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The Black Queen

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Project_Xii, Mar 22, 2004.

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    The Black Queen

    The Black Queen

    Chapter 1: Kayleb

    In a field of emerald green, with the occasional rocky protrusion, someone was lying in the grass, looking up at the stars. He had spent all day exploring his surroundings, picking off monsters. Now he was just enjoying some peace and quiet.

    Kayleb looked up at the hideous, green glowing totems he'd crafted for protection. Nothing the totems considered an enemy would even get close to him, the magic in them would send the creatures fleeing in utter terror. He shifted to get more comfortable in the grass and closed his eyes, drifting into a light doze, letting the cool air wash over him.
    In the morning he would study the mouldy old tome he'd found in more detail. He felt sure it contained the whereabouts of something worth a great deal. But for now he would sleep. An adventurer should never go treasure hunting without decent rest.

    He awoke with a start. The sun was high in the sky. He had over slept! Quickly he got up and scanned the Stony Field. Not a creature to be seen.
    He was quietly thankful for this, as his totems only had enough power in them to last till the morning. Had a roaming Goatman or Brute stumbled across him, he would have been completely defenceless.
    Sighing he sat down again and removed the ancient, fungus-covered tome from his backpack. He flipped through the brittle pages, reading the curious writing, the words the colour of aged blood. He silently learnt the history of the Tower in the Black Marsh, of the rich Countess and her evil, sacrificial practices, and how she met her untimely demise. Contemplating whether or not he should go and explore this untapped source of considerable wealth, he continued flipping through the book. Until he came to the final page.

    The writing here was not the same blood red colour as the rest, instead it glowed a faint blue, and appeared completely unfaded. With some effort, he began to read the words out loud, the strange language sounding gravely, but understandable. As he neared the bottom of the page, the hair at the back of his neck began to stand on end, and a dry crackling filled the air.
    With the final word said, the dry crackling had turned into a roar of electric static, with waves of lightning washing over the ground. Kayleb gazed as a rift appeared a few feat in front of him, slowly increasing in size and sound intensity. It finally subsided with a hiss and a spark, leaving a glimmering oval in space-time reality.

    He gazed at the swirling, gently pulsing portal before him. Carefully he put the book into his backpack and turned to investigate the portal further. It was a curious shade of purple, not like the portals he'd often used to return to a town. Then the excitement kicked in.
    This was more interesting then some blood-bathing fiend in a ruined tower. He felt sure that whatever was through this portal would bring him unimaginable power. Gathering his courage, he set his hand firmly on the hilt of his sword, and stepped through the portal...

    Speed. Incredible speed.
    Kayleb was flying head first down a tube – being squeezed and pushed - forcing him to go faster and faster. The tube twisted and turned, rainbotic colours hurtling past faster then the eye could focus. He tried to make out the land outside; green pastures... snowy mountain peaks... crystal blue water... and suddenly blackness.
    Kayleb began to worry. He had already travelled a great distance, yet he was still speeding up.

    And then, as if to answer his thoughts, the tube ended. He flew out, landing on the ground with a resounding thud. This would have been fine, if the portal hadn’t been floating six foot off the ground. Kayleb groaned and staggered to his feet. He tried to take in his surroundings.
    As far as he could tell, he was on an island. And it was dark, very dark. The blanketing clouds hung low and ominous, spirally slowly around a central point somewhere on the island.
    He looked down at the sand of the beach he was standing on. Black sand. He bent over and tasted some seawater, then spat it out instantly. Oil. Even the foliage seemed to ooze and drip black liquid. Kayleb began to wonder if coming here was such a good idea after all. Cautiously, he made his way up the beach, following what seemed to be a well-worn animal trail.

    The trek through the Black Jungle was not an easy one. It seemed to have a life of its own. Long tendrils and spiky vines reached out across the path, grabbing for Kaylebs feet and scratching against every inch of exposed skin. Finally, Kayleb withdrew his claymore and began to swing violently at anything that moved. Every vine he sliced let out a small squeak of pain, and writhed back into the dense undergrowth.

