The Community Poem 2.0


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The Community Poem 2.0

I have hunted Hatred's foul slaves wherever they may go,
And fought Destruction's legions dark with sword and spear and bow.
Terror itself lies fallen, and as the darkness lifts anew,
I look around, and ask myself, "What's with this deja vu?"

And this time, every new segment will be preserved on MY hard drive too.


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I think Gdog or Ron_Lugge was trying to compile the first poem, about the Pally. Hopefully one of them has it all together, otherwise...

Yay? :(


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I have the second one, but unfortunatly since I was merely keeping it for reference I don't have the color-codes. ooops. Parts are seperated by a triple-space. Hope everyone can claim their own...

I was very young when I first began,
The study of death and life.
I learned how to mend flesh and bone,
How to create bone wand and knife.

It was very many years ago,
When I started on this path.
I studied and practiced with the arts,
As the philosophers did with math.

This was the highest calling,
I knew that for sure.
I had the power of healing,
For I was a Necromancer

[color=ff0000]I strode out into the world,
Blinking at the light.
I wondered long and hard,
Was it always this bright?

The deep and dark mausoleums,
That I had studied in so long,
But dimly lit; enough to read.
This strange light seemed wrong.

I realized the light was in a column,
And above my head I heard,
A sound most wondrous,
A phrase most absurd.

“Welcome, hero,†the angel said,
“You have left home at last.
You have many deeds ahead,
Many, many spells to cast.â€.[/color]

"To start you on your journey,
I'll give you some trinkets now.
You'll need bone and poison spells,
and this wand will teach you how!"

As the angel said this,
a bonewand appeared to me,
I grasped it in my hand,
And I suddenly felt free.

"A necromancer's curse,
Is always very useful.
Wear this bonehelm thus,
But with it never be playful."

I set the bone helm on my skull,
And my brain was anew with knowledge.
"You have enough to get you started,
Go forth, from this collage!"

I went out into the world,
Wondering what might begin.
It wasn't long until I knew,
The scourge known as "Paladin".

These "holy men" loathed us, as we all knew well,
Insisting we change our ways or else go to hell.
They'd wreck a whole village for one rumor faint
That one of us lived there and gave it our "taint".

These rumors were foolish, since we live apart
From all but each other to practice our art.
This gave them no pause in their "righteous crusade"
And all disagreement they flatly forbade.

Not even Assassins pursue us with such zeal.
(Of course, they respect the powers we wield.)
And so we were taught all Paladins to hate,
And that hatred would save us from a terrible fate

[color=ff0000]In my studies I had heard,
Of the “Warriors of the Lightâ€,
But these men weren’t them;
Their acts were never right.

They were not good,
Like the paladins of old,
Who in days long since,
Had only hearts of gold.

Corruption had touched them,
All save ‘Khalim’, who they killed.
Seeing their evil, so I swore:
For all that blood they’d be billed.[/color]

I set out on a journey
To find out my life's plan
I thought I'd find a reason
For all the blood that ran

From swords and bows and hammers
And axes cruel-edged
And spells of evil purpose
That sought the good sides' heads

I knew it was my duty
To search both high and low
The cruel and corrupted
My deadly wrath would know

[color=ff0000]I met a demon,
Creature of the night,
A succubus,
Denied her flight.

I heard her first,
Her deadly screech silent,
Sobbing quietly,
Her wings both rent.

I prepared to slay her,
As demons were evil, after all.
Then a small voice reminded me
"To evilness, you fall!"[/color]

If not all necromancers were evil,
As I surely knew,
Then as for demons,
Couldn't that also be true?

I asked her the matter,
As her broken wings fluttered.
She told me her story,
As I continually shuddered.

Her past complicated,
To say the very least.
After all the hardships she'd been through,
I felt she deserved some peace.

Listening to her speaking,
Was like a mental shove.
But how was I to know,
That I was falling in love?

[color=ff0000]She’d been condemned,
Sent to hell, by an Incubus;
A mortal woman,
Damned to be a succubus.

Whips made of fire,
Small scalpels of ice,
Reformed body entire -
Hell doesn’t play nice.

I sobbed to hear of it,
Centuries or torment and pain,
Remembered pain filled the area,
Choking this great plain.

