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The Faded Titanassin: A C/C PvM Assassin Guide

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Crazy Runner Guy, Feb 22, 2004.

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    The Faded Titanassin: A C/C PvM Assassin Guide

    Please note that this guide is unfinished, as my character is only clvl 56 rightnow and in act 3 NM. Please comment on the guide, formatting (especially colors), etc.


    The C/C Faded Titanassin: A PvM Guide by Crazy Runner Guy

    DISCLAIMER: If you are a person who dies a lot, has all super vita characters, has a general fear of Fire Enchanted creatures or dislikes builds with under 800 life, then this guide and build are not for you.

    1) Introduction
    -Who Am I?
    -Why a Dragon Talon/Trapper?
    -What is a Titanassin and why build one?
    -Goals of this guide/build
    2) Terms
    3) Skills
    -Martial arts
    -Shadow Discipline
    4) Statistics
    5) Equipment
    6) Mercenaries
    7) Play Style and Strategy
    8) Other uses for this build
    -Player versus Player
    -Magic Finding
    9) My Character
    10) Last words


    -Who Am I?
    My name is Crazy Runner Guy (CRG), and I am a regular poster on the SPF. This is my third assassin on SP, and by far the most fun. I converted to SP once v1.10 came out, and have loved it ever since. With no lag, my death count has dropped significantly, and killing everything by myself has made me a much better player.

    -Why a Dragon Talon /Trapper?
    I’ll admit it, I’m a speed freak. I have a zon who strafes at 9/2/2/2/2/2/etc, and my other sins are loaded with fr/w. D-Talon is tied with Strafe as the fastest skill in the game, capable of hitting 7/2/2/2/etc fpa. The difference between the two lies in the ease of getting to that speed and still doing a massive amount of damage. Its quite difficult to hit 7/2 strafe on a bow, while it is much easier for an assassin. Two frames per attack is .08 seconds. Blink and you’ll miss a kick or two.

    Traps are in there for support and safety. I play in SP primarily, and FE monsters so a lot of damage, much more than Bnet, enough to KO our fragile Sin. Your traps will allow you to kill them from a distance while they are kept stunned with Mind Blast.

    -What is a Titan and why build one?
    A true Titan is a character that puts all of their stat points into STR and neglects all other attributes. The benefit of this is massive damage, while its disadvantage is traditionally low life. V1.09 allowed for more titan possibilities, with BvB characters, WW Pole/spear barbs and Shaeffer Barbs being the traditional viable possibilities. I built this character to prove that Titans were again viable in v1.10. What do you have to fear then if everything is dead?

    NOTE: This build is designed for a heavily twinked character. IMO, is it nearly impossible to build any Titan without heavy twinking. v1.10 is just too hard to run through the game with that low of life without keeling over every five minutes.

    -Goals of this guide and build
    I am writing this guide for your knowledge, and to display that this character is viable on solo hell in v1.10. I have greatly enjoyed this character and I hope you do too.

    When I started building this character, I wanted a character that would hit the 7/2/2/2/2/2 kick speed, have max resistances in hell, get a huge amount of kick damage and be able to solo the entire game with a little deaths as possible. I think I have accomplished that.

    2) Terms

    Please refer to this section for any questions on terms.

    PvP - Player VS Player
    PvM - Player VS Monster
    DR - Damage Reduction,
    Assy - Assassin
    Sin - Assasin
    Nec - Necromancer
    Barb/baba - Barbarian
    Pally - Paladin
    Zon - Amazon
    Dru - Druid
    MDR - Magic damage reduce
    fr/w – fast run/walk
    FHR - Faster hit recovery
    CBF - Cannot be frozen
    STR - Strength
    DEX - Dexterity
    NRG - Energy
    VITA - Vitality
    clvl - Character level
    slvl - Skill level
    FBR - Faster block rate
    FPA - Frames per attack
    FPS - Frames per second
    IAS – Increased Attack speed
    CR - Cold Resist
    FR - Fire resist
    PR - Poison Resist
    LR – Lightning resist
    CI – Cold Immune
    FI – Fire Immune
    LI – Lightning Immune
    PI – Physical Immune
    FE – Fire Enchanted
    LE – Lightning Enchanted
    CE – Corpse Explosion or Cold Enchanted
    DTalon – Dragon Talon
    DTail – Dragon Tail
    CM – Claw Mastery
    SM – Shadow Mastery
    SW – Shadow Warrior
    CoS – Cloak of Shadow
    BoS – Burst of speed
    MB – Mind Blast
    WB – Weapon Block
    LS - Lightning Sentry
    DS – Death Sentry
    CB – Crushing Blow
    OW- Open Wounds
    DS – Deadly Strike
    C/S – Claw/Shield
    C/C – Claw/Claw
    SP – Single Player
    SPF – Single Player Forum
    RW - Runeword

    3) Skills

    If there is something I have failed to mention, please refer to Kicking Basics by jrichard.

