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Hi Folks,

During the last PTR I have been playing the monk pretty extensively and come up with a built that I find pretty fun to play and I’d like to share that idea with you. With the huge buff that was taking place it was pretty easy to gear up your character with very good items and so I did. I played with both elite sets, Heart of the Crashing Wave and Uliana’s Destiny and can attest that it’s possible to deal huge amount of damage with both and that you can use them for end game gear. Eventually, I got bored playing those two and wanted to try something different.

I ended up using four sets!!!!

Inna’s mantra

Monkey king’s garb

Bastion of Will - Focus/Restrain

Istavan’s paired blades

That ended up being a pretty potent setup and it synergizes well. It’s not fully optimized but I think that the basic idea is sound and can be improved upon in certain areas. The use of those four sets is pretty much a must. There is not a lot of options gear wise, the only thing left are the bracers. Personally, I am using Spirit Guards. Another good option would Reaper Wraps. While on the subject of gear, from Kanai’s cube I use the followings: weapon spot: Flying Dragon, armor spot: The Crudest Boots, Jewellery spot: RORG. Again here not much options, the only thing I can see being switched is the weapon spot for I don’t know what but I am sure you can figure out something that fits your needs

The set of skills I have chosen is the one I think works best. They all benefit from the Monkey king’s garb bonus. They also synergize well with the passives. The passive skills are probably the area where some options are opened. Relentless Assault and Determination, I highly recommend but as far as the other two it all depends on your need for mitigation or the need to compensate in one area or another. I was never good at playing glass canon built and since this built will not allow the use of double unity rings some, mitigation measures were in order to increase my survivability, so Resolve and Harmony were also part of my choices.

Legendary gem wise, I use Bane of the Trapped and Bane of the Stricken. I am pretty happy with those but the third one I am still not sure. I have tried Gokok of Swiftness, Efficacious Toxin and toward the end I was trying Esoteric Alteration.

Another thing I would also recommend is some added LOH over the basic 8000 or so given by the paragon points. I don’t know if I was unlucky or if that mod cannot spawn on Istavan’s weapons but I had to get mine elsewhere and I ended up getting it on my bracer.

All that being said, what can you expect from this built? Taking into account that my gear was pretty good (all ancients but my amulet and one of my weapon), that I am an average casual player and that this built is yet to be completely optimized. You can expect a ole lot of fun. You will roll over T-8 but can also do T-9 and T-10 but that’s somewhat more tedious. Monsters have a lot of HP in those last levels. GR-40 shouldn’t be problem, how high can you take it I don’t know. It’s not the strongest built around and you won’t reach as high a level as with the two elite sets but it offers another alternative.

Here's a summary of the skills I used :


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