Soon I began to cough,
Feeling as if choked,
As from a small fire,
Drifted a wisp of smoke.

Demonic laughter issued,
From the rift ‘neath flame,
I felt that if they took her,
I would be to blame.[/color]

I readied my bone shield,
And lifted up my wand;
Whoever came for my friend,
Would face the great beyond.

A paladin emerged from there,
A warrior of light.
He charged us then, and with a scream,
I sent him into eternal night.

The succubus was sobbing,
I knelt to offer her my shoulder.
She flinched as I drew near,
But I assured her I'd be no bolder.

We traveled together, from that point on,
Me as her shinning knight.
How was I supposed to know,
Our happiness would be put to flight?

[color=ff0000]She began to hunger,
A deep set need,
On a human soul,
She had to feed.

I asked her, then begged,
“Is there any other way?â€
“I must devour a soul,
Within but a single day.â€

I railed and cursed,
At her demonic fate,
Then she had an idea,
Almost too late.

She latched to me,
Sucking my soul out,
Wide eyed I trusted,
Without a single doubt.[/color]

Thats all of what *I* have.


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Gdog4evr said:
I have the paladin POV in it's entirty, including color codes. Want me to post it here?
Seeing as how, judging from his PMs anyway, Yavanna is frantic over its recovery, please do.


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Ron_Lugge said:
Seeing as how, judging from his PMs anyway, Yavanna is frantic over its recovery, please do.
Roger that, although I'm fairly certain that Yavanna lacks a Y chromosome. Pity about the boards though. All that poetry, all the stories and comments, gone. Reckon' we'll have to repost everything?

White - Yavanna
Pale Green - Gdog4evr
Wheat - Death_Frog
Magenta - Proudfoot

I have hunted Hatred's foul slaves wherever they may go,
I have fought Destruction's legions dark with sword and spear and bow.
Terror itself lies fallen, and as I stand at Darkness's door,
I look around, and ask myself, "What are you fighting for?"

A shinning maid then came to me,
Her gown a glimmering white.
Said she, "I can set you free,
If you'll offer me your life."

Taken aback by this offer I was,
Until once more i gave it ponder.
For after all my adventures,
Where else was there to wander?

I nodded my acceptance,
Then she pulled out a dagger,
And plunged it in my heart so deep
It caused me to stagger.

As I came crashing to my knees,
She revealed to be not divine,
She was truly a demoness, a succubus,
As she screamed, "Your soul is mine!"

I then stood on my feet
Staggering all the way
For I will not accept defeat
This succubus will pay

She saw me rise and take a stance
She laughed and said i am no more
But then I went into a trance
Before my body hit the floor

As I lay there, hurt and dying
I looked over at the witch
I saw catch on fire, frying
My last words were "*****"

I felt cold, and darkness came
To heavan or to hell, was where i was directed
But just then before another frame
I seemed to have been resurected...

I was anew, though barely so,
As I lay gasping in town.
I marked my new primary foe,
It's time to bring that wench down!

My armor gone, my sword vanished,
Whatever was a warrior to do?
I scavenged a suit, though badly tarnished,
And a sword with which to run her through.

Though I had seen her burst to flames,
Her mortality is unknown.
Perhaps I'll ask Deckard Cain,
Why back to town I was throne.

Onward to town i went
Wondering what just took place
I happened to see an old man bent
With a hurt look on his face

I asked the old man what a matter
He said he had just been cursed
Every second he grows fatter
Eventually he will burst

"How can that be? I know not of this"
I said as i gazed upon him
"It was the necro, who did it for his own bliss"
Just then it got very dim

The old man cried out with great pain
As he quickly bloated up
His blood ran out, almost like rain
He howled like a pup

Just then i saw his body explode
Blood, limbs, and bones went flying
I thought surely this did not bode
That man must have been dying

I somehow heard the sound of laughter
As I turned to see who it was
The figure walked away, and i after
Like a curious cat does...

My brain was filled with questions,
As I stalked after my prey,
Was this the Necro the man had mentioned,
Or someone of a different way?

I walked as silently as I could,
But felt I was being watched.
For though I saw only wood,
I feared of getting caught.

I heard a russel in the trees,
And the man was there beside me.
Said, I, "That's a trick for sissies!"
He replied, "Worked on you, smarty."