    Martial arts
    21-23 points invested

    D Talon will be your primary kicking skill throughout the game. It grants one additional kick every six levels, so:

    Slvl: 	Kicks
    1-5: 	1
    6-11: 	2
    12-17: 	3
    18-23: 	4
    24-29: 	5
    30-35: 	6
    This build is aimed at getting to six kicks at slvl 30. With the equipment laid out, it is quite easy to get to slvl 30 and still maintain a high amount of +life charms in your inventory.

    As previously stated, D-Talon is the fast skill in the game and tied with Strafe for that honor. Since you will be taking 6 kicks in 17 frames (.68 seconds), you will have an incredible chance to activate CB and items that have “+X% chance to cast.”

    Note that D-Talon targets all of its kicks on one target, and keeps kicking even if the target dies midway through the series. Be stuck in place is a slight problem, but hopefully your use CoS and MB solve this minor problem.

    Dragon Flight: 1
    This will be your only other MA skill you will use in the game. It is a great PvM skill, as it allows you to teleport from monster to monster, which allows for fast kills, especially when you D-Tail right afterwards. It is also beneficial for bringing your merc and shadow back to your position if they have strayed away. No assassin build should be without it, especially one such as ours.

    What transfers to kicks?

    The following mods affect your kicks. *’d mods coming from your off-hand claw do not affect kicks

    - IAS*
    - Open Wounds*
    - Crushing Blow*
    - Elemtal Damage*
    - Magic Damage*
    - +X% Enhanced Damage from non-weapon gear
    - +X% Life Leech*
    - +X% Mana Leech*
    - +X% Chance to cast xxx on striking*
    - Ignore Target Defense

    Now, these mods do not transfer to your kicks, regardless of their origin:
    - Deadly Strike
    - Critical Strike
    - + Max Damage
    - + Min Damage
    - +X% Enhanced Damage from weapon
    - +X% Chance to cast on attacking

    You secondary claw, Jade Talon is only there for it blocking, resistances and +skills. More on that later.

    Shadow Disciplines
    29-32 points invested

    Shadow skills keep you alive, plain and simple. Don’t leave the Rogue Encampment without them.

    Weapon Block - 9-16 after +skills
    Here’s where you have some real choice. This isn’t PvP, but you still need blocking. I recommend getting to slvl 9 after skills (which will be about 1-3 actual points invested), maxing the rest of your skills, and then dumping the rest of your points in here, up to slvl 16.

    Here is a table for WB
    Slvl: 	WB%
    1	26%
    2	32%
    3	36%
    4	39%
    5	42%
    6	44%
    7	46%
    8	47%
    9	49%
    10	50%
    11	51%
    12	52%
    13	53%
    14	54%
    15	55%
    16	56%
    17	56%
    18	56%
    19	57%
    20	57%
    26	60%
    Notice that at slvl 9 WB starts to increase by one per skill point invested, and at slvl 16 it takes three more points to achieve +1% more blocking. Not worth it IMO.

    Fade – 20
    This will be your primary “aura” that you will be using. It gives a huge resists and turns your transparent, which is great, but the real kicker (couldn’t help myself with that pun) is the hidden 1% PDR/slvl bonus that goes along with it. Unlike the paladin’s individual resistance auras, which only work with the actual skill points invested, Fade works with + skills, so your final Fade slvl should be at or above 27. Herein lies how our assassin will survive. Max this and have it on at all times.

    Cloak of Shadows
    CoS is a one point wonder in the assassin PvM build. Get used to working in darkness, as you will have this active during most of your questing and leveling. This skill has many uses, but primarily it blinds creatures. Some properties of CoS are:

    From the Assassin FAQ.
    Monsters literally cannot see you unless you are right on top of them. Use this to keep monsters stationary while your traps kill dangerous monsters. Note that CoS’s blinding effect (what we’re more concerned with) does not work against arguably the second most dangerous monster(s) in the game, Lister and his Minions of Destruction. It also does not work against the Ancients. Read more on them later.

    Mind Blast – 1
    This is another great one-point wonder. Its ability to stun packs of monsters and convert non-champions/uniques is invaluable to your survival. Your +skills will take this to a decent level, so leave it at 1 natural skill point.

    Venom – 0-1
    I have put one point here just to test it out, and it seems like it is a personal decision. With its incredible short duration, that extra damage is helpful, but IMO, it’s really not worth even that one skill point, even with your +skills. Note that Venom stacks with BoS or Fade. If you decide that you really like this skill, dump the rest of your points in here.

    Shadow Master - 1
    While the SM is a great sidekick, she’s little more than that. Leave this at one and invest somewhere worthwhile.

    43+ points invested
    100 % Melee WILL get you killed, and often, traps cover you pretty good, so here’s what I recommend.

    Lightning Sentry-20
    Simple, this is your most damaging lightning spell. It fires 10 times each, and is synergetic with DS. Max this

    Death Sentry – 20
    This is your only crowd killing skill. Once you get a corpse down, DS, does its work. Note that the CE effect does not scale with the amount of players in the game, i.e. the CE will do the same amount of damage if there is one player in the game than if there is eight players around. Regardless, its mass killing/damaging ability is invaluable. Also, the CE is 1/2 physical damage and 1/2 fire. Thus you have three sources of damage: fire, lightning and physical.

