The Bony Magicfinder Guide v1.10


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The Bony Magicfinder Guide v1.10

Hi i just love necromancers and its my favourite character in Diablo LOD Patch 1.10 has brought about lots of changes and previously most peeps would use a WW barb or a Fire/Orb Sorc to magicfind but with immunes, beefier hell monsters and really nasty peeps (black souls/etc) spawning in WS2 others have wondered what other chars could be used to magic find. One option is go with a Hammerdin with lots of P.Combat charms/fcr/etc but what to do if you are new to the game or returning to it after a while like me and have little/no items? The magicfinding bone/summon necro shines in that. I shall try to be simple and even use layman's terms to share my experiences. Oh i play on Ladder so some runewords aren't accesible so stats allocation must either be revised or gear. (Eg : Frosties/more pts into energy w/o Insight merc polearm)

a) You could run hell baal with items that either cost pgems or others dun even pick up lol
b) You could level/item find safely and with lots of fun too!
c) Item dependency : Only 2 items - read on later to find out. Oh in case you were wondering they dun cost you an arm or a leg

Skills :

This is a bone/summon necro so skills to max :
Raise Skeleton
Skeleton Mastery
Bone Spirit
Bone Spear
Max/As many points into Bonewall
a point into all curses/revive/summon resist/golem mastery

Objectives/Results to acheive :
Max Resists in hell (for certain areas)
1.2-1.5 k Bone Spear
1.8-2.2 k Bone Spirit
10-12 skellys
minimum +7 to all skills from gear, more if u are rich with charms
60% block or base (i went with 60%)

(Low lvl)
4-ptopaz armor/3 ptop Artisans armor of +life
Cow King set
rare mf boots with stats and/or frw/resists
sigons sheild/+1 necro rare heads/2p diamond moser blessed circle round shield
gravenspine/*spirit (Tal-Thul-Ort-Amn) broad sword
chance guards
goldwrap/rare mf belt
telling of beads ammy/eye of the etlitch/+1 necro rare ammys preferably with mf
Special mention to Spirit Broad/Crystal Sword - no dex required so even if you go all out vita (base dex) it gives good resists...massive mana..some life and +2 skills @ lvl 25! The runes are a joke as half of them u get simply by rescuing the soldiers at frigid!

Mid -Final gear
Ptopaz Shako
P-topaz Skullder
P-diamond Homunculus/Spirit Monarch/+3 necro boneflame/+2 necro rare heads
arm of king leoric/wizardspike/blackhand key
any +2necro or +3 summon ammies with dex/mf/resists
Marrowalk boots
2Xnagel rings or sojs
Gheeds GC
On weapon switch
Ali Baba Tulwar/Gull dagger
'Spendour' (Eth-Lum) necro heads with +RS/SM/Spirit/Spear ideally or rhyme (Shael-eth) luna/heater/necro heads

As u can see these items are not expensive and could be had with p gems/kos/lems. If u are insanely rich you could hit max resists in hell and still have +2 skills with a 'Silence' phase blade/crystal sword! But this guide is more for new/returning players so yes slap on that silence/enigma/sojs if u are rich hehe.

Stats (Block)
Str : 116 (to equip marrows..with +2 str from shako o cos :p)
Dex : Enuff for 60% block with homo
Vit : Everything else
Energy : Base-60

Stats (Vita)
Str : 116-135 (to equip marrow and spirit monarch if you wish)
Dex: Base
Vit Everything else
Energy : Base-60
This set up is interesting as wizzy and a crappy spirit monarch gives u 75%fcr :p

Item dependency
1) Marrowwalks boots : To give you nice spear/spirit dmg with the bone prison synergy for boss runs hehe
2) 'Insight' (Ral-Tir-Tal-Sol) merc weapon : To give you 250++% mana regeneration so u seldom if ever have to drink a blue spamming spirits lol Remember it works on polearms and dun gamble on a warpike ('spear' class) so go with threshers/colo voluges/cryptic axes/great poleaxes/giant threshers/etc

Merc of choice : Act 2 nm Offensive Merc (Might)
The only choice IMO - he gives your skellies/revives a fat dmg boost with his aura and devastating mana regen to you with mediation aura from insight polearm.