I drew my sword and lifted my shield,
That I had found a while back.
He shrugged and said, "No big deal,"
And I was thrown on the ground flat.

"Your worthless shield cannot help you"
The necro said with care
What you need is a shield and sword anew
I just plainly gave back a stare

What he was doing I did not know
He slowly turned his back
He raised his hands as they glow
And crafted a sword of black

"This sword shall give you power and Pestilence"
He handed me the sword
What he was doing made absolutely no sense
But i didnt say a word

He then pointed his hand at nearby stone
He made alive what i thought was dead
"This shield will accompany you when your alone"
The shield took a color, of which was red

The shield was given to me by this man
It seemed to move around
"Tells when enemies approach, this shield can"
My eyes gazed upon the ground...

"Who are you?" I asked this man,
To which he just smiled.
"Not who, more of what," he began,
Before the shield jerked like wild.

I turned my head, then looked back,
My companion had left me.
I faced the distance with my sword black,
Towards the enemy only my shield could see.

The red shield glowing, it jittered and bounced.
The presence of evil was aptly denounced.
I turned my eyes yonder; beheld the vile foe.
He stepped to the light and growled long and low.

My blackened sword glistened with poisonous urge.
My ears picked up faintly a deathly dark dirge.
I stepped to the shield; adrenaline flowed.
My sword gleaming green I quickly yelled, "Go!"

I ran to my shield and equip it i did
The foe must be near, i can sense with my shield
I rushed at the figure, heavan forbid
I felt power in my sword, with it i did wield

The monster did scream a horrible sound
I watched as its body fell to the ground
Then a voice came from all around me
"That is only stage one, out of all three"

What shall I do now, go or wait here
I did not know what i shall fear
Just then came a thud, with great magnitude
For when i looked up, there was a great massive dude

He must have been 10 or even 14 feet tall
But you know what they say
The bigger they are the harder they fall
This massive beast i did slay

"Well done hero, you have beat stage two.
Now it is on to stage 3, where you have no advantage.
How can you beat what is the same as you?"
I wondered "What now?" as i was in need of a bandage

Breathing hard, i did look around with my eyes
I thought to myself "This round, someone dies"
Just then i saw him, standing there with glee
For the villan i fought was none other than me...

I charged with my sword,
And he did the same.
Our swords clashed, ringing cord,
As the metal burned with poisonous flame.

I swiped towards my left,
And he mirrored my move.
A scratch to the chest,
Was all that it proved.

We continued to battle,
The fight drawing on time,
For I could not unseat his saddle,
And could not unseat mine.

At last I broke though,
I found a flaw in his defenses.
To his side my sword flew,
And I was brought to my senses.

I gasped out in shock,
As on my armor appeared,
A very deep chop,
And the flesh it had seared.

My foe fell back, as did I,
For when his sword lashed out,
And struck upon my thigh,
He injured his own, right before my eyes.

We drew back, considering,
We both shared two wounds.
I lunged, as did he,
To see if it was doom.

My sword pierced his flesh,
As his did mine,
Much blood dribbled fresh,
As our wound was inflicted double-time.

I limped back and stared,
And he did the same.
His anger shown bare,
My eyes downcast in shame.

Knowing there to be,
No winner to this match,
I stowed my black sword,
To see if this idea he would catch.

He placed sword in sheath,
And we nodded to each other.
As a voice entered my brain like a thief,
And said, "Well done, my brother."

My other self turned and stared to the sky.
It seemed he had heard the same thing as I.
Then down from the heavens a figure descended,
He beckoned us forward, his white sword extended.

We both scrambled forward and dropped down our arms.
This fair-seeming angel set off no alarms.
We clasped at his feet as he came to the ground;
Then he softly alighted with nary a sound.

Years after, it seemed, as I looked to his eyes,
The voice spoke again with great words, true and wise.
"The combat is ended, your peace you've declared!
You've proven that you are not simply ensnared.

And now I implore you, set out on a quest
Into danger through darkness, together, the best.
All heaven is waiting for what you will say.
So tell us, Will you two men help us today?"

