The EleZealot


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The EleZealot

This is a build that I've worked up. I post it here rather than in any other section because I'd consider it a build that wouldn't be used in SC.

The EleZealot

I felt like giving back to this wonderful community, so here’s a build that I’ve come up with. I’ve played it up once, and found this to be a surprisingly effective character, and a fun/different way to play as well.

I. Explanation
II. Skills
III. Gear

I. Explanation…

This build is based around Lawbringer and Treachery. It may seem odd to play without any enhanced damage or defense, but it actually works. You’ll have good blocking, and everything will be crawling. This build has only been considered for HC, because that is the only way I consider playing. It is targeted to the player of middle to low wealth. Everything should be accessible through trading P-gems. Essentially, this build weakens everything dramatically, and hits them rapid-fire with rather small elemental damage. It is somewhat slow, but effective and fairly safe. You’ll be a party favorite…

II. Skills…

Conviction – 20
Holy Shield – 20
Defiance – 20

Conviction is the core of this build. It’s the only aura you need. Everyone will love you for it. -150% to resistances and -92% to defense means that you’ll be able to hit basically every creature on every attack. The –res will also help with dealing damage, since you have no problem with connecting.

Holy Shield and Defiance are really rather obvious. You’ll have good defense and blocking.

Obviously, this can be completely finished by around level 64, leaving you with about 40 more points to use. I haven’t done any testing on these, but it seems to me that you have three options:
1. You can put some caster gear (perhaps 2x spirit) on switch, and use Fist of the Heavens with the synergized Holy Shock.
2. You can pump the resistance auras to enhance your max resistances
3. You can max zeal and sacrifice to bring up your relatively pathetic physical damage. The problem with this, is that the starting physical damage will be really pathetic, so this will bring you up to being only less pathetic, not great. You’ll get around 4-5x physical damage, but when you’re starting with about a 25 max, it’s somewhat irrelevant.

III. Gear…

Lawbringer (Amn-Lem-Ko in a Sword/Hammer/Scepter): If you’re going with build number 2, you may want to put this into a +Zeal Scepter. Otherwise, something with relatively low requirements and decent speed like a 3 socket Battle Sword. This is the main weapon because of the 20% chance to cast Decrepify. This will enhance you’re physical damage, reduce enemy damage, and slow them to a relative crawl. The -50% enemy defense is basically gravy, but ensures that you’ll hit with almost every swing when combined with Conviction. The elemental damage is the salvation of this weapon. You’ll be doing 280-390 base between fire and cold, but this comes up dramatically with Conviction. R.I.P. is just a bonus, along with the 16-18 Sanctuary you get (though helpful for running Pindleskin).

Treachery (Shael-Thul-Lem, in as high of defense armor you can manage): If you’re Zealing without Fanaticism, you probably want IAS somewhere. This armor gives you 45%. You’d be hard pressed to find more on a non-weapon. Additionally, you get Fade and Venom. With Fade you’re getting 15% physical damage reduced and +60 to all of your resistances. Venom will be adding another 305-325 poison damage, which will be helped by Conviction.

Shield: Go with a high-res shield. Even if you have low blocking on it, you’ll get the bonus of a maxed Holy Shield, making almost any shield good. Since you’re not going to have any other enhanced defense on armor, you may want to use something exceptional/elite. You shouldn’t have much issue getting +90-100 to all resistances just on the shield (base mod + perfect diamonds). Another option is to have a Spirit shield, but then you’ll have to scrounge up the rest of your resistances elsewhere, which may be easier than the +skills (you’ll need to have +5 for max Conviction, +3 to have 5 hits per Zeal).

Helm: I find that Guillaum’s Face is probably the most effective helm to use. It will ensure that you make short enough work of end bosses with Crushing Blow. The +15 strength and deadly strike are just nice to have.

Boots: You’ll have three options here, as I see it: Sigon’s (along with belt and gloves), Goblin Toe, or Goreriders. The three parts of Sigon’s work very well together to get you some MF, faster attack, etc. Goblin Toe gives another 25% crushing blow, bringing you up to 60%. Goreriders will make you run faster, bring you to 50% crushing blow, add deadly strike, etc. My choice would be the Goreriders, but you have free will, right?

Belt: Since we’re going relatively cheap with this build, you have the Sigon’s option, or a String of Ears. The damage reduction is very nice, and the defense is good. For the rich, go with Verdungo’s, but that’s not really in the economical spirit of the build…

Gloves: Here, I’d say Sigon’s (obviously), crafted Blood gloves, or Lavagouts. The goal is a bit more IAS, crushing blow, or elemental damage.

Amulet/Rings/Charms: Skills, resistances, elemental damage, etc, etc, etc…


As a summary, you’ll be decrepifying all of your opponents, along with putting Conviction on them. They’ll all have -150% to resistances, -92% defense, -50% physical resists, -50% damage, -50% speed. You’ll have a Holy Shield, Conviction (stops others conviction from effecting you), Sanctuary… It’s a fairly safe build, made to slow everything and remove immunities.

When all is said and done, you’ll be dishing out Fire, Cold, Poison, and crushing blow. With this build, you can melee anything to death.

If you want some extra fun, use a Rogue merc, and put a Harmony bow on her. You’ll get a level 10 Vigor aura, and she’ll deal some decent physical, fire, cold, and lightning damage. Another possibility is a Holy Freeze merc. With one of those, everything will really be crawling. I’m not sure how you’d equip this merc at the moment, but I’m sure you can fill something in…

Conclusion: I’m sure there are more expensive ways to make this build more effective, but I don’t have the resources to test such things. Let me know what you think of this build…


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bigD72: I have played it up into A2 of hell prior to his untimely demise because of my becoming impatient. It works well, just somewhat slowly. Also, I was just using some random armor since I hadn't been able to put together the treachery at that point, so my resists were lower than I'd hoped and I wasn't swinging as quickly as I could have.

Helz: Thanks for the note, I hadn't realized that. Another option then would be Duress, giving you added cold damage, and putting yourself up to around 65-70% crushing blow. You sacrifice some resists, but you could still max those fairly easily, and you'd get much better defense as well.


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Ankeli said:
Hooray for an outside the box build :thumbsup:
Thanks for that. I was trying to make something different and interesting without going to expensive. I figured this would be good for the middle of the road player since most everything can be traded for (especially at this point in the season) with pgems.


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This sounds like a fairly fun build to try. I especially like the thought of using a Harmony bow wielding Rouge merc. I might give it a try one day when I have some more Lems kicking around.

A thought:
I'm not sure that a HF merc would be that usefull in hell since monster slowing is capped. By the time they are decripted and frozen from your zeal they probably wont be able to go much slower. I'm just thinking this though I don't really know for a fact.



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duress or another high def armor with hs and defiance would give you good tanking, since your maxing defiance i guess its a syn, otherwise you could get def merc.