    Charged Bolt Sentry – 1+
    Here is where the rest of your points should go. It is synergetic with both of your primary traps, thus making it useful. You may never use it, but its there in passiveness.

    Thus the build is complete at clvl 86 with the +12 skill points. At this point you should put points into CBS or Weapon Block depending on your individual needs.

    4) Statistics

    This one is VERY simple:

    STR: Everything!
    DEX: Nothing!
    VITA: We don’t need no stinkin’ vitality.
    NRG: Getting the picture?

    The only exception to this is that you need to have 104 DEX to be able to equip Jade Talon. The DEX required CAN include the +20 from Bartuc’s. Thus, if you have enough for Bartuc’s (79), you add Bartuc’s bonus +20 (99), and then add Mara’s +5 (104), you’ll be set.


    -C/S or C/C?
    I have chosen to go C/C for this build, as then I do not need to pump DEX to maintain blocking. C/S is safer though. It’s your choice, but C/C is for me. Also, since this guide is designed around Fade and most shield-using assassins employ Stormshield, you would need to balance your use of Fade. If you want to go C/S, read C-Beat’s PvM D-Talon/Trapper Assassin guide


    Bartuc’s Cut Throat
    Again, since this is designed around C/C setup, there are is only one choice for a your main claw, and that is Bartuc’s Cut Throat. It is fast, +20 dual stats, up to 9% LL, +2 skills, +1 MA skills, 30% FHR, and 20% to AR, this is your perfect main claw. Also, this claw is quite easy to get a hold of. Socket this with a Shael rune to hit the 7/2/2/2/2/2 kick speed. If you are opting to go C/S, skip to the item section

    Jade Talon
    Without a shield, we are going to need to make up the resistances a shield would grant us. Enter the Jade Talon. It grants 40-50% res all, and +1-2 MA skills and +1-2 Shadow Discipline skills. Also, hell Meph likes to drop these frequently, so go pick up a pair.

    Unfortunately, there is no other real option for claws. All others have higher requirements and less useful mods.

    When calculating kick speed, you take the average WSM of your two claws (or just the WSM for your Claw is C/S) to determine your kick speed. Once you have this, consult Fuzzbox’s IAS Tables. Since we are going to be using a Bartuc’s Cut Throat (WSM –30) and a Jade Talon (WSM –10), we will use the –20 WSM table.

    According to the tables we need 68% IAS with a lvl 0 BoS to hit a 7 frame initial kick speed and 78% IAS for 2 frame follow up kicks. The gear described below grants this IAS.

    For those of you who are really daring, you can drop the Jade Talon in favor of anotherBartuc’s Cut Throat. In that case, use the –30 WSM columns. Thus, you need 46% IAS for an initial 7 frame kick and 54% IAS for 2 frame follow ups.

    C/S users, they will also use the –30 WSM table since they will be using Bartuc’s Cut Throat.

    Body Armor

    There are three options here, two of which are easy to get.

    Chains of Honor (RW): 5/5


    +2 To All Skills
    +200% Damage To Demons
    +100% Damage To Undead
    8% Life Stolen Per Hit
    +70% Enhanced Defense
    +20 To Strength
    Replenish Life +7
    All Resistances +65
    Damage Reduced By 8%
    25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    As much as I hate to endorse runewords I will probably never own, as Ber runes sell for first-born children on SP, CoH is the best melee armor out there.

    Every mod on there is useful to our character, especially the DtD and DtU mods, since most of the game is undead or a demon. Also, the + skills and res allow for you not to use Mara’s and use Atma’s Scarab instead. This armor just is so damn good, it’s orgasmic.

    Take your pick on what to throw it, as any armor will work because of your high strength. I recommend either Archon Plate or Sacred Armor if you want more res.

    Lionheart (RW): 5/5


    +20% Enhanced Damage
    Requirements -15%
    +25 To Strength
    +10 To Energy
    +20 To Vitality
    +15 To Dexterity
    +50 To Life
    All Resistances +30

    IMO, this is best runeword ever for the runes used. All the runes are easily attainable, and it gives excellent mods. +70 Stats, 30% res all, +50 life and even 20% ED just make this one of the most balanced runewords in the game. If you are going to use this, especially if you are going to use it until you can equip CoH, put it in a Wrymhide so that you can wear it as soon as you leave Norm. Wrymhide requires a clvl of 50 to use.