Me and myself looked at each other
We decided to embrace us as a brother
We nodded our heads and decided to help
For we will have revenge, that necro will whelp

The Angel then said with a mightiest voice
"Discard your weapons if that is your choice"
We threw down our swords full of posion and grief
The next thing we did was change our belief

The next thing we saw that came into sight
From Heaven it seemed came two swords of light
They were white with light, they were one of a kind
The light if reflected could make some one blind

Next came the shield which was long and tall
But it seemed almost weightless, like nothing at all
This shield had magic, more than any other one
But if wielded by others, it weighed a ton

Then from the sky, it gave us a thrill
Down came some armor made of mithril
When we put it on, we felt super fast
It also prevented from us, any spell cast

But what was our quest, the prime evils were slayed
Who else could we kill, our thoughts were delayed
"There is a man in these parts, more powerfull than all.
The most powerfull of all necros, his name is Thrall"

The Angel then vanished like a fart in the wind
Then I looked to myself... my new friend
We turned to the east, where we had come from
Soon, this necro will die and our quest will be done.

We searched and we searched, for days and for weeks.
Through trials and mishaps and wounds and lost sleep.
We fought versus foes who were strong as stone towers.
We learned how to augment our fighting with powers.

Alongside each other we were not defeated.
Our enemies all either died or retreated.
Our auras grew stronger and gave us great strength
As we searched all the lands, through the width and the length.

We camped in the forests,
But couldn't rest much at night,
As creatures came for us,
and put up a fight.

Another long day,
another sleepless night,
How long was the way?
Would we get there next day light?

We suddenly smelled smoke,
Right before we made camp,
We rushed right over,
To see a light like a lamp.

A man was sitting,
All dressed in black.
His fire was roaring,
And crackling with a snap.

"You've been looking for me,"
Smiled the pale necromancer.
"I have powers you see,"
We readied our swords and refused to answer.

He rose and gave shout,
"I'm the most powerful of all!
And you'll be my minions!
For my name is Thrall!"

"I'll be damned if you'll do that!"
My companion exclaimed.
But Thrall moved just one hand
And he lay next to me, maimed.

Handing him a stout bottle
With contents of red,
"Drink this all, quick," I told him.
"Act fast or we're dead!"

His arms were both broken,
And it smashed to the ground,
Making dead flowers blossom
For ten yards around.

Thrall stood there, laughing,
But his laughter turned grim
When I took a green bottle
And launched it at him.

It shattered and splattered
A poisonous slurry.
The fresh flowers all died
But Thrall seemed unworried.

He pointed and laughed.
"What a ridiculous boob!
I'm immune to all poison!
Geez, get a clue, noob!"

My brother lay there dyeing,
But would I that easily yield?
I focused my energies into a light,
That causes humans to be healed.

I shot these holy burts into my twin,
And his body began to restore.
I then turned to Thrall and raised my shield;
If poison didn't work, I'd give him much more!

Before he could gesture,
Or even make a sound,
I charged right into him,
And knocked him to the ground.

He lay there sprawled,
But only for a moment.
With a wave bones began to entrap me,
And keep me from my opponent.

"One lucky shot,
You'll have no more!"
Thrall summoned more bones,
Ready to add to his score.

Suddenly I was free,
My binds were now smashed,
It was my own twin,
With his mace he had them bashed.

Thrall sent a cloud of poison,
But we merely held our breaths.
I charged him once more,
While my brother sent lightning towards his chest.

The lightning arced downwards, but Thrall seemed unworried.
He scarcely took notice amidst all the flurry
Of lightning and poison and steel upon steel.
The bolt barely harmed him; it just seemed unreal.

I noticed a glistening yellow fair shining.
His leathery cloak had absorbed all the lightning!
"The gemstones!" I cried as I noticed the jewels.
"His cloak resists lightning! We've been such darn fools!"

Then catching the eye of my physical twin
I subtly nodded; a dip of the chin.
Engaging the Light with a splendid conviction
An aura removed stupid Thrall's clever fiction.

"Your loss is at hand! We will not be denied!"
As fresh lightning spewed forth I was sure he'd be fried.
Then something amazing caused my jaw to drop.
And it seemed as if time just decided to stop...

The jerk disappeared, leaving us in a daze;
No trace left behind but a funny blue haze.
"That freak's teleported!" My rage made me choke -
Or possibly it was that stinky blue smoke.

"But how could he do that?" My buddy was mad.
"He's no sorceress - that skill he should never have had!"
The mystery hung in the air like a cloud,
Unlike the blue smoke, which was more like a shroud.