Objectives for merc :
2.7-3.5 k dmg with aura on
'Insight' only on a elite polearm - best if ethereal!
At least 9% life leech
Cannot Be Frozen - Merc freezes and swings slow hence leeches slower than dmg taken = dead merc (especially for hell baal)
Gear of choice (mine)
Insight Thresher
Duriels Shell Armor
Tal Mask/Crown of theives
If you could squeeze in some Crushing Blow that would make boss runs quicke r

Tactics : How to run bosses safely, lvl and have fun w/o dying.

a) Worldstone and Baal
Swap the AOKL/Blackhand Key for wizzy and slap on tgods. Ever been in a hell baal game with peeps with godly gear and crappy resists only to be wasted by black souls? This set up gives u 75/75/80/75 resists and lightning absorb with p-diamonded homo and 3 anya quests and minimal resist from charms.

Key curses :
1) Dim Vision - yes you have absorb and all but still DV the black souls so they go into melee mood and let your artillery/minions waste them. Never/Rarely died to them with this tactic

2) Deceprify - This with clay golem makes Baal/Lister move very slowly, do less dmg and sitting ducks for skellies and merc

3) Life Tap - For nasty sets of baals minions that spawn with MSLE/Fan so merc and minions have massive addtional 50% life leech! Useful for 2nd (massive poison) and 3rd set of Baal's minions (Bartuc LE and Co) at the Throne.

4) Amp - This and CE to clear hoardes.

When entering the worlstone chamber i tend to sprint pass Baal and get comfy at a position that his V cold thingy couldn't touch me and spam Spirit. Watch your merc's health and mix in deceprfy,amp and life tap to keep him alive. Oh do revive some monsters as they do dmg and take the heat off a bit from your merc/skellies hehe

Hell Memphisto

Gear : You could really go all out mf gear but fire resists with Blood Lords, etc are a tad important so i went with Blackhand key with nice fire resists and life :p Its really a walk in the park here and once you face Memphisto simply recast clay golem if you have to so he's right next to Memp and deceprify. Oh do revive some bloodlords as they seem smart and stay a distance from memp and swamp him with meteors. I had a bit of fun and Lower Resisted him and all in all this run may take a bit due to the massive maps these days but once you reach him its a piece of cake. Oh lifetap those council members who could spawn MSLE and mostly i find none of my minons die to them. Oh yes kill every superunique as they can drop ok stuff. Run Travincaal as well

Act 5 : Pindle/Shenk/Eldritch/Threshsocket
For those not familiar Threshsocket could be found at Arreat Plateau (after frigid wp) before Crystalline. I found running him and Pindle still worth it and have found REALLY nice stuff. In fact if you dun like running around in big maps just create a game and run all these act 5 super uniqes. Very convenient and super fast. If you are patient go for Hell Nithaltak - he could drop good stuff too!

Act 1 : The Pit / Mausaleom (Burial Grounds)
These areas are really high lvl and can drop good stuff.Kill everything especially super uniques :D Its another walk in the park so all out mf gear

Act 4 : Chaos Sancuary and Diablo
Hmm have not run Hell Diablo but think most safe if you go with the wizzy/t-gods set up and be prepared to fork out gold should your merc get wasted to IM lol. I killed Diablo solo in Hell and didn't have much problems unless it lags and i get cuaght in Big D's lightning breath lol. Revive those Venomlords as they have high fire resists and they could tank Big D! Oh for some reason Big D hates clay golems! He stops attacking your skellies and immediately goes for gumby..this and deceprify makes a reasonably ok kill. If you are worried about his fire snakes then slap on a dwarfstar ring :p Keep Lifetap and Amp handy as well :p

