The End of a Journey - Kara is 99


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The End of a Journey - Kara is 99

Well folks... the journey to 99 is finally over. Kara, my Blizz/Fireball sorc hit 99 at approximately 10:15AM PST, this morning of August 28th. Truth be told, I never thought I could do it, I expected to die before hitting 99, but after thousands upon thousands of Baal runs I got so used to evading monsters that I hardly got hit after awhile. Add to that the awesome gear and high health of the character (although I had only about 2.2k until late into 98) and I got used to even taking Conviction+LR gloams. There were not very many runs that I rerolled because of bad spawns.

It's taken me the better part of a few months, and this last month I was playing no less than 10 hours a day, some days upwards of 15. These last 2 days I played about 14 just to push through to that final goal. I'm too lazy (and tired, after all those Baals!) to do a full writeup so I'll try and keep it short.


Level 99 Stats and Looks (very ugly!)

Cold Skill Tree

Fire Skill Tree

Lightning Skill Tree

And the gear...

Helm: Nightwing's Veil (Cold Facet)
Amulet: Crafted +2 sorc, resists, FCR
Weapon1: Death's Fathom (Cold Facet)
Shield1: Lidless Wall (PDiamond)
Weapon2: 'Call to Arms' Crystal Sword
Shield2: Lidless Wall (MF jewel) - for prebuffing BO
Armor: 'Chains of Honor' Dusk Shroud
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Ring1: The Stone of Jordan
Ring2: The Stone of Jordan
Boots: Waterwalk
Charms: 8x Cold Skillers - 5 'of Vita'
Small charms boosting resists and life - resist charms 'of Vita' // 'of Sustenance'
Merc Weapon: Upg'd Ethereal Kelpie Snare (Amn)
Merc Armor: Upg'd Guardian Angel (Um)
Merc Helm: Eth Andariel's Visage (Um)

And there you have it folks. I think I need to get some real sleep now.

Next projects? I will see, it depends on how busy I will be with real life this next year.

Thanks to:

tweety for inspiring the build and getting to 99
the IRC crowd for putting up with me for 10 hours a day
The SPF for being here!
Plenty of individuals, too many to name!


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Congrats DC!!!

I want to make a BlizzBaller, so I will look at this thread to remind me of how to do it :tongue:



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I say it once more, gratulaions on THE accievment.
you could try to make a complete grail, DOH you have on, in HC!!
try and get a zod, DOH, you have one
I cant come up with something ^^


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*calls loony bin*
"Sir, I think someone escaped and now posts in the SPF under the name DarkChaos."
"Allrighty, we'll be there soon with the tranq guns and pitbulls."

Congratulations with this amazing achievement!
99 levels of HC goodness to prove that you never slipped up even once during these, lemme guess 6000(?) runs. Good luck coming up with something to top this stunt of yours.


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Dang that was fast.

Congrats. There is so much work to reaching level 99, that doesn't quite cut it but I don't know what more to say.


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Huge Congratulations DC.

Very nice to have a few chats between my LK runs and your Baal runs its been a great ride for both of us im done with LK for now, you all will notice that pretty soon ^^.

I hope we could team up some day when your ready for the next one im sure i will be there and run for atleast one maybe more =)

Good Luck with future projects

*Heads of to Irc for celebrations pindy comp*

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Congradulation DC! Truely amazing work, a HC 99. You must have unfathomable patients to do that many runs and be careful enough to keep alive.:thumbsup:

Drinks on me at the EMB for you.


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Congrats! Isn't she a first SP lvl99 Guardian? Well done!

Now go outside and enjoy RL a little bit!


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Outstanding achievement. All the more remarkable for being HC. Absolutely outstanding. Well done.