    Duriel’s Shell (4/5)

    Defense: (528-650) - (610-732) (varies)(Base Defense: 188-202)
    Required Level: 41
    Required Strength: 65
    Durability: 150
    +160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    + (1.25 Per Character Level) 1-123 Defense (Based On Character Level)
    + (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 To Life (Based On Character Level)
    Resist Fire +20%
    Resist Lightning +20%
    Resist Poison +20%
    Resist Cold +50%
    Cannot Be Frozen
    +15 To Strength

    Again a useful armor, as it has some very important mods for us. + Life, 20/50/20/20 resistances, +15 STR and CBF if you don’t have it from somewhere else all aid to our cause. Also, an upgraded D-Shell can get a very high defense. I have a perfect 200% ed one that has 1503 defense when on my clvl 83 mercs. IMO, this is a better armor for your merc because of its CBF.


    Upgraded Gore Rider (5/5)
    These are the best boots a kickassin can use. They are Myrmidon Greaves, and their kick damage is 83-149. In addition, they have CB and OW, two mods vital to a kickassin. Accept no substitute. The upgrade recipe is Ko+Lem+Perfect Diamond. The recipe is Ladder only. SP players need not worry, as this recipe works on SP.

    NOTE: Upgraded Gore Rider requires clvl 72 to use.

    Shadow Dancer (3/5)

    Defense: 122-144 (varies)(Base Defense 62-71)
    Required Level: 71
    Required Strength: 167
    Durability: 24
    Assassin Kick Damage: 83-149
    +70-100% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    +1-2 To Shadow Disciplines (Assassin Only) (varies)
    +30% Faster Run/Walk
    +30% Faster Hit Recovery
    +15-25 To Dexterity (varies)
    Requirements -20%

    Again, they are Myrmidon Greaves, but they do not have OW or CB. They will be effective, but nowhere near as effective as Upgraded Gores. Also, since they are ladder only and the upgrading recipe is ladder only, why not use Gores instead of these?

    Regular Gore Riders and Immortal King’s Pillar (2/5)
    Both are great boots to use until clvl 72, but they are mediocre for hell difficulty.

    Crafted/Rare Myrmidon Greaves (?/5)

    These all depend on the mods. Some things to look for are fr/w, res, fhr and MF. If you don’t have any of the above, use these for your imbues.


    Since we need to get IAS and stats here, only one option stands out.

    Immortal King’s Forge (5/5)
    No pair of gloves gives more stats than these things. +20 STR/DEX and 25% IAS when used with the belt makes the IK Forge the gloves of choice of C/C users. The high defense is just gravy.

    For you C/S users:

    Dracul’s Grasp: (5/5)

    Two words: Life Tap i.e. immunity to death. With these things on, the only thing you have to fear is FE bosses and Iron Maiden, and maybe Gloams. Up to 15 STR 25% OW and 10% LL, these are the best gloves in the game with no IAS. The problem with these is getting enough IAS, but C/S users can socket their shield with an IAS jewel and they also are operating on the –30 WSM, thus making it easier to hit 7/2/2/2/2/2

    As IK’s are very common, I’m not going to mention any other options.


    Immortal King’s Detail (5/5)
    Again, this is a great titan belt. +25 STR, 28% fire res, 31% light res, and +108 def when used with the gloves makes this belt just rock.

    Again, as IK’s are very common, I’m not going to mention any other options.

    Two options here, assuming you are using Drac’s and have enough IAS:

    Thundergod’s Vigor (5/5)
    Again, a great belt. Lightning absorb, +20 STR, +20 VITA and +10% to max light res are the mods here that are great.

    Verdungo’s Hearty Cord (5/5)
    With up to +40 Vita (120 life!) and 10-15% PDR, this belt will help you stay as close to 50% PDR. It’s good, but this build is planned around using Fade, which grants PDR in itself. Since you are probably going to use Stormshield, the PDR here is going to be useless.


    Andariel’s Visage (5/5)

    Defense: 310-387 (varies)(Base Defense: 101-154)
    Required Level: 83
    Required Strength: 102
    Durability: 20
    +100-150% Enhanced Defense (varies)
    +2 To All Skills
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    8-10% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
    +25-30 To Strength (varies)
    +10% To Maximum Poison Resist
    Fire Resist -30%
    Poison Resist +70%
    15% Chance To Cast Level 15 Poison Nova When Struck
    Level 3 Venom (20 charges)
    (Ladder Only)

    Since we need IAS, here’s your helm for it. Stick an IAS jewel in here and go nuts. The LL and +STR are just great for a Titan. The only problem here is that it is Ladder Only, and it requires clvl 83 to use.

    Crown of the Ages (3/5)

    I am not a huge fan of this helm, particularly because it is TC 87 and it quite expensive, especially on SP. Get a two socket one and go 2x IAS jewels and pray you have enough IAS on other gear. This helm is more appropriate for C/S users.

    Guillaume’s Face (3/5)

    As good as this helm is, it lacks the IAS to be a real top competitor for the endgame slot. That said, it is still your helm of choice until you get to clvl 83. The CB allows you to use IK Boots until then, which in themselves are great for pre-Upgraded Gore Rider.

    Harlequin Crest (2/5)

    This helm is primarily for the MF’ing Titanassins. It has great mods, but not PvM’ers like us.