What to have in stash :
Lightning absorb (T-gods)
Fire Absorb (Dwaftstar)
a few wands
skin of the vipermagi (levelling armor)
uniq spidersash (levelling belt...if u can afford/trade for it )
nothing much really - by the time you do runs you'd have it full of useful/tradeable stuff

My mf necro
Lvl 81
Max : Raise Skelly/Skelly Mastery/Spirit/18 into spear/no additional pts into Bonewall yet
70% block with homo
600+ dmg absorb bone armor
75/75/80/75 Fire/Cold/Lightning/Poison with wizzy
10 all w/o
Gear :
P-top shako
P-top skullders
chance guards
20dex/prisimatic/mf ammy (eventually +2 necro one)
wizzy/AOKL/Blackhand key (depends on situation)
t-gods/goldwrap (depends on situation)
p-diamond homunculus
Gheeds GC
minimal mfscs
switch : gull + 'splendour' necro head with +3 raise skelly/+3 skelly mastery :p
yet to max spear even!
running hell baal/memp/act 5/act 1
Spirit dmg : 1.9k
Spear @ lvl 18 : 950
found a PnB GC doing Pit run and planning to get 2-3 summoning GCs
70% block with homo (going for 60 minimum after ammy)
10-11 skellies (250++ dmg each w/o might)
yet to complete some +skills quests :p

F1 : Raise Skelly
F2 : Amp
F3 : CE
F4 : Life Tap
F5 : Revive
F6 : Deceprify
F7 : Bone Armor
F8 : Dim Vision
Left attack : Spirit for Act Bosses, Spear for Super uniques runs

Probably have to party play in hell baal games to lvl him faster but currently having massive fun item running solo lol. Still levelling though :D Oh started running hell baal solo @ lvl 77 and levelling since. Thank you for reading my guide and hope anyone reading would not be disheartened having no items for future chars as this is an easy build and not expensive by any means. You could always make up mf with charms andgo with 2 sojs/enigma/silence/HOTO but like i said this guide is meant for poor players or returning peeps with zero items. Besides its a VERY fun mf char! This is my 1st guide so hope its not too shabby and perhaps you people who have more inputs/expereince could add valueble opinions as well :D Hope you enjoyed making your bone/summon necro as much as i did!



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Oh ya some levelling and tips for item running for nightmare that i forgot :p Also tactics for players totally new to the nercomancer class!

Levelling :
I choose to max Raise Skeleton, Skeleton Mastery, Bones Spirit, Bone Spear and as many/max pts into Bonewall in that order.

Lvls 1-18
Andy runs, Sewer runs. Dump the rogue merc for a prayer merc at act 2. Gear: any polearm and sigons's helm+armor for 10%life leech

Lvls 18-25
Tomb runs, Bloody

Lvls 25-42
Normal Baal runs

By this time u have maxed skelly and close to maxed skelly mastery its time to slap on homo and go nm!

Lvls 42-70++

Anything goes here. I choose to do nm Memphisto runs solo @ lvl 50ish then Nm Baal runs to lvl to levle my necro. Merc i got @ lvl 43 as atthis lvl he is able to equip cruels. I went with an ethreal 'honor' partizan and it kept him levelling till act 1 hell where i switched to a bonehew and finally an 'Insight' Thresher :p If you are fortunate you'd have your final gear settled by lvl 67. By 70+ u had maxed rs/sm/spirit and on the way to maxing spear. Act 1 hell is a breeze and you could start your very first hell mf runs at The Pit (Tamoe Highlands) The Crypt and Mausaleoum (Burial Grounds) ..and Andy

Lvls 75-99

I went with running hell memphisto and baal solo to lvl and ideally you ought to party in hell baal games. Max out spear and dump all remaining pts into bonewall and you are done!

Beginner Tips on the necromancer

1) Always amplify damage on crowds as it doubles physical damage and removes physical immunities even on most Physical Immune monsters! Once corpses are generated Corpse Explosion and watch hoardes go down. Effectiveness reduced with more players in gamebut since we are mostly item running solo its one hell of a skill!