It seemed inexplicable, to say the least.
But as dawn slowly broke in the east,
I realized something that made us look like dolts -
"He had a charged item - that's how he dodged your bolts!"

My mind was racing,
Reeling with doubt.
I remembered the demons I'd faced,
Of the many lands throughout.

I remembered strange legends,
Of beasts called, "Vampires"
Who avoided the sun,
And often proved to be liars.

If vampires are dark,
And so be this necro,
He could invoke their powers...
With this I turned to my bro.

"The necro hasn't gone,
And he isn't invisible.
For if vampires can become mist,
Than Thrall is surely capable."

My bro looked confused. "But if that's what he is,
Was he killed by the sun and dissolved into fizz?
Or is he just here in smoke form, waiting for night?"
I could think of no answer, try as I might.

"I don't think he's a blood sucker,"
I said with much consideration,
"But we'll need sage advice,
This deserves deliberation."

"For if he's mist, he cannot be harmed!"
Said my twin, his voice filled with alarm.
"Indeed, for if this is not death, and only a feign,
Than the only thing to stop him would be pouring rain!"

We figured we couldn't just leave the mist there.
If Thrall was the mist it just didn't seem fair.
I said, "One should stay here to watch, just in case,
And the other should ask Deckard Cain; and make haste!"

My twin volunteered and, since there was no rain,
He run with all speed and all vigor to Cain.
I waited and watched to safeguard the smoke
In case it so happened that Thrall hadn't croaked.

I watched my twin race across the horizon
As I took a sit beside a tree
I gazed upon the gaseous blue substance
And wondered how it was he.

Evening came, and i grew weary
As my eyelids slowly drop
I started to wonder then
How did he make time stop

Ive heard no legend or story
Of any spell like that
Maybe the angel was right
I thought as I sat

A voice came to me, low and smooth
It said with a voice clear and fine
"You are very good my young hero,
But im afraid you are mine"

Just then i opened my eyes
Which happened to give a little twitch
For the creature standing before me now
Was the foe that killed me, the witch

I knew I was in trouble,
But I smiled a small grin,
"You may have the advantage,
But you have yet to win!"

I shouted this mantra,
As I dived with my sword,
She side stepped my blow, saying,
"That was a bit overboard."

"You tricked my once,
But never again!"
I shouted in defiance,
I would not repeat my sin.

"Poor little boy,
Don't you see?
When I offered you freedom,
It was freedom to serve me!"

I felt my limbs go numb,
Oh how could this be?
I serve the light,
And the light abandons me?

I felt myself move,
But not at my discretion,
I needed to control myself,
and teach this wench a lesson!

My body was tight
Restrained to the bone
I could not fight
And I was all alone

I thought a great length
To the light I did pray
To give me great strength
For this fiend I will slay

Just then all around me
I glowed bright with light
For now she could see
This is no easy fight

My bonds were broke free
I gained power anew
I moved around with glee
One last thing i must do

She shot bolts of lightning
Which i simply ignored
To her it was frightning
As I drew my sword

As I took my stance
My hind legs reared
I didnt have a chance
Before she disappeared

I was rather suprised, i looked to my side
There stood the necro, with the witch beside
"You are better than her, if it gives you much pride.
But i cannot allow you to kill my dear Bride"

I focused my mind,
And gathered my power,
I'd need all I could get,
to make these demon's cower.

I charged forward,
They both leapt back.
I faked to the right,
But towards the left went my attack.

My sword pierced her ribs,
Splitting bone and sinew.
She screamed and I cheered,
For I had finally run her through.

My glee was short lived,
I was soon thrown back.
The necro kneeled by his wife,
And said to me, "You'll pay for that."

He carefully held her,
as she cried,
And he gently whispered,
"I'm by your side,"

"It's to late for that,"
She whimpered in pain.
"I'm already dead,
Your healing would be in vain."

She went limp then,
As he cried over her corpse.
I knew that he could do nothing,
Not even with his necro force.

He looked up at me then,
His eye's red and starting to swell,
"You have killed my beloved,
Now I send you to Hell!"

He stood up and faced me,
A dagger in hand.
I did what I had to -
I turned tail and ran.