    This is one of the more flexible items for the Titanassin. First priority is getting maxed resistances and a slvl 30 D-Talon. Once you know what armor you are going to use, then pick your ammy, as there will be a difference between CoH and Lionheart users.

    CoH users:

    Atma’s Scarab (5/5)
    The best mod on this ammy is the chance to cast Amplify Damage. This will allow you to cut through everything and strip PI’s of their immunity. The only other mod that is of any particularly usefulness is the +20% AR.

    Seraph’s Hymn (4/5)
    The main reason for using the Hymn is the Damage/AR to Demons/Undead. The +2 Skills will allow you to put less points in D-Talon, just make sure you hit slvl 30.

    Lionheart Users:

    Mara’s Kaleidoscope (5/5)
    +5 All stats, +20-30% res all and +2 skills make this the amulet to have. Nothing else really comes close.

    C/S Dracul's users:
    Since you need may need IAS, The Cat’s Eye is a good bet for you if you have good resistances and slvl 30 D-Talon.

    C/S w/o Dracul’s:
    Use Atma’s Scarab for reasons stated above.


    Ravenfrost (5/5)
    You need CBF somewhere, and that is what makes this the most widely used ring in the game. With a max of 20% cold absorb, +20 DEX and +250 AR, its an all-around great unique.

    Dual Leech Ring (3-5/5)
    You need mana leech somewhere, and here is recommended place to get it. Dual leechers are back in v1.10, with a max of 8%ll/6%ml. Crafting blood rings the best you could get, with up to 11%LL/6% ml available, although their clvl requirement is in the mid 90’s. Crafted blood rings can also get +life, stats and resistances, making these the best rings possible. Be warned, these can have VERY high clvl requirements, even without 9-11% LL.

    Manald Heal (3/5)
    Everyone’s favorite mana leech ring is probably your most easily attainable piece of equipment for this character. With up to 7%ml and +20 life, its probably your best bet.

    Since there is no real place to get ML in your gear other than in the rings slot and still get to 7/2/2/2/2/2, I’m not going to elaborate on other rings. If you somehow manage to get ML from other areas, go ahead and use a Wisp Protector or a Dwarf Star to get more protection against the elements

    Shield (C/S only)

    Stormshield (5/5)
    This is the ONLY shield for a top end Titanassin. +35 STR, scaling defense, 35% PDR and lots of resistances make this the shield of choice. Just make sure if you are using Fade to get it to only slvl 15 after +skills, or else you will be wasting skill points.

    In your inventory, you should keep enough +MA skills to get a slvl 30 D-Tail and fill the rest with sc’s of Vita (+16-20 life). You should also carry a Gheed’s Fortune if you have one, and Bnetter’s can utilize an Anilhilus, should you have one.

    Total IAS on all equipment
    35%: Adariel’s Visage /w 15% IAS
    20%: Bartuc’s Cut Throat /w Shael
    25%: Immortal King’ Forge
    80%: Total IAS

    Thus we have achieved our IAS goals.

    6) Mercenaries
    Two options arise here.

    7) Play Style and Strategy
    With the release of v1.10, characters have had to adapt to the times. Barbarians are using skills such as Howl and Grim Ward, skills they thought they would use/need, Necromancers are using more than the 8 allotted hotkeys, and this is no different for the Assassin.

    When you reach a pack of monsters, your first priority is to use CoS to blind them. Then use MB to convert one or two, to act as tanks. Then throw down a DS or two and a a few LS’s.. Then DF in to the closest one and kick away. Once one is down, the DS’s will begin exploding, causing even more damage. This strategy works best for boss packs.

    Do this with every pack and you will suffer very few casualties.

    NOTE: Oblivion Knights are NOT affected by CoS. You best bet it to stun them, throw a trap nearby, and DF in. The Chaos Sanctuary is not a place to tread lightly, so be careful.

    Against the Ancients: To be added when I get there

    Against Gloams/Burning Souls/Black Souls: To be added when I get there

    8) Other uses for this build[/B]

    -Player versus Player
    This build is not recommended for PvP, as it’s life is too low and it is too slow as it is designed around Fade, not BoS. Check out C/C Mageslayer PvP Kickassin Guide by chaos9 on a D-Talon PvP Sin if you desire to PvP with D-Talon.

    -Magic Finding
    This character is capable of MF’ing, especially if you load her up on CB. Mephy seems to be a prime target for thus, as you could use BoS for running past everything and keep it on to allow for a change to MF gear. With that said, this build is not optimized for MF’ing. Build a Fishymancer, Metorb Sorc or Hammerdin if you want to MF.

    Leveling guide:

    Since this build is so damn item dependent, here’s what items I used when. Every recommended item change is listed. Changes can be made depending on your gear.

    Lvl 1: transfer the following onto your character:

    Full Sigon’s Complete Steel or all but shield (use Bone shield of Deflecting instead)
    Hsarus Iron Fist
    The Diggler
    Angelic Halo
    Angelic Wings

    Lvl 3: Put on Hsarus’s Iron Fist. You should have 40 STR now.

