"The Flying Talon" (My Kicker Build)


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"The Flying Talon" (My Kicker Build)

Hi, I just got the idea in mind, I will make a an assassin with maxed Talon and flight back up with Mind blast. with talon and flight I basic use flight to get into melee range and finish off with Talon (If the enemy survieved a lvl 20 Dragon flight)

So here's my Build:
Strength:nedd quite alot in here but can some body tell me how much is the best stregth for a kicker to deliver the max damage while surviving in Hell run?
Dex: same as above
Vit: rest

Max Dragon Talon
Max Dragon flight
Max mind blast (use it on the crowd, then flying in kick thier a** while they got stuned)
Max clock of shadow (optional) (cast it then mind blast and kick some A**)
Max Shadow master (optinal) (good meat shiled and also dish good damage)
Max Venom (optional well does it work with the kick damage?)
1point BOS
1 point fade
1 point Phiscal hammer
1 point Claw mastery\
1 point dragon claw

Gear: (I might use Nat set here, but I'm still questioning about it.)
Helm Nat Helm
Ammy:Highlord or Cat's eye
Armor:Nat Armor
glove: venom grip
Weapon: Nat Claw
Shiled: Storm
belt: thuder god or string of ears
Boots: nat boots

And here's the unber list If I can afford them :p
Helm:Andariel's Visage
Armor:Chain of Honor
Weapon: Chaos
Boots: Shadow Dacer (My dream Boots!)

That's about all and for the Kick Masters out there, it will be great if U can help. thanx :D


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Venom does not work with kick damage, ( at least it doesnt show in the char screen, i might have to do some attack testing in hell without my 1 15pdsc )

Most kicker builds require lots of open wounds and crushing blow to be effective in hell, so that would make nats set more of a waste of space, due to much better modifiers being available on uniques such as fleshripper, stormlash, and some runewords like beast.

upped gores are awesome, my kicker is sort of like your kicker with

maxed fade
maxed dtalon
maxed dflight
soon to be maxed shadowmaster

guallims face
upped gores
and highlords amu ( perhaps go for atmas scarab instead?)

( hint, this gear helped my level 73 kick mephys face in in less than a minute )

Overall, the build sounds like fun and workable, other than the gear of course :grrr:


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Venom DOES work with kicks.

First of all, you need an elite pair of boots. nats will not do. Second of all, you need at least 50% crushing blow. I would also consider only puttin 1 point in dragon flight because you will be able to hit most things in pvm anyway. And even with maxed dflight, monster will not die from 1 kick...



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theBlackKnight said:
Well it doesnt show it in the stupid char screen :flip:
No elemental damage you have will show there either (E.G. from charms or on your gear). Personally, I like a Bartucs over a Chaos claw. The magic damage is nice from the Chaos rune word, but I think the mods from a Bartucs are superior...my personal preference.


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Thanx for the suggestion Guys, but y max fade well it's a sweet skill and now in 1.10 it also has resistance in phiscal , but is it really worth max?


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Shadow_Hide said:
Thanx for the suggestion Guys, but y max fade well it's a sweet skill and now in 1.10 it also has resistance in phiscal , but is it really worth max?
Considering you need a pitiful amount of IAS with 2 Bartuc's to reach the fastest possible kicks, there's no reason not to max Fade due to it being one of the sweetest skills in the game. 50 PDR%+max res%>15 PDR%, crap res afterall. Dump the String too, Verdungo's is much better.

Everyone's going to survive the ~slvl20 DFlight, haven't killed anyone with slvl34. At best it puts them in to hit recovery.


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How will you be able to max 6 skills for s.th like 120+ skill points is above my understanding :scratch:

yes, Venom and elemental damage, though not displayed work..as you see when monsters turn green or a fire "puff" comes up on contact.

Max MB? Nah..1 point is enough.
Max both Talon and Flight? I assume 1 skill suffices

..and as said before...CB outrules any amount of damage in hell initially.

BTW: Claw Block works 100% when running (other than shield block which goes down to 1/3) and Claw Block works on elemental attacks like Pit Lords fire, Vipers Bonespears etc..