The hypothetical situation thread


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lets say its straight up, a revolver with 1 bullet outta 6, they would actually pay me if i lived..i'd die if i was unlucky
1) i'd do it 1/6 is good odds consderin what id get for the win
2) i matter how good the odds are im nto gona get stupid and get 10 ppl killed cause of me..even if i iddnt like them


Stevinator said:
sorry for the double post, I assuming the offer is extended and i have some time to go chat with some really bad people.
hell naw, that ruins the game


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Hah...just don't try the Russian Roulette with a semi-auto...
I think it's rather stupid to be risking yourself like that. Now, maybe if there was something in there rather than such an irrevocable end like death? Possibly, though I'm still doubtful I'd wanna do something like that just for money.