    Lvl 7: Put on all of Sigon’s that you can (all but shield). You will now have 70 STR

    Lvl 10: Put on Sigon’s Guard for full set

    Lvl 12: Put on the Angelic combo. This will give you 12 AR/clvl, +75 life and +10 DEX. This DEX will allow you to put on the Diggler, a very fast weapon.

    Lvl 14: Dump Sigon’s Guard in favor of a Bone Shield of Deflecting (BsoD)

    Lvl 15: Grab a Manald Heal. You should now be able to kick most of the time.

    Lvl: 16 Dump Sigon’s Shelter is favor of a Twitchthroe. +10 STR/DEX, + blocking, +FHR, +IAS, this thing is great. For Bnetter’s, you should be leaving act 1 right now. For SP’ers, I left Act 1 at clvl 19. It all depends on how many players you have in your game (or are simulating).

    Lvl 21: Throwaway The Diggler for The General’s Tan Do Li Ga. It is very fast and has 5% ML which should being you to at least 10% ML, enough to be kicking 100% of the time. It also has Slow Target, another useful mod.

    Lvl 29: You should now be approaching Travincal, and now you can drop your BSoD in favor of a Rhyme Grim/Bone Shield. I recommend the Grim, as you will have enough STR to carry it. It has lots of great mods, including CBF, 25% MF, 25% res all, and the “of Deflecting” mod built it.

    Lvl 31: This is where you will start doing a huge amount of damage compared to your level. I achieved this level just before I entered the Chaos Sanctuary, but again, I was alone and going on /players8. When you hit this level, drop Sigon’s Wrap and boots for IK Detail (belt) and Pillars (Boots) . To compare, Sigon’s Sabot’s damage is 10-20, while IK is 39-80, a vast improvement. You will use these boots until clvl 47 or 72, depending on which you prefer.

    Lvl: 42: It is now time to let The General’s go in favor of one of your end-game claws, Bartuc’s Cut Throat. The %ED doesn’t matter, what does is the LL. Use your socket quest and put a Shael in this claw. The problem is getting to 79 Dex to equip it. So, since Bartuc’s Cut Throat has LL on it, drop Sigon’s Gauge for IK Forge (+20 STR/DEX) and use +dex charms. Replace the helm with Guillaume’s Face.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it wasn’t like this in v1.09, D2 has reverted back to D1 times and STR/DEX on an item COUNTS towards its equipping once its on. For example, if you got to 79 dex withIK gloves, put on the Bartuc’s Cut Throat (so now you have 99 dex) and then took off the gloves, the Bartuc’s WOULD STAY EQUIPPED! This is important because should you die, you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR BODY without additional help. Also, two Bartuc's contribute to each other’s equipping. Thus, make sure that you have at LEAST 79 DEX without the Bartuc’s.

    Lvl 45: Finally you can unequip your Angelic Set. In its place, put a Ravenfrost (preferable as close to 20/250 as possible) and a Mahim-Oak Curio in their places. Since you now have CBF coming from another area besides your shield, Take off your shield in favor of another Bartucs’. This one doesn’t matter at all for ED/LL, it’s there for the weapon speed and +skills. Now that you have two Bartucs on, start using Fade instead of BoS.

    Lvl 50: Take off the Mahim-Oak Curio and replace it with The Cat’s Eye, and remove Twitchthroe in favor of your Lionheart Armor. I recommend putting this is a Wrymhide with high defense, as it comes in at clvl 50. This is the level I recommend you leave Normal. The Cat’s Eye should keep you at the 7/2/2/2 kick speed.

    Lvl 67: Here is an option for you. If you feel like it, you can remove The Cat’s Eye for Mara’s Kaleidoscope for the +2 skills. I don’t recommend it, as you will lose your 7/2/2/2 speed and you should have enough resistances for max in NM anyway.

    Lvl 72: This is where your Upgraded Gore Rider comes into play. I recommend being at this lvl before you fight the Ancients, or at least before Baal, although it is not necessary.

    Lvl 76-78: Do Baal runs until you are comfortable on going to hell. Once you do, ditch your 2nd Bartuc's and throw on your Jade Talon to keep up your resistances. Have fun in hell!

    Lvl 83: You should try to get to this lvl before the Ancients if at all possible. Once you get here, you will have your last equipment change. Ditch your Guillaume’s Face for Andariel’s Visage socketed with a 15% IAS jewel. You also can also now take off your Cat’s Eye if you haven’t already done so for Mara’s. Then, get a +1 MA skills GC to get you to slvl 30 D-Talon. Your kicks now are 7/2/2/2/2/2, you goal number and speed of your kicks. Kill Baal and begin runs if you so chose. You should have at least XXX life before fighting the Ancients, if not more.

