The Flaming Mauler Guide!


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Fireclaws: Because ninjas can't catch you if you're on fire.

And so that I'm not completely off topic: this build looks like fun, but I don't have too many good weapons for it. Would a windhammer be good? It looks like I could hit 7 frames with a shael and some oIAS. Without the belt/boot/gloves it looks better than an IK maul.


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Re: The Flaming Mauler Guide!

Anybody still play this game? I do. I've been building a mauler/fire claw druid for the last couple weeks. I play on US East but a lot of the info here is valuable to me. A few things you have done are different than what I have done but still a great guide. I've got a few questions if anyone still uses this for Diablo 2.


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Re: The Flaming Mauler Guide!

I have one level 84 in Hell at the moment. Ask away, it is a great build.


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Re: The Flaming Mauler Guide!

Hey dude lotsa people still playing d2 here. You'll find tons of information from threads/people on this board.


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Re: The Flaming Mauler Guide!

That is one absolutely outstanding guide. :thumbsup:

Very clear as what to use and why. Great detail. Well done and thank you!

I enjoyed the guide and write up and the replies. I know this is an old post but noticed a couple glaring errors.

1. You can't make Beast in a feral axe [4 sockets max] or any polearm/spear (so no threshers etc.)

2. You make too light of OW which against FI critters and/or physical resistant can save a bunch of time if you have a charm or 2 of other elements. On a toon like this I tend to have a poison small charm and some taste of cold with possibly some bit of lightning damage. Once OW triggers they are gonna die.

3. It should make mention of the usefulness of damage to mana for this build. You are going to get hit, much like a WW barb, and is very useful around mana-burn critters.

Again I know this is an old guide but some still look to it for build ideas so I thought I'd give it a bump (it was well thought out and done) and at the same time correct and augment it.