I ran straight past my buddy,
Who stared as I passed.
"That jerk's angry," I said,
"Let's get our of here - fast!"

He stood up and faced me,
A dagger in hand.
I did what I had to -
I turned tail and ran.

I ran straight past my buddy,
Who stared as I passed.
"That jerk's angry," I said,
"Let's get our of here - fast!"

With powers of dark swirling all round our heads,
We ducked and we weaved to help not end up dead.
Enraged; full of fury; Thrall grunted and growled,
While nearby, with malice, a blood golem prowled.

I saw a quick moment; it came and it passed.
I yelled at myself, and dodged a white blast.
A Bone Spirit shreaked by, I rolled underneath,
And as I came upright I bared all my teeth.

With lightning quick movements I whipped out a bow.
I let loose an arrow; my rival too slow.
The blood golem howled; but just then I saw,
My twin being caught by a tooth on the jaw.

The dragon's teeth zipped through the air like fell beasts.
They ripped up the wind and left space and time creased.
My brother fell victim, but yet kept on going,
My prayers through my auras kept his life force flowing.

Neither party gained ground; both fighting a draw.
I resheated my bow and then noticed a flaw.
The Necros technique seemed to pattern itself
After one other foe I had fought in my youth...

I struggled to remember,
Who was this accursed beast?
How did I fight him?
How could I reenact his defeat?

I grabbed my brother,
and pulled him upright,
"Come on," I told him,
"It's time to take flight!"

We struggled to a cliff,
And threw ourselves over.
Down past brown trees,
And towards green clover.

"That ground looks hard,"
My twin quickly warned me,
"We're heading for the water!"
I pointed so he could see.

The blood golem behind us,
Had jumped off the cliff too,
In trying to destroy us,
His own master he would undo.

We steered ourselves towards the lake,
Screaming in complete fright,
Our aura's flashed around us,
Trying to guide us in our flight.

When a blood golem takes injury,
His master feels it as well.
The force of him landing,
Should send Thrall to hell...

I fell and I fell, the ground rushing nearer
My twin fell beside, the terror much clearer
The two of us knew, without divine intervention
We soon would be joining the angel convention

And then just before me, I saw bright and sweet
A sight that surprised me; my heart skipped a beat
The thing that I never expected to see
Appeared just the same, and smiled at me

I saw a great fight,
As the earth drew near,
Of good verses evil,
Neither side showing fear.

Would we hit the lake or the ground?
Destiny is sometimes lewd.
We'll find out in a moment,
To Be Continued...

EDIT: Ooo, just noticed this. Try scrolling up and down along the above collored text, it kinda messes with your eyes @[email protected] Also, if anyone feels I have mislabled stuff, my apologies, I was doing it by hand and may have grouped two segments togeather, although I beleive I got everyone correct. But if I did something wrong, as i so often do, please don't hesitate to speak up.


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One section of magenta missed its closing tag and says palegreen in the middle. No biggie.

You missed my last section of the Necro one, Gdog. The one about onion/minion. Oh well.


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proudfoot said:
One section of magenta missed its closing tag and says palegreen in the middle. No biggie.
Strangely, I didn't make the same mistake on the HTML version. Meh.

EDIT: Just found another error, however; the same bit of poetry is done twice in a row, one time labled Yavanna and the other time me. I think it's Yavanna's though.

proudfoot said:
You missed my last section of the Necro one, Gdog. The one about onion/minion. Oh well.
No, I missed all of your sections, and everyone elses too. Ron saved the Necro perspective, but unfortunatly I have no flippin' idea which parts I wrote. I might have written the segment where he get's stuff from the angel, but I could be wrong.


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LOVE YOU BOTH!:love: :love:

Gdog4evr said:
EDIT: Just found another error, however; the same bit of poetry is done twice in a row, one time labled Yavanna and the other time me. I think it's Yavanna's though.
Yeh, it is.

This is mine too (so far the only Necro bit that is):

These "holy men" loathed us, as we all knew well,
Insisting we change our ways or else go to hell.
They'd wreck a whole village for one rumor faint
That one of us lived there and gave it our "taint".

These rumors were foolish, since we live apart
From all but each other to practice our art.
This gave them no pause in their "righteous crusade"
And all disagreement they flatly forbade.