    Skills at each level, based on my actual skill placement:

    2: Claw Mastery
    3: D-Talon
    4: Psychic Hammer
    DoE: Fire Blast
    5: Save
    6: BoS, Dragon Claw
    7: Shock Web
    8-9: D-Talon
    10-11: Save
    12: CoS, Weapon Block, CBS
    13-15: D-Talon
    16-17: Save
    18: D-Tail, Shadow Warrior, Fade
    Leave Act 1 Norm
    Rada: D-Talon
    19-21: D-Talon
    22-23: Save
    24: LS, MB, DF
    Leave Act 2 Norm
    25-27: D-Talon
    28-29: Save
    30: Venom, SM, DS
    Leave act 3
    Izzy: both D-Talon
    31-36: D-Talon is now maxed/Leave act 4 Norm @ clvl 32
    37-50: Fade
    Leave Norm
    DoE: Fade
    51-54: Fade is now maxed
    Leave Act 1 NM

    My character has just left act 2 NM at clvl 56. Everything after this is theoretical.

    55-70, Rada, Izzy: LS is now maxed, Leave act 2 NM @56
    71-76: DS, Leave act 3 NM @ XXX, leave Act 4 NM at 62
    Leave NM difficulty
    77-86, DoE, Rada, Izzy: DS is now maxed
    Kill Baal at clvl 83
    87+: CBS or Weapon Block.

    9) My Character

    To be added when I Mat the lady

    10)A few last words
    There you have it, a viable v1.10 Titan Build. I hope you have enjoy this character build as much as I have.

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
  2. ThricethebeSaved

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    Feb 19, 2004
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    Awesome guide, I rank it very high on my list(partly because it is about my favorite class)(Mostly due to the very thorough item section)
  3. Crazy Runner Guy

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    Sep 5, 2003
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    Sorry AE, but i'm going to bump this.

    Please offer your comments, suggestion, constructive criticism.

    Thanks, and bump,

  4. Crazy Runner Guy

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    Sorry AE, but I'm going to bump this.

    Please leave your comments, feedback, contructive criticism, thoughts, etc.

    Thanks, and bump,
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    Sorry AE, but I'm going to bump this up.

    Please leave your comments, thoughts, ideas, constructive criticisms and feeback.

    Thanks, and bump
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    I don't know why this didn't bump earlier or why there is only one listed post. Please excuse this bump and the forum database for the triple post eariler.

  7. Icebird

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Looks pretty comprehensive CRG. The buiuld sounds good in theory, but I think the real test of the build will come in hell difficulty. I wonder if AR will be an issue at all?

    Since kick damage is based on both strength and dexterity, you could swap points from strength to dex without reducing your damage. This would be more relevent in a Claw/Shield build.

  8. wildjinn

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    Nice work, CRG. This is among my next projects. :) I'm very glad to see that it has worked out for you. Death? pffffff. As long as you're killing monsters faster than anything else alive, who cares? :p No, but really. This is a fantastic guide. Nice work. Let us know when she Mat's!

    @Icebird. AR is not an issue. Check out the AR bonus on DTalon. Also, DEX is not even close to equivalent to STR in kick damage. Kick damage multiplier is 120% per 100 STR. Check out jrichard's kicking sticky.

    edit: @ CRG: You might want to invite the jrichard soapbox to your guide to explain weapon block and why it rocks the crap out of shield blocking. I am certainly a convert, but only gave it a try once I found out that it blocked almost every single attack in the game, either physical or elemental.

    edit2: @ Icebird: No offense to your comments. I reread them and found my response slightly icy. sorry. :p
  9. Icebird

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Wildjinn: I haven't delved into the mechanics of Dragon Talon in 1.10 so feel free to correct me. I guess they've changed the old formula where minimum damage was (STR+DEX-20)/4 and max damage was (STR+DEX-20)/3. I'll have a look at the threads.

  10. Crazy Runner Guy

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    I'm at 9,900 AR ATM. I'll lose about 1,750 from taking off my IK boots and cat's eye, but I will gain +2 MA skills from my final gear.

    As for location right now, I'm into lower kurast at clvl 59 I think.

    On jrichard's sopabox, I think it is still in the forum database, so I could quote it there. I have currently added plenty of sections since this has been posted, including my own little soapbox on WB, and why shields are suxxor.

    EDIT: I found the soapbox I'll ask him I can use it.

    Just for your info, its now about a 26 page word document, size 12 font.

  11. Naliworld

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    A few doubts/comments:

    1) The effectiveness of Traps in Hell: With the Bartuc + Jade Talon setup/Andariel's Visage/Mara's Kaleidoscope, you're getting around 6 +skills(barring +Trap charms), which would result in 906-odd avg. damage per bolt with LS(with 40-odd points in the Trap tree). While I guess this could be passable in a player 1-3 game, I forsee difficulty in your build being able to do any damage worth mentioning in Hell in a 4-8 player game, via LS. I'll be happy to be proven wrong by practical testing, though.

    2) A bit of wastage of PDR/skillpoints? Given that StormShield is a must for this build, you only really need around 7 natural points in Fade IMO, as you'll hit the PDR cap of 50% with slvl 15 Fade. Sure, you do get some resistance bonuses after slvl 15, but it's minimal at best, with returns going lower than 1% resist all past slvl 16. Those points could be much better served in another LS synergy, IMO(906/bolt vs. 1295/bolt with 13 extra points in an LS synergy).