2) If your minions are having problems with pesky ranged attackers that snipe and run away fast do one of 2 things :
a) Deceprify
Slows them down, makes them do less damage and minions finish them off
b) Nullify them with the Dim Vision curse. They stop range attacking and go melee.
Deceprify is also a anti chasing curse in cases where somehow you are minionless and a bad ass frenzytaur is chasing your ass down lol. Deceprify and watch them slow down as you take evasive action :p

3) Always pick up any necro wands/heads. They can spawn with really nice +skills tomake awesome runewords! Check the item database at Arreat Summit for no. of sockets each item can get and relevant runewords

4) Don't dismiss cracked/damaged wands/heads/merc gear. There are recipes in the Horadric Cube like these :
a) Damaged/Low quality Armor + chip gem + El rune = normal quality armor
b) Damaged/Low quality Weapon + chip gem + Eld rune = normal quality weapon

5) Always recast bone armor when it goes down. It takes a hit for you or more if you have a high dmg absorb one with marrows *cough*

6) Trap dangerous monsters/superuniques with bone prison! Stuff like The Ancients pose less threat to you in this way when imprisoned with some skellies, golem andmerc and finish them off with spirit/spear

7) Be selective when reviving monsters. Look for range attack, aggresive AI, crushing blow (Urdars, Maulers, etc)


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Ok just in case you were wondering what uber stuff you could slap on this mf necro this is just an example :
P-top shako
P-top Skullders
'Silence' Phase Blade/Hoto
Um Homo
2 sojs
Perfect Gheeds
Inventory with lots of mfscs with 5res all mod or dex
anni sc
PnB/Summon GCs

Eth 'Insight' Great Poleaxe
'Chains Of Honor' archon plate
'cham' set winged helm lol

Result : +15-16 to all skills/max resists in hell 600%++mf, really nasty anti boss merc, steriod pumped skellies, teleport..well we all can dream right hehe


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Miscelleneous Notes :

1) In order to use the synergy bonuses from Marrow's NEVER PUT A POINT into bone prison - this is absolutely crucial! If you love to imprison peeps be aware that the repair charges are considerable....but with goldwrap/chance u have a nice %goldfind too *winks*

2) Always pick up rares! They can spawn with 450ed....fools prefex....leech now think : eth warpike with 2 socks and your merc will be one nasty anti boss killer!

3) Special thanks to Mad Mantis for pointing me out to the 'Insight' runeword when i returned to the game a few weeks ago and to all those who had explained how synergies worked in 1.10 :D

4) Oh there are only 2 golems to use during your runs : Clay and Iron. Mostly clay but i made a IG from IK Maul and wow that crushing blow and %dmg to demons/undead is no joke hehe. You dun put any more than a point and since u have revive anyway IG is always an option :D

5) Oh ya rings like constrictor (if ever enabled) and presently wisp projector would shove a nagel outta your slot! Wisp has just a few$mf less than a perf nagel but the kicker is its oak/HOW charges that can mean more life or damage!


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I shall drop by this thread to update more on my findings/experience while levelling and more aspects while item running in hell with the bone/summon necro. I hit lvl 86 yesterday purely item running after lvl 77 and i wish to share what i have learnt in the process about gear/tactics/item running

1) Gear
a) I mentioned ali-baba/gull/'splendour'/'rhyme' nec head on switch just before your Act boss goes down but looking at cheap items something crept up : Skull Collector Uniq Rune Staff same %mf/clvl as ali *but* has +2 skills so no less skellies or spirit dmg. No shield of course but its really like 20 secs :D

b) Cowing gear : Found a shaft and found it the best armor to slap on merc for dr. Also the uniq petrified wand Carin Shard is also a great wand for cowing! This, shako and such gives me 1k life w/o BO! I think Carin is an extremely underated wand and its a sweet alternative to summon builds giving AOKL a good fight! Slightly slower cast with spear/spirit but this is PvM/mf and i have it in stash and use it for cowing. Why cow? To find socketables, uniq items and rares hunting! (not uber TC class though hehe)Mooo....

