The Fire-Trang Summoner by Batuchka


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The Fire-Trang Summoner Guide

Yes the title is a giveaway as this necro uses the fire skills granted by wearing full trang ouls set. I have way too trang pieces that I find during item running and I thought of a build for players who seem unlucky/poor and wouldn’t get their hands on poison facets, Death’s Web and Bramble and voila! What every player new to the necromancer class needs to know about this set:

a. It turns you to a Ghoul Lord a.k.a Vampire
b. It makes your fcr irrelevant
c. The set gives you fireball, firewall, meteor and fire mastery
d. Sometimes players in pubbies would call you a ‘Gay lord’ (kidding lol)

This guide assumes that you are not rich by any means so the most expensive item is prolly gonna be the helm and belt of the above set which could be had for 15-25 p.gems!

Full Trang’s Bonus

+3 To Necromancer Skill Levels
20% Life Stolen Per Hit
+3 To Fire Mastery
+10 To Meteor
+13 To Fire Wall
+18 To Fire Ball
+200 Defense
+100 To Mana
Regenerate Mana 60%
Replenish Life +5
All Resistances +50
Transforms into Vampire

This is on top of effectively +2necro from gloves,head and armor and the partial resistance bonuses so resists aren’t gonna be a problem in hell hehe

Skills To Max

Raise Skeleton

Max a.s.ap as they are your main minions along with golem, merc and mages. In fact max this out before skeleton mastery. You shall spend your early-mid life as a standard skellimancer until lvl 65 when u complete the set and gain fire skills.

Skeleton Mastery

More life, attack rating and damage to skeletons, revivies and mages. Enough said!

Skeleton Mages

Yes high lvl mages do damage coupled with high lvl mastery! Also a backup vs hardcore Physical Immunes that amplify damage curse couldn’t break and poison mages to prevent healing while some cold ones to freeze act bosses :p As you can guess Lower Resist is beneficial not only for the mages but for your fire skills as well later!

That’s about it – the rest of your points could be spent how you see fit. Some recommendations:

Corpse Explosion

Max this if getting a huge radius is crucial/fun to you.

Lower Resist

Hmm just hit slvl 9-11 with +skills and you’d be ok as there are diminishing returns.

Dim Vision

For larger radius to handle pesky ranged attackers. Mostly for Black Souls, Bone Archers, etc


If you want more minions you could put points here. But reviving 20 monsters is mana intensive but I have a solution if you decide to use an act 2 merc. More on that later


This is actually a good curse for this build as when slowed and clay golem monsters move slowly and take more damage from your fire skills! You could work with 1 point and let +skills raise it but an option nonetheless hehe


Now this would cause monsters to fight amongst themselves and be susceptible to firewalls and meteors – another option :D


Goes without saying: a point into clay, summon resists, golem mastery and all other prerequisites.


With full trangs only your weapon, rings, boots and amulet slots need some thinking. This build is geared to have as much +skills to both your summoning and fire skills so items that grant ALL skills (not just necro skills) are desireable


Spirit ‘Tal-Thul-Ort-Amn’ Broad Sword. Nice +2 all skills, mana, vita at level 25! For rich : Heart Of The Oak Flail or Silence pb/crystal sword

Ring 1

Rare ring with slvl 5 firebolt charges. These act as synergy for fireball and meteor. Look for +str/mana/resists for mods

Ring 2

Ideally a Bul Kathos 3%. Else go for +mana rings or ravens/dwaftstar/wisp for absorb


2/1 cheap Seraph’s Hymm. For rich : Mara’s


Marrowalks if you want to use the +sm and bone armor synergies else any boots that offers resists, stats and frw


Act 1 Fire Rogue

This is an option and if you want to go with the return damage route equip her with a ‘Edge’ bow. Armor could be duriel’s shell while helm could be Crown Of Ages for leech and +dex

Act 2 Might (Offensive, nightmare)

Another option if you want to beef up your skeletons and revives. The runeword ‘Insight’ gives you massive mana regeneration and is great if you plan to have lots of revivies and for endless corpse exploding hehe. ‘Obedience’ runeword in ethereal elite polearm is great for boss killing.For the rich : Infinity or Pride runeword for nastier elemental/minions damage!

Fire Skills Section


This is not a delayed spell and could be spammed. Ideally fast cast is needed to do so but full trangs makes you have 0 fcr but I still use it for kicks before letting loose meteors or firewalls


Now this KILLS in hell – even more so when coupled with lower resist, mages and minions. Your minions will hold monsters in a line or bunch them up for you :p


Like firewall, a timered spell. Let loose a few in tight packs.

Since full trangs does not have fcr, firewall and meteor is better but no harm throwing in some fireballs in.


Firstly do not be embarrassed when a fire sorc tells you what she does with her fire spells lol In essence we are skellimancers having a secondary fire attack for hard PIs and to hasten the demise of Act Bosses and to increase the fun factor too hehe.

In order to let you judge what kind of damage I do i shall reveal what I use and i am sure most players would have more wealth to use superior gear but I thought I build it with cheap/decent stuff first.