    3) It might be helpful to note that those who're going with Dracul's Grasp or Atma's Scarab should be aware the curses overwrite CoS's blinding effects, which could be fatal, as monsters 'wake up' in a reasonably big radius and swarm your character. This isn't so much a concern with the Scarab's 2.6 yard Amplify Damage radius, but it should be noted with the Grasp's 8.6 yard Life Tap radius.

    4) Possible weapon suggestion: Shadow Killer. Not sure if Ladder Only items exist in SP, but IMO the 33% chance to cast Frost Nova(which would practically guarrantee at least one Frost Nova being triggered per DTalon volley) on it would be a nice safety measure, if you aren't using an Act2 HF merc. other than that and perhaps the +10-15 mana/kill(could help with Trap casting), the Shadow Killer is mostly useless, though.

    5) Mercenary section incomplete?

    Very nice work! I especially like how you've planned out for the reader how/when to don equipment at a certain level. I look forward to seeing the final version. :)
  12. nemar

    nemar IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    1) PDR = Plié De Rire ? (translate in french of LOL)

    2) strange build really.
    a) when you use burst of speed, you can live without it after and you can't have fade and BoS in the same time.

    b) mana/live leach : why don't use cobra strike ?

    c) lighting sentry : I don't anderstant the interest really. you have lighting damage from DS ! for me it's a loose.

    d) why not one point in blade shield ?

    e) shadow master : one point, ok it's you're choice. if he survive well why not.

    and I will be interested to read you're technique of fight (what are you're skill ready, what do you use, have you a sequence skill)...

    strange but not bad, congrat for the job :)
  13. strijdje

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    well, why going traps? as Nali said, those will do pitfull damage in a good player hell game, why not max your shadow master for an awesome tank and max venom, venom combined with OW, can somebody say autch?
    i tested it with earlier and with only maxed d-talon and venom i was doing around 40K off damage with upped gores... i was naked for the rest of my gear... And i think that a pair of tucs and a stormshield on your switch combined with a good shadow master will save your live better then 2 maxed traps.. for the rest of the guide :thumbsup:
    great guide, really i'm looking forward to build one of my own...

  14. nemar

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    Jun 27, 2003
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    I didn't anderstand the venom skill, at level 20 : 400 dam by poison but
    8 antrax small charm do the same and in more when you use venom, charm are broken 50 poison will give 2 poisons damage more.

    I need explications of use venom and interest......
  15. Shade

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    Jun 24, 2003
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    The point of the Traps, it seems, is to take care of Extremely Dangerous Monsters (FE bosses, Stygian Dolls, etc) from a safe distance. You can use your merc and SM to tank whilst you lob electrical death at said villains.

    A single point in Blade Fury is another option, depending on your gear's effects (CB, OW etc), to help out with the damage.

    An interesting guide, and I look forward to hearing about her further adventures.


    Duration of Venom: 0.4 seconds.
    Duration of poison SCs: anywhere from 5-10 seconds.

    If you're attacking at 2 frames, Venom's high damage rate would be better than the SCs, and give you more space for MF/life/skill charms.
  16. nemar

    nemar IncGamers Member

    Jun 27, 2003
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    look at the gear : helm and boot's have cb...
  17. strijdje

    strijdje IncGamers Member

    Jul 5, 2003
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    great point shade, but when u go for Ls and DS maxed u have a SM of slvl 1... that will be monster punchsack in hell, u can keep recasting him and he can only tank like 5 punches or something like that, but i see you're point, definitly going to test some things out with this build, however, it is still a great guide ;)
  18. Uzziah

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    Feb 20, 2004
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    Actually switching to a SW would be the better option you can control where they are and what skills they use. If you keep a trap skill say blade fury on them they have a tendency to use that skill so long as they are a couple of yards out of the frey. Plus the +skills on this build would bring the SW up to about level 6-8 which is fair for a minion in Hell.

    Very good point. It can be used to stun a (MS)LE at distance and be able to dodge the bolts. If you are really lucky you can get +1 Blade Fury on one of the claws.

    Good point but he has Death Sentry at slvl 20 also which works quite well when a champion has minions that stay close to him. It has a range of ~10 yards at that slvl and is good for those situations with lightning immune.

    I have a trapsin that uses Death Sentry in Hell with only +1 skill and of my kills 50% are off screen.

    Nice guide BTW
  19. Zavior

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    Jun 28, 2003
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    Veery nice guide! Best assy guide I ever read!
  20. Icebird

    Icebird IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Death Sentry is definitely worth the investment in points. Even if the lightning can't kill anything, the corpse explosion effect certainly can. I'm less certain about investing 20 points in Lightning Sentry, but I think that's one of those choices that will only become obvious after playing through Hell.

    Personally I'd be tempted to take the 20 points from LS and dump them into Shadow Master, so I have a summon who doesn't need to be recast every 30 seconds.


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