c) Wisp projector ring: Forgot to mention it has lightning absorb!! This could free up t-gods and maximise mf with a simple goldwrap :D Oh also i would advise you to upgrade goldwrap for more slots hehe

d) Speelsteel uniq Bearded Axe. Yes poor/returning peeps can tele w/o enigma! This on switch grants u this skill though the repair charges would be a bit hefty hehe.

e) Alternatives to Insight. The 'Pride' runeword would pit you in dreamland with Concentration Aura and minions would do some serious kickass dmg! You'd have to drink blues constantly i guess with Act Bosses but its a viable option IMO - a bit expensive though for the runes if you are poor/new Also eth Hone Sundan Yari - huge crushing blow! Or eth 'Obedience' runeword (thank you hell cows!) which i am making just for kicks or to equip in a merc for future chars.

2) Tactics
a) If u want a larger radius Dim Vision then slap on trang's gloves or curses GCs which cost you pgems :p Bone fire Archers/Spear Cats are annoying but with 60% block and high dmg absorb bone armor means they take little life from me with castings of DV :D

b) I finally decided to item run Hell Diablo and my assumptions are correct : wizzy+ dwaftstar is the safest gear :D Never died and at most lose gold for dead IMed merc hehe. He is so easy to reach and besides i gain lots of experience running CS. Checked Hell Big D's mlvl and its 94 ..ouch! Past few days his drop rates are better for me than hell baal even :p If you get annoyed wit OB Knights running away then deceprify them and your minions/merc kill them off with liberal spears. What i find is that those Venomlords are really great tanks vs Big D! Hence i open the seals with those Venowlords and Infector Of Souls last, revive as many venomlords and Big D fall within a minute - no kidding! Ok with 12 skellies, clay, merc and fanatic spirit spamming lol. So yes Hell Diablo = very profitable run!

c) Cowing Tactics: Never get your flanks swamped with incoming cows and amp them and move in a way that you lead them to corpses = easy kills with CE :p Oh ya i was transferring in a normal game and just to use up time i went to get the wirt's leg in normal tristam and make a hell cow later.Didn't work and i had to use a hell wirt's leg lol Some really nice socketables for nice runewords from Cows *winks* This is where your one point wonder (Revive) pays off! This and a maxed skelly mastery = nasty cow revives hehe. I have 12 skellies/12 revivies/golem/merc so i can smoke, open chests or id good stuff while the battle is taking place hehe. Oh ya do not kill Cow King as you won't be able to open fiture cow games later - i have to confirm on this but that was the case with previous patches.

d) In cases merc dies his mediation aura from Insight is not activated for some strange reason. Just unequip and reequip him and it immediately activates :D Thinking back with crazy mana regen i kindda rgretted having 60ish in energy...but i seldom if never drink a blue but yes less in energy = more to life


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Urban Legend/Myth after experiences with magicfinding with this necro :p

1) Activate gem = more gems in game?

2) Hell Pindle : Go for pindle straight..ignoring garden folks = better drops?

3) Hell Cows/Travincaal : Best place for rares hunting?

4) Always weapon switch before act bosses die for massive +mf If possible do so for superuniqs as well (Ok not a myth/legend but proven hehe)

Last night i was running pindle with my mf necro and a gold 'unearthed wand' dropped! My heart was beating fast as i figured that could be Death's Web! And sure enuff i ided it and it was 2% off perfect -poison resist so yay! The satisfaction of finding your own items to start new chars is awesome and am now making a poison/summon necro as i have full trangs too :D

Mad Mantis

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batuchka said:
Urban Legend/Myth after experiences with magicfinding with this necro :p

1) Activate gem = more gems in game?

2) Hell Pindle : Go for pindle straight..ignoring garden folks = better drops?
1) Gem does absolutely nothing.

2) Shorter runs = more runs = better drops.