    After twenty long, scratchy minutes of walking and hacking away the invading plants, he pushed through the last patch of undergrowth to behold the sight of a village. It was small, a mere eleven huts, and of course, everything was black. Cautiously he went from hut to hut, searching for any signs of life. As far as he could tell, it was deserted, and had been for along time. None of the huts contained anything more then a single chair, shabby table or tatty blanket. The last hut, however, had a sign hanging above the doorway written in ancient, faded runes
    Kayleb studied these intently, and it suddenly dawned on him that it was the dead language of Sanctuary. Akara had told him about it, teaching him a few symbols just out of interest. He read the runes out loud;

    "Our... lives... for Ramoria".
    Kaylebs blooded chilled. He had read that name before. Quickly he pulled the musty tome from his backpack, frantically turning the pages until...
    He found it - the Countess’ family tree. It was a whole page, dedicated to showing the ancestry of The Countess’ rich heritage. He traced his finger from arrow to name...
    Grandfather.... grandmother.... mother and father.... the smudged name of The Countess and... He paused, his finger on a name, the same name as the one written on the sign. Ramoria. The Countess had a sister.

    At the time he had paid no attention to this fact, nor the history written after it. He had been intent on learning all he could about the fortune lying under the ruined tower. Now, however, he realized it was imperative that he studied it. Taking a deep breath, he turned the page, and began to read...

    Chapter 2: The History of Ramoria

    The younger daughter, Ramoria, showed no signs of potential insanity, and after many years the Barons fears began to dwindle, and life returned to normal.
    All was well, until her 25th birthday, when a woman with flowing grey hair paid a mysterious visit to the household. She questioned Ramoria for many hours, before finally confronting the Baron with some surprising news.
    The women claimed that Ramoria had untapped potential, and could have the makings of a great sorcerer. She requested that she take the younger women into her care, and tutor her, help her to release the power inside. The Baron mulled over this for a great many days. He loved his daughter, as he had loved his eldest. After she lost her mind and slew her mother, she fled into far away lands to avoid capture. Now Ramoria was all the Baron had left in the world.
    Finally he agreed, and the old women left, Ramoria in tow.

    Seven years later, the Baron opened his door to greet his beloved daughter once again. Though she looked the same, if not slightly older, the Baron could tell that something deep inside her had changed. She was reluctant to talk of anything regarding her tutoring, nor demonstrate any of the skills she had learned, and she often slipped into dark, brooding moods.
    Eventually, she demanded that her father build her a tower for which she could live. He obliged, but the found the request for it to be made entirely of black steel odd.

    The tower was built and completed on a hill over looking a small village and peaceful forest. The Baron hoped that living near such a struggling community would bring out some compassion in his daughter, and persuade her to use her powers to help the people.
    Then came the day when the Baron had to make a journey. There was a trade dispute between two mayor cities in Scosglen, and they required his skills to settle it. He left the household under the care of his servants, and the land in control of his daughter, before embarking on his journey.
    Four years passed, and the Baron was finally able to come home. However, his welcoming was not what he expected.
    The servants were terrified, babbling indecipherable stories about the Black Queen and Darkness. Fearing the worst, the Baron hurriedly travelled to find his daughter.

    The following extract was taken from the Diary of the Baron himself, found in the possession of a merchant many years after. It reads:

    "The Black Tower still stood, but the land around it was no longer of any beauty. The sun could not be seen for a thick layer of cloud blanketing the sky for miles. The soil was bare and sandy, grass unable to grow in the oily grains. Only the forest still thrived, its former green foliage now black and twisted. It had tripled in size and seemed to crawl across the earth - a living creature - invading anything within its reach. Unearthly sounds echoed through it, and evil shapes could be seen lurking in its shadows. The village too had grown; great black stone houses and small huts covering the countryside all around the base of the hill.â€

    “I entered the town and began to knock on doors. The town appeared deserted, but that seemed impossible for its size. Hearing voices, I followed the noise till I came to a small opening among the houses. In the middle, a giant statue stood tall, made of black polished marble. Even with the lack of sunshine, I could make out the features of my daughter on its face. The entire town kneeled at its feet, chanting and worshipping. I could get no response out of them; mindless zealots following a faith they knew no different from. The anger in me began to rise, and I turned to the Black Tower. Wishing fervently for a logical explanation, but knowing in the back of my mind there could be only one answer, I hurried up the hill to its base.â€

