The Economy - the good? The Bad?


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The Economy - the good? The Bad?

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there have been big changes in the diablo2 ladder economy. Items that used to be traded for a Ton. now go for relatively little. (This is based on RUNES as currency) Is this Good? Is it Bad? Do you like it or dislike it?

since the 1.10 came out we have seen acouple of big things that have affected the economy. The First was the "RUNE DUPE" at this time everybody thought that it was going to ruin the economy. you could now trade decent items for RUNES that otherwise were nearly impossible to get (BER,JAH,ZOD, etc) Before the rune dupe 1.10 economy was still trying to find its place. Many people didnt really know what was worth what. But this influx of Runes seemed to make the standard form of currency Runes. Which seems like the right way to go.

Prices for items seemed to be fairly constant for a period of time, until recently Prices for items have sunk like the titanic. Why is this? It is partly due to time goes on more people get more items and have less needs for other ones. Also over time we get a clearer understanding of what Items are more difficult to get them others (Deaths web anyone????)

the Discovery of the "PIT" was a contributing factor. More and More people Mf'ing the pit meant more and more people getting items that can not drop hardly anywhere else. More Tals Armor, Ik Armor, Trang Belts, Trang Helms. All the premium items that you could not get from Hell Meph.

But the biggest factor in my opinion is "BOTTING" Now that there are "Undetectable" Pindle Bots available. These botters are finding some of the most difficult items on a daily basis. Some are even botting on multiple machines and multiple instances on each machine.

This is where the largest influx of PREMO items are coming from. The problem with Botting is that Rune drops are not very good. so these botteres need to trade their items for runes. Since they are getting dozens of premeire items daily they have no problem selling for less then market value to get a quick sell. but since they do that so ofton that the new price becomes the new market value. (The Law of supply and demand). now they have to sell even cheaper to get rid of the items quickly.

Now the Big question is: Is this Good or Bad.

On one hand when I find that Tals ARmor I am no longer nearly as excited about it as I once was. But on the other hand I can now afford for of the good items then I could before.

Now I expect there to be many opinions about if it is good or bad. One note to the people that think it is bad and that it RUINS the economy. Do you trade? Do you like it when you get good deals? then maybe you shouldnt complain too much.

I try to imagine what the economy would be like without the RUNE DUPE or with out botting. RUNES would be worth a crap load more then they are now and most people would not be able to ever get a chance to play with many of the UBER items. Good? Bad?

Any ways.......lets here some feed back.


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All duping and botting is bad. Its convienient when currency is small (like runes) so it is easy to carry. Towards the end of the cycle, items tend to depreciate unless they are extremely rare as people farm Meph & Pindle and begin a collection of Occys, Gazes, etc which they want to trade. Then charms and jewels tend to rise in value because the perfect ones are so hard to find and everyone already has an Occy, Gaze, etc. but no-one has 40 x 5% res all w/7% mf charms. The dupers and botters just dilute the Bnet wealth from the people who work for it (think of them as counterfeiters making fake B-Net money).

So much for Bnet Econ 101. My office hrs are from 9-10 on Tuesday and Thursday.

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Two weeks ago I sold full M'avinas for an IST.

Last week I sold full Aldur's for a Mal.

This week I dumped Aldurs for a Pul. And finding buyers is getting harder and harder.

Actually, I should rephrase: finding buyers who pay in runes, as opposed to junk gear, is getting harder. Everyone is in a big rush to give tons of crap gear for a good item. You can barely give away your godly 6 soc ethereal weapons anymore unless they're Zerker axes and you find someone hoarding BOTD runes.

Basically we're headed back to the "fresh 1.10 days" when people traded on equipment equivalence values and need.

Nobody has runes anymore. Everyone's screaming for them and barely anyone is selling anything higher than Mal.

Another thing that is jumping in value is unique/set amulets and unique rings. Since not every ammy/ring is a soj/bk ring, there are a lot of "false" finds (and typically most of them drop from Andariel, who I imagine isn't very botted unlike Pindle and friends). So as a result the better unique jewelry is really going up in value.

Keep one thing in mind when trading public: sellers will ALWAYS try and overvalue their stuff and undervalue yours. There's only one answer, and that is to be absolutely sure of what you'd accept (at a minimum) and never sell short out of desperation. There's plenty more fish in the sea.. persistance and patience always wins.


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duping dranes the game of part of the enjoyment

meaning, when u find a good item, like the jah i just found, your happy, 1st cause its a very rare item, 2nd cause you can use it, 3rd cause its WORTH a lot

the fact that these runes have been duped so much takes out part of the enjoyment of actually finding something
i'm a mfer, i'm all about finding all my own gear
yes, i do trade, but thats only in the instance that that certian item is just not gonna fall for me after months... years even (been playing 3 yrs, still haven't found everything)
i can uderstand items like shako loosing its value, cause its not hard to find, but items like high runes and extremely rare uniques losing value is just sad
NOT being able to obtain things easily is what makes this game fun and ADICTING.
kinda a wast of time to invest in playing this game, when your gonna throw away half of the gaming experience by bying an enigma made with duped runes off of ebay

over all i don't think the economy is that bad off, i remember when items were going for 40 sojs, so i'm not gonna b*tch to much ... ;)

i just need a ber for that enigma that doesnt' look so far away now

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You really also have to realize that 1.10 has been out for a while, and every day people MF and play, so more runes and more items will be found.

When trading in the trade forum, I find the prices right now most reasonable and not at all out of wack.