What I use:

Full Trangs
Spirit Broad Sword
2/1 Seraph’s Hymm
Slvl 5 firebolt charges rare ring with 10 res all mod
75mana/str/resists ring
15/12 Treks
2* Summoning GCs (plain)
Curse GC/35life

Fireball (lvl 22): 750max
With slvl 10 LR: 750*1.55 : 1163max

Firewall (lvl 17) : 1741/s over 3.6s
With slvl 10 LR: 2699/s over 3.6s

Meteor (lvl 14) : 1120max, 334/s
With slvl 10 LR: 1736max, 518/s

Skeleton (lvl 31) 337max w/o might and amp
Life(hell) 936

Mages (lvl 31) : Averaged elemental dmg = 168 w/o lower resist
Life(hell) 648

No.of skellies/mages : 12 each

Clay (lvl 11) : 4.6k life, slows monsters 55%

I have found some 4/4 fire facets and perhaps I’d socket the helm, armor and shield with them :p Also found a BK recently so that would replace the other rare ring w/o the firebolt charges. I went for 60% block and may want to swap over to Marrows for the +Skeleton Mastery and nice bone armor.


Well with skellies + mages you have to decide if you wanna help out skellies (amp) more or use your fire skills and mages for fun (lower resist) :D Both routes are ok but I like the latter for fun factor hehe. Also when facing crowds of baddies use bonewalls/prisons to box them up so they’s be sitting ducks for firewalls/meteors lol. Always dim vision ranged attackers and they go melee. Revives are great for that extra meatsheild/dmg dealers and you never/seldom get hit casting all those evil fire spells and corpse exploding :p


You could make a nova-fire-summoner in theory. If you happen to come across a Death’s Web one day then max Poison Dagger, Explosion, Nova and Skeleton Mastery and get your +skills/GCs for mages and think that’ll work :D Or max raise skeleton.

Thanks to:

Uzziah for discussing with me weeks ago on how to synergise partial trangs bonus and Archon_aus for his guide on the PvM Fireball Templar @ the pally forums which gave me the idea of this build :p Lastly to you the reader for trying out something weird but could cut it in hell lol.Cheers!


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Just a little addition...

You are of course focusing on the fire spells, with the synergy ring and +all skills instead of +summoning. I would just like to add a little note that even with a pure Skelemancer that doesn't do anything for the fire spells the firewall is very effective (esp. if used with lower resist). I never use Meteor and I only use Fireball in early normal, though.
I do have an anni (+1 all skills), but the firewall also worked before I got my first one :)

Also, IMHO, there is no need to put more than 1 hardpoint into Lower Resist, as the +skills take care of the rest. The diminishing returns hit early, and they hit hard, so I always feel it's a waste to invest more points in LR.

Of course, if you compare Trang's fireskills with a sorc, an even better reason why you can't beat her fire skills is that we are not investing a single skillpoint. That's right, we have an effective but not great firewall with 0 points invested. No sorc can do that. The Lower Resist curse just happens to be there anyway, since we need it for the mages :)


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Thks for your inputs :D Yes i did boost the LR with +skills and a curse gc but for far richer people if they happen to have an Infinity merc tagging along then pts into LR might be an option i guess as conviction and lower resist stack..well not for poison resists at least hehe Also i rechecked the mages/mastery tables and ione wishes to max out ele dmg then fire and lightning mages do most and perhaps hotkeying the 'unsummon' command to keep cold/poison mages to a minimum could be practiced :D

Dad Daniel

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Anyway i don't see nothing new here in your build.
Just repeating well known things to the authority - i think there are really few people who doesn't know the advantages and disadvantages of the trang-set...


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Interesting build but guide could use some organization and grammar corrections.
Also, wouldn't a Poison/Fire Build also be viable with the Trang set?



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Dad Daniel : Yes nothing much new i admit - just to share with newer players on how to eek out a bit more outta trangs set for a skellimancer :D

Gix : Ya fire-poison would do as well as Death's Web has +2all on top of +p/b and you could have summons too :D And lower resists help out p.nova, mages, and fire skills too so its more than a viable possiblity hehe


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i tested fire dmg potentials with the trangs set around the release time of 1.10 back in 2003. My conclusion at that time was: being able to turn into a vampire, shoot fb, errect fw, and drop meteors is very cool, but the overall fire dmg is really more cosmetic than real. It was not even enough to counter the life regeneration of some non-FI monsters in Hell act4 (they would return to full heath under my vampire's fire). For testing, he had a "perfect" setup in the vampire form, by the way.


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Well for the regen a few posion mages could help and yes the fire damage is not godly by any means :p In combination with minions, merc i do move along ok in Hell but more importantly find it more fun than a uniqs only summoner hehe


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I really don't see how this can be a "guide" really nothing different from your typical trang's build for the most part...and the only thing that sets it apart is the fire facet he plans on putting in the helm..the fire skills are a given since it's all part of the set as you level up anyway.

Maybe if this was with runewords that increased/gave you fire spells instead of something that is already set given...then it would be more appealing overall.

The only question that I hear alot from nubz is what fire spell from trang's is the best overall...and always tell them fire wall. is a good attemp and was thought out very you should get some credit at least for trying.