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Hehe ya figured its a long shot withthe 'activate gems' feature. But dunno if you think its strange: i actually clean up everything at the Red Portal with pindle but it seemed i got better drops killing Pindle first then going for the folks at the garden! There was once i killed Pindle first and got a gold diadem then his goons in the garden droped a gold champion sword so i decided to stick to the same tactic and granted it may just be pure coincidence lol.

Mad Mantis

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batuchka said:
There was once i killed Pindle first and got a gold diadem then his goons in the garden droped a gold champion sword so i decided to stick to the same tactic and granted it may just be pure coincidence lol.
It probably is just coincidence. When you really start to keep score you won’t see any difference if you run Pindle enough. You’d be amazed at the theories people come up with to try and explain the formulas used to calculate your drop.


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> batuchka

This is the exact same build I have been planning. Noticed any downsides with the build yet?



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batuchka said:
Hehe ya figured its a long shot withthe 'activate gems' feature. But dunno if you think its strange: i actually clean up everything at the Red Portal with pindle but it seemed i got better drops killing Pindle first then going for the folks at the garden! There was once i killed Pindle first and got a gold diadem then his goons in the garden droped a gold champion sword so i decided to stick to the same tactic and granted it may just be pure coincidence lol.
Did u put 1 point in golem mastery or not?



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Ah man most of us had lost threads the past few days :( So i'd just summarise some of your questions :p

Yes 1 point in Golem Mastery definitely. Ok to avoid confusion i think its my responsibility to elaborate on skills allocation so anyone who wants to go with this build would not waste skill points!

*Curse Tree*
0 Confuse
0 Attract
1 rest

Cheif AI Curse (Hotkeyed): Dim Vision
Items running Curses (Hotkeyed) : Amplify Damage, Life Tap, Deceprify

*Summon Tree*
Max Raise Skeleton
Max Skeleton Mastery
0 Fire Golem
1 rest

Cheif Minions : Skeletons, clay or iron golem
Secondary : Magi, *Revives
*cept in Hell Cows where revives are almost your main minions @@

*PnB Tree*
Max Bone Spirit
Max Bone Spear
Max/As many points Bonewall
0 Bone Prison (Crucial!!)
0 Posion Dagger
0 Posion Explosion
0 Posion Nova
1 rest

Cheif Crowd Damaging Spell : Bone Spear+Corpse Explosion
Cheif Act Boss/Hardcore PI Spell : Bone Spirit
Optional Distraction : Bonewall
Yes many people think Bonewall is useless but i use in in hell mf to cordone entire sections off to speed up my runs. Eg: Hell Shenk and annoying Bone Archers/Spear Cats at the edges :p Dim Vision them and Bonewall means they are blinded and your minions won't engage them hence amp+spear+CE Shenk and goons so run is super fast. In fact Bonewall any section you dun want to deal with if it slows down your runs!

Thank you for all your questions and due to the lost threads i more than welcome you people if u wanna clarify stuff :D


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Ok add one more area thats a breeze for this build in mf :

Ancients Tunnel (Act 2, Lost City) (lvl 85)

Gear: All out mf

Potential problems : Immune Magic Plague Bearers (Zombies)
Solution : Amp (Physical Dmg, minions) + CE
In any case they are slow and are little threat to your army so amp+CE would clear them easy :p Its a nicely populated area and every CE with 400-500mf is a nice thought hehe.

Oh ya Constanza to your question : Have not found any weaknesses in this build but yes mobility w/o teleport for item running may be viewed as one by others :p If you are rich then this can be solves by Enigma i guess. Also i would be irresponsible if i claim this build would own in PvP but note when i i first made this build my cheif objectives were item running in hell, anywhere and with minimal item switches. If it does well in PvP i see it as a bonus hehe. What i like about this build is there are ZERO immunity problems in hell and it works with cheap gear :p

