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[Guide] The Classic Auradin - Holy Shock / Holy Freeze

Discussion in 'Classic' started by GuiGeek, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. GuiGeek

    GuiGeek IncGamers Member

    Apr 3, 2010
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    This guide was also posted on d2jsp, but this site has more interest in Classic imo.

    I also came here quite often to get information, so it's kind of a way to return the favor ;)



    Another Pvm build viable in HC and who can defeat the CS in solo.

    Melee Paladins are a very rare breed on the realms nowadays, this surely won't make them come back but it'll show that he still can fight head-to-head with the baddies!


    Offensive Auras

    • Holy Shock: 20 - Your main aura. From the 3 elemental auras, this one has the higher average damage. Despite the very low minimum, it's still the better choice.
    • Holy Freeze: 20 - Secondary aura. Will be used against Light Immunes and is very useful in HC against threatening packs of mobs. It has a very linear damage, even if it's pretty low in average.
    • Blessed Aim: 0+ - You can put some points there to get the passive ar bonus, but it's better to max zeal first because you will probably not reach a high enough level to skill this aura.

    Defensive Auras

    • Resist Cold: 0+ - Synergy with Holy Freeze. Here is where you're going to choose if you want a more Lightning or Cold oriented auradin. I advise you not to split the skill points in half because in the end your damage won't be good enough.
    • Resist Lightning: 20 - My personal choice as you know. Highest damage, and better looking!
    • Salvation: 20 - Synergy with both Holy Shock and Holy Freeze, so don't scratch your head when this skill is available, max it!

    Combat Skills

    • Zeal: 10+ - Your main attack skill. You won't have a very high IAS breakpoint with this char, so don't rush too fast into piles of bad guys because you can get caught in the middle of a series of hits.
    • Holy Shield: 1 - It's enough to get the mandatory 75% Chance to Blocking, but save your skill points for your attacking skills.
    • Charge: 1 - Useful when fighting an immune monster lost into a pack of non-immunes to avoid the random hits of the Zeal sequence. Use it against Storm Casters for example.

    Catch me if you can!


    • Strength: 55 - Enough to use a war scepter, only weapon choice for this char because of IAS.
    • Dexterity: None - Ar will be provided by items.
    • Vitality: Everything left.
    • Energy: None - Soj's are enough for mana!


    • Armor: Rare with high life and at least dual resistances - Mage Plate is the best option of course.
    • Helm: Tarnhelm - +1 to All Skills = more damage. Very much needed for this build.
    • Weapon: So here is the hardest part. The only real option you got is a +2/40IAS/+x Holy Shock War Scepter. A +2/40 flail can work but damage will be low. This can be found at NPC's, but it's very rare.
    • Shield: +2 Prismatic Rare Shield - Be sure to get 75% block with the Holy Shield level you have.
    • Belt: Hsaru's Iron Stay - Used with the belt for the ar bonus. Nice defense bonus.
    • Boots: Hsaru's Iron Heel - Very nice ar (based on character level) and some frw/fr.
    • Rings: Soj's - More skills, more damage!
    • gloves: Rare - IAS gloves with very high resistances. IAS is mandatory to get to the desired breakpoint.
    • Amulet: Rare - +2 prismatic amulet. Stacked resistance is also needed.


    How to play

    Once again resistances won't be your biggest advantage with this build. With good gear, you can get max Cold and Lightning res though!
    Finding a 75% PLR shield is also a nice idea, since your Poison Resistance won't go much further than ~0.

    This char is a no-brainer really. Get some healing potions, cast Holy Shield and run into the darkness of hell :punk:

    When facing Light immunes, switch to Holy Freeze. And when facing Cold Immunes...well I'm not even finishing that sentence.
    There's an interesting trick though. Use Holy Freeze when charging around so monsters are slowed instantly and so you don't rush to your death.
    Also for pussies :scared: , you can use this aura as well to kill Lord De Seis's minions. You can still meet a Cold/Light immune De Seis, which will translate into a Save & Exit.

    Be careful with the delay from both Holy Freeze and Holy Shock. The aura animation may be visible on-screen but your damage isn't affected immediatly.

    Well there you have it, it took me quite a while to get the gear for this guy even if it's not godly.
    If Avengers were to make a comeback, we would see this build quite often I think!

    I hope you enjoyed this guide, I'll be back with some more Pvm builds!
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  2. xMOOSEYx

    xMOOSEYx IncGamers Member

    Nov 3, 2012
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    thx for the guide im going to try this build

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  3. zrk

    zrk IncGamers Member

    Dec 22, 2003
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    Cleg's is worht a mention too, for the Fredsta style zealer builds. great set.

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