The Darkening of Tristram event


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SO I just logged onto the PTR last night to check this event out and I gotta say as a former D1 player it was kind of neat. My only complaint was the d3 maps that were used but whatever -it was a nostalgia thing really. I was brought back to some of the items of yesteryear- godley plate of the whale - and thought it was a neat little thing. Ohh and Diablo looked like the real Diablo again. I'm pumped to get the Necromancer back too so I personally cant wait..

+1 Blizzard


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i just installed diablo 1 hd they just took kulle and made him the size of the character......diablo..doesnt really look like diablo....skele king still retained his powers from d3? Eh....butcher not impressed..I was actually hoping they were going to recreate at least hell for lazarus and big d but no.


I kind of felt is I was just playing D3 with crap graphics. I really didn't get the D1 feel at all.