Not even Assassins pursue us with such zeal.
(Of course, they respect the powers we wield.)
And so we were taught all Paladins to hate,
And that hatred would save us from a terrible fate.

And, no, Ron, I do not have a Y chromosome.


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In that case, Ron, you missed the onion/minion bit.

I'll just write another section to replace it, soon. Once I get motivated.


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Sorry Yavanna, my boo-boo.

And, since everyone else is having trouble, I'll take up the next part ;)

[color=ff1212]The light faded,
My eyes grew dim,
I felt my soul tugged,
To answer hell’s wim.

Then an anchor,
Stopped me short.
My descent to hell,
Had been an abort.

She dragged me back,
From the edge of the cliff!
If I hadn’t trusted,
I would have been miffed.

But instead I smiled,
Remembering the phrase:
“What doesn’t kill you...â€
I smiled in praise.[/color]
If anyone else is keeping track, my color is ff1212.


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Yavanna said:

LOVE YOU BOTH!:love: :love:
Darn it Yavanna! Stop playing games with our hearts! You can't love us both, you have to make a choice!

Ok, I'm feeling less psycho now. Next segment, anyone?

It was time, I decided,
To test my new power.
The paladins of course,
Would be the ones to cower.

We traveled to Kurast,
With slow haste yet grate speed.
The holy knights there,
Needed to be punished for their greed.

But upon our arrival,
We were soon displeased.
For retribution had been paid already,
And the Lord of Hatred had been squeezed.

Next in line, don't shove...


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Squeezed? Ok... So he's dead?

Annoyance ran rampant, those Knights had been ours
Mephisto, the evil, had stolen our desire
The Paladins all had been ours for the killing
Our thirsting for vengeance still needed some filling

We swept fast through Travincal, and down the great stair
The Durance of Hatred we found under there
And near to the bottom, Lord Hatred himself
Was already dead, had surrendered his wealth

Mephisto was dead, as were most of the Priests
We roared out in anger, with yammers and bleats
I didn't first notice, my blood-thirsty rage
But it grew and it grew: I was consumed with hate



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How could these self-absorbed preachers presume
To make fools of us...It would lead to their doom.
The decision was quick and so easy to make.
It was the only way this rage I could slake.

After all, their brethren were Mephisto's own knights,
They were all touched by hatred and demonic blight.
Zakarum had fallen - and Rathma must rise -
I looked all around me and then closed my eyes.

How best to do it - now that was the trick,
For, sadly, to these knights few curses would stick.
"Iron Maiden might do it," I silently thought,
"If it held long enough to be properly wrought..."

No, curses, in this case, were out of the question,
Then my dear succubus put in a suggestion.
"The Lord of All Hatred pretended to be
Submissive and helpful, but as you can see

He had his own interests in mind all the time!"
Somewhere in my head, bells started to chime.
Lure in these poor fools and act like a friend,
While all the time leading them swift to their end...


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Am I alone in my opinion that this thing keeps getting better and better? Although I think we kind of failed at making Thrally boy look like a good guy. Maybe that's just me...

I summoned my spirits,
And sent them with haste,
To find he who conquered Mephisto,
And to his kingdom laid waste.

A paladin indeed,
Just as I suspected.
I reached into the ethereal realm,
And made our souls connected.

Now I could sense him,
Wherever he might be.
But though I could follow him thus,
He could not detect me.

There was one last thing,
To insure he wouldn‘t be penitent.
In order to shake his holy devotion,
He must become a revenant.

I like the word just kinda rolls off the tounge, kinda like iron or leming... There's something I'm supposed to say here, isn't there? What was it? Oh yea, NEXT!


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proudfoot said:
Define revenant please? >_<
Oh, sorry. To be honest, I only know the word because of a video game by the same name.

A revenant is someone who either returns from a long absense, or, in the sense that i'm using it here, someone who's been resurected from the dead. Examples would be the necromancer's minions (except the golem), zombies, Jesus, Lazarus, Bob Dole, etc.


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Whoa, somebody brought the archbishop back? Great, now I get to load up my D1 mage and kill him... *again*.


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He dropped the Constricting Ring for me last night.

What comes to my mind with "Revenant" are those vampire-looking ghost-warrior things from Warcraft III. They could be the tormented spirits of fallen Paladins.