The Call from the Fire Golem


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Sniper_Ryan said:
Seems to me the better bet is to get a lvl 70 or so bowazon and do act I-II in NM diff. to find the flawlesses.
If you are trying to cube runes you need the chipped/flawed. I found this to be a decent way of getting chipped topazes ect.


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My merc has a Hand of Justice runeword War Pike, which gives lvl 16 holy fire.

I guess that as up to act 3 hell he is killing most things in a single hit owing to the outrageous damage on the weapon, I haven't noticed the difference much yet :p

Once he's got one dead, a Corpse Explosion or two splats the pack. However because the weapon freezes enemies, everything but cold immunes just shatters - meaning no corpses for summoning or exploding. In this case, the holy fire helps counter the regeneration of the rest of the pack, which helps the skellies.

Holy fire is a good way to generate some great lag though :)

My clay golem just runs around like scrappy-doo shouting "puddem up... lemme att'em"! He's very useful vs. bosses though!


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Ooh Ooh Ooh!

My Fire Golem brings all the mobs to the yard,
And they're like - that Fire Golem's hard!
Damn right, that Fire Golem's hard!
I could curse you, but I'd have to charge...


(Sorry don't know what came over me there!) :flip:


Heheh.:D Those things happen to us all Final.;)

You get on yet? Or still single player? You had mentioned lag...O maybe Tcp...


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I've been on BNet on and off since D2 first came out, am currently "off" BNet and "on" Single player, as I mostly play on the train to and from work and at lunchtimes at the mo!

Long working day and too much DIY to do round the house mean I don't get enough hours to play regularly on BNet now. Once I'd discovered ATMA and could mule from the comfort of the train, I found I needed online play less and less...


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I have heard of people doing this with a Paladin using Holy Fire to basically run around, kill everything and farm for chipped gems for cubing, a Chipperdin I believe is what it was called.
Ok not to be a serial ancient threads digger but yes in .09 i was a really serious 3 socketed cruel swords cuber/trader and i had such a paladin with maxed holy fire and the weapon of choice was Kinemil's Awl giant sword (lol) Cold Plains and Stony Fields were scenes of merciless murders and scores of fallen would not have time to gaze at my pally before being toasted hehe Sadly though the only call i hear from the fire golem is a somewhat weak one :embarassed: If only there could be something to synergise its damage. Maybe corpse explosion :tongue:



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Why havent anyone sayd anything about iron golem? you can make it out of beast or faith for fana aura...


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I am currently "experimenting" with a Fire Golem on my Poison Nec, who uses Skele maages too. The reason I chose Fire Golem was for the reasons stated above, "he attracts all the attention". I need that 'attention' on the Golem and NOT on my Skele mages. They are left to do their job while the Golem does his, and very well I might add. This also saves me points (their spread thin as it is) from investing in Bone Wall or Prison, since I would have to use the latter as an alternative to put obstacles between my Skele Mages and hard-hitting monsters.