    “The door to the tower I found unlocked, and upon entering, saw instantly that the beautiful interior was no more. Dust lay thick, and spider webs seemed to be the only signs of living inhabitants. Nervously, I climbed the stairs to the main chamber, where I opened the door and peered in.
    The top of the tower was very large; we had built it that way so as to allow maximum viewage of the entire land. Various ancient artefacts hung from the walls, and there were a great many bookcases. In the centre sat Ramoria, smiling widely in the light of a roaring fire.

    "Welcome Father. I have been expecting you".
    I looked at my daughter. She was beautiful. Not a day older then when I left. Only her eyes betrayed the corruption in her soul. They were cold and jet black, no longer the pretty sapphire I had admired so much, and it seemed that she could read every thought in my mind with them. I narrowed my eyes at her.
    "What did that old women do to you, Ramoria? You used to be so beautiful and caring."
    "Oh, but I am beautiful father! Don't you think?†she smiled sweetly and battered her eyelashes. I was unfazed.
    “I meant inside, dear girl. You have beauty on the outside, but inside you are twisted and corrupt.â€

    Her sweet smile turned into a snarl, and she got out of her chair and strode towards me.
    “I am not corrupt! That ‘old lady’ released power in me I never even new I had. Unlimited, undefeatable power. And with it, I have taken your weak land and turned it into something of use.†She paused and twirled a piece of hair, “I’m raising a little army,†she said, “And soon I will march it out to lay waste to the pitiful lands around us, and spread my Darkness further. I will be Queen of the Black Domain!â€
    She let out a fiendish cackle, and raised her arms above her head. I remained silent, then drew my sword.
    “I’m sorry daughter, I can’t let you do that. This evil cannot continue.â€
    She laughed again.
    “You wish to die here? In my tower, and not gloriously in battle against me?"

    I stared at her sadly.
    “What does it matter? My life is over anyway. My wife is dead; killed by my insane eldest. Now my youngest has taken the very land from beneath my feet. I have nothing left to live for.†She frowned coldly at me.
    “Then so be it.†She said.
    A sudden crack of lightning from outside startled me. I looked to the windows, and saw the clouds boiling over our heads. A massive storm had started in a space of 30 seconds. I turned back to my daughter, in time to see her lower her arms and point out stretched fingertips towards me. A bolt of pure electricity struck my chest and sent me flying into a bookcase. Ramoria watched me pick myself out of the wreck, sparks shooting from her eyes and lightning arcing through her hair. I got up and brandished my sword.
    “So be it.†I said.
    I charged at her and swung… but hit only air. She appeared behind me and smashed an ancient vase over my head. I staggered, trying to regain my composer, as she used an unseen force to lift up objects and hurl them at me. Finally, as I lent panting against a wall, she stopped her assault and spoke.

    “Enough of these games; my powers are too important to waste on you, so I will end this now.†A loud rattling drew my attention from her. A massive spear on the wall was shaking, struggling to free itself from its bindings. Ramoria laughed evilly. I knew I had mere moments to live, so I did the only thing I could. Using all my strength, I raised my sword high above my head, and threw it.
    It hit true, embedding itself in her right side and pinning her to the wall. She stayed there, gasping for air. Then to my shock, she gave a small cry, and ripped the sword out. Swaying slightly, she held the sword out in front of her.
    “You are a strong man, father, but you cannot stop me. When I return my armies will be ready and unstoppable.†Her features softened, but only for a second.
    “Go father, run. I’ll spare your life… for today.â€

    “I didn’t argue. I fled down the stairs, the sound of her screaming incantations still ringing in my ears. The townspeople were no longer worshipping, and they paid no heed to me, every pair of eyes focused on the tower. I ran until I was well clear of the Darkness, and then collapsed onto the grass. From there I watched as a huge bubble of raw static energy expanded from the towers top. It continued to grow; engulfing the town and the twisted forest, the high-pitched noise it emitted forcing me to cover my ears. Then, with a blinding flash and crash of thunder, it was gone. Everything the bubble had encased simply disappeared. A wasteland of dark sand was the only evidence left that suggested the Black Queen had ever been there.â€

