The Blizzard Mystery


The Blizzard Mystery

I think it is kinda funny that they need a web disigner. they are a software company full of coders and programmers and they probally have lots of them and no web designers or a webmaster? do you find this a bit ironic at all?


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Maybe their previous one quit/got fired, or maybe then were in need of reinforcements for revamping the site for wow beta. Who knows, you say yourself, another mystery of blizzard.


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Lord Chaos said:
What on earth does coders/programmers have to do with webdesigners?
Thank you! I am a coder/programmer. I write software.... not design webpages. I *COULD* write a webpage if I really wanted to(like my own personal one) but it takes a comptely different skill set to write a page like blizzard has. I also know i'm not the only coder that completely dispizes web design. I find it as mind-numbingly boring as many people find coding or listening to Ben Stein lecture about punctuation. Yes, there are similarites, but not as many as most people seem to think.

Lord Chaos

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Yes, I work with that I know how it is. Its like putting an engine "designer" to work with designing the chassis of the car...that just doesn't work unless he does both.

Programming and Web design has very little to do with eachother...its a foolish notion left over from the golden years of .coms where everyone believed programmers were gods that could do just about anything computer-related. (and in a sense we could...designs weren't very demanding back then, it was just, as you put it, mindnumbing boring for most programmers)