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The Diablo 3 Podcast #195: 2015 Year in Review Pt2

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Flux, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Current events including the end of S4 and the approach of S5, plus Season Journey issues and learning from Overwatch's failure/success. Then it's 2015 Year in Review time, with coverage of the second half of last year. Featuring N3rdwards, Empty1, and Flux.


    [caption id="attachment_386789" align="alignright" width="141"][​IMG] Flux sickness status.[/caption]The Diablo 3 Podcast #195: 2015 Year in Review Pt2

    • 0:30 -- Intro from sore throated Flux and show agenda.
    • 2:00 -- End of Season 4. Why a 2 week break this time? Plans for Season 5 starting in mid-January.
    • 10:00 -- Excite for Legacy of Nightmares set rings. Balanced and rebalanced on the PTR... too nerfed now for top end gear option?
    • 13:00 -- Diablo 3 New Year's Resolutions...
    • 14:30 -- Season Achievement... too hard to finish (GR 60 solo) in S4? Very few Hardcore made it, and very unequal between classes.
      [caption id="attachment_386790" align="alignright" width="142"][​IMG] Flux fading.[/caption]
    • 27:30 -- Year in Review 2015: July. Kanai's Cube debuted, T7-T10, season 4 power creep.
    • 31: 00 -- Free item set from Season Journey. Should that be the best set?
    • 40:30 -- August 2015 in review. Countdown to disappointment of Blizzcon begins. Seasons varying so much in length. Will Blizzard ever standardize them?
    • 47:00 -- September 2015 in review. More Blizzcon D3X2 hopes and delusions.
    • 49:30 -- October 2015 in review. Botting, botting, botting.
    • 53:00 -- November 2015. No Blizzcon news items with top views. Complete lack of D3 news from the show. Set Dungeons non-permanent death for HC illustrates the eternal truth.
    • 55:00 -- December 2015 review. How Blizzard turned Titan's failure into Overwatch's success. Could show development changes to improve future Bliz games at launch?
      [caption id="attachment_386788" align="alignright" width="140"][​IMG] Flux fatality.[/caption]
    • 1:10:00 -- Final thoughts and hopes for more viable end game play types.

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