Lastly to all : I understand that some cringe at the use of Marrows but i do not use the bug to kill other players unlike in .09 with the eth bug in PvP :p I do not want to insist on its use and respect others who choose not to. As a returning player with jack items this is the most cost effective/versatile build that i could think of to item run as the necro is the best class i can play hehe. To date i spend some Ral runes to acquire my marrows and pgems for my shako/skullders :D The rest i found myself along the way :p


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Ok finally remade my bone/summon mf necro and he's now lvl ** and thanks to the efforts of his predecessor he has some nice gear :p His gear/stats :

BonyMagicfinder lvl **
20 RS
20 SM
20 Spirit
20 Spear
5 Bonewall (so far)

Gear :
P-top Shako
Breastplate Enigma
38res all Heart Of The Oak Flail
Seraph's Hymm
'Um ' Homunculus
Switch: Gull + 'Splendour' Succubus Skull (+3 spirit, +3 spear)
38%mf Gheeds GC
life/ resist scs
3* PnB GCs

Merc : Might
Helm : 'Ral' eth 10%ll Andy (to boost aura lvl, +str, leech, ias,etc)
Armor : Duriels
Weapon : Eth Insight Colo Voluge, 258ed/+6critical strike/lvl 14 Mediation

Skelly Dmg, lvl 31/33 RS/SM : 350 (approx), w/o might
Spirit Dmg, lvl 34 : 3k (approx)
Spear Dmg, lvl 34 : 2.6k (approx)
Bone Armor : Absorbs 720 dmg
Life : 1100
Mana : 400
Block : 60% with homo
Mf : 333% (main) / 453% (switch)
Resists: 40/40/65/40 (fire/cold/lightning/poison)

The above set up does not give me max resists and i decided to hit at least 60ish lightning resist with charms and lighning absorb with t-gods. I am hoping to find/trade a Mara's hehe. Ideally i should think a 48fcr set up adequate for PvM item running (tele/artillery)

Also as a tip on players alien to sorcs/tele like me: take time out @ lvl 66 once u manage to equip Enigma/Marrows and do Nm Memp/Baal solo to get used to tele and maps :D Curiously i use the Oak charges from Hoto and they bring up my life to 1.5k and my minions seem a bit more sturdier too :p The oak spirit is rather fragile and previously i was worried about repair costs but amazingly a single charge cost just 1.3k so wow!

In order to attain as much life with Enigma one should really plan as little to str as possible. For example i had barely 58 str to equip homo and i used sanders boots (+5 str) Gravenspine (+10 str) and str charms so i could dump as much pts into vitality hehe. Once i levelled the str charms are transferred to low/new projects and replenished with mfscs Perhaps a base 60 str is ok so you have nicer life in hell hehe. For this build a Breastplate or Mageplate Enigma is recommnded. As a guide @ lvl 66 Enigma gives u +50str so you'd need 68 overall str to equip Marrows. If you could get CTA more power to you :p

The good thing about Enigma is that no Boss/Superuniq is too far/tedious to run :p Also i confess being lazy and not doing the 3 Lem Esem's Tome quests (Act 3) but with this its easy and thats 15 stat points free! Also out of ral/ort/tal runes? Run all 3 rescue soldier quests :p

What not to do with Enigma :
1) Tele into a pack on extra fast, stoneskin Doll/s lol
2) Tele into a pack of Champions OB Knights (for merc's sake)
3) Tele to a dead party member to steal gold (ungentlemanly, bad mannered!)
4) Insult a sorc for being lousier at tele than you lol

With Enigma/Hoto i find it rewarding to be organised with Hotkeys and this is what i did :

F1: Raise Skelly
F2: Amplify Dmg
F3: CE
F4: Life Tap
F5: Revive
F6: Deceprify
F7: Bone Armor
F8: Dim Vision
F9: Clay Golem
F10: Tele
F11: Oak Sage

Left Attack
B : Bone Spirit (Boss)
H: Bone Spear (Superuniqs/hoardes)

Lastly i don't go for quick runs but its a matter of preference :D I start at act 5 Pindle get free minions and kill him. Then Eldritch, Shenk, Baal. Drop by Travincaal, Memp then Diablo. Off to Act 2 Lost City (Ancients Tunnels) then Pits last :p Or Countess at times. Cheers and good luck item running ^^


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Swap Seraph to Maras, Chanceguards to Trang'Ouls, Nagels to 2 x SoJ and we use the exact same build and run, I just do Baal everynow and then instead of Countess :thumbsup: .

