The end for me?


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The end for me?

This could be the one of the last times I am on this board or ever playing d2x.

My wife starts her maternity leave at the end of the month as we are having a baby in Dec/Jan. :grin:

I still have to decorate and build the baby's room up so might have more important things to do now but I will try and pop back in when I can.

If it looks like I won't be a ble to do any serious play, I'll have a giveaway.

Now does anyone know how to change a nappy? :undecided:


Congrats man. :thumbsup:

Yes, I've changed far too many over the past number of years. You could try my brother's ploy: claim that it makes you ill.

Good luck with the little one.


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Sounds like as of Dec/Jan you'll have something other than Diablo2 to give you some sleepless nights:smiley:

Congratulations in advance for your new family member.


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And by the way, I will soon be able to tell you if you will still be able to have a life or play to D2 with the baby

my wife and I should have ours within the next 2 weeks :wink2:


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congrats and be sure u wont play anymore diablo:) im wonder how u played married lol
if a giveaway just dont ask us plz to guess a number from 1 to 1 million or which is your preferate animal or what is your baby name:)


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PeeZed said:
Congrats on the baby. Well the way to change a nappy is you upgrade it in cube with...
Emerald Baby Powder of Deflecting, a cracked sash and ...?


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Congratulations on the impending birth. Having a child is the best thing my wife and I have ever done and to be honest i have more time now to play D2 than before he was born simply because i no longer spend all my time at the pub.


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Have fun with life away from d2..... but you'll be back, as they say; Bhoys will be Bhoys.:grin:

Congrats, and goodluck with the family-life.:cloud9:


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D2.... 20 Dollars

.... How many HRs you'd pay for a nappy change lesson............................................................... Priceless. ^_^ Congrats!


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well .. i feel old. i've got 2 boys, one is 2yrs, one is 2 months. i can definately say that once your little one is sleeping through the night (anywhere from 3-6 months? a year at worst?) you'll be in great shape for D2, but in moderation. until then .. be prepared to save&exit, or keep town scrolls in your belt :smiley:

i don't play any marathon sessions anymore .. maybe 2-3 hours at a time. still good enough to find a vipermagi skin, buriza and homunculus though! :rolleyes:

congratulations! once your little one says "dada" for the first time, i'm pretty sure D2 will be very far from your mind. you take the good with the bad though .. some diapers will seem like small corpse explosions i'm sure, and if you have a boy .. keep that thing pointed down. trust me. good times straight ahead! :thumbsup:


If you're taking any time off work for it, you'll be playing. When my son was born, I took a month off. I'd get up at 2:00 AM to change and see that he was fed. Once he went back to sleep, I was wide awake, and would play Diablo I until sleepy again.

- Noodle