The Easter Thread


The Easter Thread

Alright, here's the thread for all your Easter needs.

So, Heather wants me to shower and put on pants today because her grandmother is coming over. What the hell. This is a holiday, I'm not supposed to have to do work...


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Bah. Just eat candy and watch basketball. Seriously, who needs pants anyway? The OTF sure doesn't have 'em.


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I'm training a bunch of new people on one of the bussiest days of the Gogo easter brunch!

(im a waiter)


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Yesterday I drove all the way from Tybee Island, Georgia to Vermont. It took 22 hours. It was well worth it though, spring break for a week on the beach in the warm south was incredible. My college's ultimate frisbee team went down for a tournament and got a beach house. Beach + pool + frisbee + girls from coed frisbee teams + drinking + more drinking = best spring break evar.

Today I get to have a quick brunch with the family and then drive another 4 hours back to school in maine. So much eyes fall out soon.


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I'm more into wearing lazy pants but no shirt. it hurts when you cook on the stove and it splashes, but it it just far more comfortable. I've tried laying around in a big fleece and boxers, but I'd rather have my loungin' pants anyday.