This is by far my favorite MFer, don't do boring constaly boss runs, able to clear EVERY zone with great ease and quite fast, especially in 1P - Corpse Explosion. You don't find your castings too slow? I know I was anoyed with it when I only used HOTO too.

What's your merc setup?

Mine's using Insight - I love constant teleport + bone/CE spam, Gladitor's Bane + Guilliams Face. Good attack speed, decent damage and CBF. Skeles tank good enough for no PDR% need IMO, only lack a bit of leech, kinda wish I had the runes to burn for a CoH and then Cham in helmet. :p


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Jek said:

Swap Seraph to Maras, Chanceguards to Trang'Ouls, Nagels to 2 x SoJ and we use the exact same build and run, I just do Baal everynow and then instead of Countess :thumbsup: .

This is by far my favorite MFer, don't do boring constaly boss runs, able to clear EVERY zone with great ease and quite fast, especially in 1P - Corpse Explosion. You don't find your castings too slow? I know I was anoyed with it when I only used HOTO too.

What's your merc setup?

Mine's using Insight - I love constant teleport + bone/CE spam, Gladitor's Bane + Guilliams Face. Good attack speed, decent damage and CBF. Skeles tank good enough for no PDR% need IMO, only lack a bit of leech, kinda wish I had the runes to burn for a CoH and then Cham in helmet. :p

Hehe ya ideally 2*sojs/bks would rock but i'm saving runes for other projects :p Ya i would have liked hitting 75fcr bp but i'm killing stuff plenty with this set up and going serial CE/arty with 300++mf :p If i could land a juicy wisp projector i'd switch out the T-gods with arach's Oh merc is using:

Eth Ral Andariel's Demonhead
Eth Insight Colo Voluge
Duriels Shell Cuirass

Nothing kills him cept OB Knights and i would think previously with my poorman's version Poison Vipers @ Nihaltak :p

Agreed a might merc with COH + cham set winged helm+eth Insight does some nasty dmg for boss runs hehe Hmm things looking up as i am close to acquiring Maras yay! I could do hell baal solo on players 8 but in solo mf runs its faster hehe

p.s Yes Countess runs do get boring and one needs to do 100s over weeks to obtain ist rune or higher :(


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Nobody noticed the runeword White?

In a wand with +3 to bonespear, that's a total of +8 to bonespear. Hurray for lvl 38 bone spear :thumbsup:


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Hmm thank you San for your suggestion and i am aghast at not pointng out this wand for the build *sheepish look* Yes a base 3/3 spear/spirit 'White' wand would be a great alternative for this build. The few problems would be you'd have less fcr/resists compared to wizzy or HOTO and one would probably end up with less mf and make up fcr/resistance via charms, caster rings or 2/20/prismatic circlets :D Oh ya recently i went goldfinding with this build and just swap out 2*nagel for 2*dwaftstar for additional 200%gf and Travincaal/Cows are great places to find large lumps of gold hehe Another alternative is to have a 6*lem Crystal Sword/'Splendour' head on switch for 500%gf :D 2*lem Alis works too if you can't afford ists or wish to spend less lems.

sir goatscelot

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Arrrgggg!! I thought I was the only Necro using a Silence PB :(..and enigma with shako.. Oh wait..mine is a pure Summoner so there! hahaaha.. Now everybody will have one dang it.

Actually you did a job there dude :) Take care.


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Thank you Sir Goatscelot :p Hmm yes Silence r/w though it doesn't offer any fcr is in itself a viable alternative for weapon slot. If one aimed for 48fcr b.p then trangs+arachs plus a caster ring or any rare/crafted +2necro/8+fcr ammy would do.