The Cheap Kicker


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The Cheap Kicker

What Im posting now is a insanely cheap build, and a build that owns. Yep. A cheap ass character that can beat expensive chars.
Is a kicker :)

Str: Enough for equip
Dex: Enough for equip
Vit: Everyhting else
Energy: Wtf is this?

20 DTalon
20 DFlight
20 Venom
20 Fade
Rest on Cloak of Shadows

Weapon: Azurewrath
Why: 500-1000 damage bonus for your kicks, and half of it its magic? Want more? You got it. Caracteristics bonuses, IAS and a cool aura =O
Alternative: Gimmershred

Shield: Tiamats Rebuke
Why: Its almost a dream, goddamn! About 250-300 elemental damage, that can be compared to Dream's 1-650! (It would be like 1-550), and it gives more resistances than Dream! Not counting some "% when struck" :p
Alternative(expensive): Dream

Armor: Crow Caw/Duress
Why: Open Wounds, Dex (AR! yeay!), IAS, FHR, what else you want?
However, a Duress runeword would be even better, because it adds a good 100 cold damage to your attacks, gives Open Wounds, gives Crushing Blow, Good FHR, and resists :eek:
Alternative: Lionheart Runeword

Helm: Shako/Dream
Why: Unfortunally, there isnt anything cheaper than Shako that is good for a kicker. Exept of course of a Rockstopper...
Anyways, a Shako has +2Skills (dmg and ar!), +2 to atributes, and a good 100+ life and mana.
Dream would be even better because it would add 1-650 lighting damage to your kicks AND res! yeay?
Alternative: Rockstopper Sallet

Belt: Verdungos Heathy Cord/Glooms Trap
Why: Verdungos has DR/Life/Vitality. Heck, want a better belt than that? A Glooms Trap would be also nice, since it has vit bonus and mana bonus.
Alternative: Thunder God's Vigor

Gloves: Bloodfists/Rare Martial Arts Gloves
Why: I use a +2 Martial Arts, +5% AR, +15 Dex, +10% IAS gloves, however you can use a cheaper gloves, such as Bloodfists or even IK Gloves! Or maybe Mavina's Gloves?
Alternatives: IK Gloves, Mavinas Gloves

Boots: Upped GOres
Why: No substitutes for this baby! If youre poor, use a rare myrmidon greaves, or any elite boot :/
Alternatives: Upped Travs, Upped Waterwalks, Treks

Rings: Ravens/Angelic
Why: Dex and AR for ravens, and Cannot be Frozen. Perfectz! If you dont good ravens, dont use them. Slap some angelics!
Alternatives: If you dont have Angelics, DIE!

Amulet: Saracens Chance/Maras/Cats Eye
Why: Saracens has +12 All Atributes and Res. Yeay? However, Maras of course would be better, since it has +5 All Atributes AND +2 to All Skills AND resists! If you dont have any of those, slap a Cats Eye!
Alternatives: Mah-Ohim-Curio

PvP Strategy:
quite simple. DFlight and Dtalon them to death with Fade on :)

Note: The PvP part is of course, incomplete, Ill complete later.


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Your excitement is appreciated but there are builds in the strategy section that are basically as cheap for a kicker. In any event, some of your equipment choices need to be re-thought. Too tired to comment more atm, just finished exams.


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MoreGameThanPS2 said:
my kicker is lvl 71, i bet your cheap kicker couldn't kill my kicker once out of 10 duels
What you use?

And if Azurewrath isnt cheap I dont know what the hell that is.
Nobody uses it.


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Indemaijinj said:
How can a build using Azurewrath possibly be considered cheap???
Ya gotta remember Indy that this is from a Bnet perspective, anything less than an ebotdz or a hoto is worthless for a weapon.


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Claw Weapon?

Would a Chaos claw with +3 to Dragon Flight & +2 to Fade be a viable weapon alternative?


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Where are the prereqs and one points wonders?
[MB, 1pt wof, claw block]
No proc mods like ow and cb..... :eek:


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15% OW from Gores + 35% From Duress/Crow = 60%
10% Crushing Blow from Gores + 15% From Duress(if using) + 35% from Guillaums (if using) = 10%/25%/45%/60% of Crushing Blow ;)


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i was wondering...
Wouldn't shaeled baranar be a decent choice? ok, it's not the fastest weapon around, but i think you can get 8/3 kicks with it(decent for pvm at least), and you get 3-600 elemental, 200%AR (!), +dex, +str... not all that bad.
In adition, baranar is dropped in almost every give-away game...

Btw, question: Does the "+50%ed to undeads" apply to kicks?

We might also here have a use for that crap djinn slayer? 250-500 fire, 3-6%ML, light absorb, %ed to demons(if it works with kicks). -20 base speed+2*shael shouldn't be all that slow.
It's also given away quite frequently(well, not that it's a good item anyway)

oh, there's still good old lightsaber too...ITD, ML, Speed, light+magic dmg, huge lightning as hell

Plz note that i'm here talking pvm-wise and keeping the "cheap aspect" in mind...