarf star2x rising sun for fire? Andies for psn.

Thanks guys this is lookin good. Il have 9 leftover pts by lvl 89... All into block or some into fade/bos? Im thinkin those extra pts wont do much after its lvl 20 or so from +skills