The @&#$ing fast Multi-Zon PitRunner Plans

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The @&#$ing fast Multi-Zon PitRunner Plans

I want socketables! My IK Barb can't kill as fast as I wanted it to be. Now, I am relying on a #%*(ing fast Multi-Zon so I can get more wealth.

I'm planning on using:

Amulet: Atma's Scarab - Too lazy to check, but I think it gives Amp, right?
Rings: Ravenfrost and Dual leecher Bow: A 250%, high % for undead and demons Goldstrike with Shael - Hell fast!
Armour: Shaftstop - DR mainly
Belt: Really, I don't know!
Gloves: Souldrainer's/Laying of Hands (give me suggestion)
Boots: Don't know
Helm: Harly Shako
Second slot: Arrows, duh.

I am relying on these skills:

Multiple Arrows: 15
Freezing Arrows: 20 (Backup)
Pierce: 5-7?
Penatrate: 10
Valkyrie: ~

Will this be fast enough, even for 8 player games? I need some socketables (heck, people offer 2 sojs for Eth Berserkers!)


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Frankly, if you want to be killing really fast, a zon won't do it for you. Zons are still highly viable, but they won't do the incredible raw damage of, say, a wind druid or a hammerdin.


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first of all only maxing freezing arrow is nothign, u need the synergy

for belt u can use razortail which saves a few points in pierce

You should aim for lvl 17 valk after +skills

I suggest full mavina, cuz its much faster + +skills + resistance and it glows man so use full mavina instead. Also you cat's eye

rings u can use 1 ravenfrost 1 soj for mana problems or 2 ravenfrost if u have enouf mana

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Well, no Freezing Arrow then.

I want a HUGE +% Demon damage because except for the Skeletons, it is all Demons.

Hammerdins and Wind Druids aren't fun anymore. I also believe that Amazons, with huge damage, can be extremely good killers.


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Daimyo said:
Frankly, if you want to be killing really fast, a zon won't do it for you. Zons are still highly viable, but they won't do the incredible raw damage of, say, a wind druid or a hammerdin.
Tell that to my pitrunning strafer. Fastest pit clearer I've ever played. MUCH faster than my 9k hammerdin, and with more MF.


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Will Multiple Arrows be viable? I mean, with +% damage, would it be as fast as Strafe?

Can you also give me some info of your equip and such?


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No in the pit multi is not viable. It's really not terribly viable ANYWHERE in the game imo.

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Well, how about?

Strafe: 20
Pierce: 6 (+2 from Shako and +33% from Razortail to get enough)
Critical Strike: 10
Penatrate: 10
Valkyrie: 15 (+2 from Shako to get Warpiker)
Rest into Dodge/Avoid/Evade

Would this be better? I used some of the points to get Critical Strike.


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For a Pitrunner, I'd go Strafe/FA...

FA will help you level faster than most any other skill, especially during Baal runs, and the neleers will love you for freezing Baal's minions.

Strafe + Pit rocks, and if you get knockback on your bow, it's even better.

I thin a Multizon could do as well in the Pit, but alot of your arrows will be wasted in the tighter areas...Strafe is auto-target, and has a narrower focus...which is perfect for the Pit.

I'd not max Valk...17 points (less with +skills) is more than enough. If this is a hybrid, spend leftover points in Lightning Fury synergies, as i hear LF clears the Pit hellafast.



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Multi works great because you don't need to lock onto a target to unleash arrows at a long range. It works well as a big room clearing attack if you had maphack imo. If you don't, stick with strafe. Strafe is better overall, because when you encounter skeletons with multi, you're gonna find yourself pumping mana potions to use the skill.

Also, if you were to go multi take off the shaftstop and put on a 4-socket armor with 4x15ias jewels. Multi still relies on its rapid fire to kill many targets at the same time. Strafe can go with less ias than a multi zon imo.