    “Whomever be the finder of my diary, this is my final wish. Find Ramoria. Free her obviously tortured soul, and in doing so, release Sanctuary from her threat forever.â€

    The Baron embarked on his own quest to find his daughter, and nothing was ever heard from him again. Ramorias whereabouts still remain a mystery…

    Chapter 3: The Black Tower

    Kayleb slammed the book shut. It was all too much to take in. Some how, he had stumbled across an ancient island, once belonging to the land, that was ruled over by a power-crazed sorceress. He looked up at the swirling clouds, then at the huts and Jungle. The evidence was undeniable. This was the home of the Black Queen.
    Knowing not what else to do, he continued to follow the path through the forest. The old black stone houses the Baron had described still stood, but barely, the jungle vines nearly hiding them from view.
    At one point, a dark shadow loomed over the path. Kayleb looked up at a huge figure standing before him, and in surprise, drew his sword and swung.

    The claymore bounced off the figure with a resounding crash. Kayleb looked at it in shock, before it finally dawned on him that this was the giant statue of Ramoria. There were no longer any villagers worshipping at its feet, and the polished marble was layered with moss and dirt.
    Kayleb sat down at the statue and thought. The Baron had said he'd gone to the tower via this point, up a hill. The high treetops hindered his view of any hill; so instead, he looked at the clouds and estimated the central point they were swirling around. This would mean leaving the path though, not an idea that appealed to Kayleb greatly. He sighed, and then said aloud to himself;
    "Well, no one ever got rich from being afraid of a few vines." He raised his sword and pushed into the undergrowth.

    The trek was a tough one; the foliage on the hillside was alot denser then near the path. But after many scratchy, sweaty hours, he finally made it. The Black Tower rose into view high above the jungle trees, a column of civilisation among an island of twisted nature. It was certainly an impressive structure; perfectly crafted so that the wind and rain would do the least amount of damage over a long period of time. A light shone from the large room at the top, and Kayleb wondered if the sorceress could really be alive after so many years.

    Just as the Baron had done so long ago, Kayleb found the door unlocked, and he climbed the dust layered stairs to the main chamber. He too opened the door cautiously and peered in.
    Ramoria sat in the centre, still young looking and very beautiful. She smiled when she saw him.
    "Welcome, my handsome traveller. I see you have stumbled across my island." She saw the sword in his hand rise, and she frowned, "There is no need for weapons here. I mean you no harm." Kayleb lowered his sword an inch, then brought it back up.
    "I have read your history, Black Queen. I know of your evil plans. It would take more then kind words to convince me that your intentions are now good."
    She looked hurt.

    "People can change you know. Being alone for so long can make a person see the error of their ways."
    She twisted a piece of hair and battered her eyelashes at him. He remained sceptical, but sheathed his sword anyway. Quick as lightning it flew back out and into Ramorias hands. Kayleb cried out in anger and made a lunge for her, only to be stopped by an invisible barrier. Ramoria giggled girlishly, and twisted the Claymore about, testing it.
    "A fascinating weapon", she proclaimed, "so light and maneuverable." She looked at the furious Barbarian and laughed.
    "Men," she said, tossing the sword back to him, "all the same. Fall for it every time. Oh, I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done; I'm sweet and innocent now."
    She battered her eyelashes again and blew him a sarcastic kiss, before throwing her head back in laughter.
    Kayleb was getting impatient with the insults and hit back with one of his own.

    "So, your still every bit as corrupted as when your father fought you."
    A look of pain crossed Ramoria’s face, and he saw her hand instinctively touch her right side.
    "Yes, the old fool did put up a good fight. But here," she gestured out the windows to the island, "here I am free from his reach, and anyone else’s for that matter. Free to study and raise my army."
    Kayleb looked puzzled. Ramoria noticed this and smirked.
    "You’re wondering how I could raise an army on such a small island, and when I seem to be the only living being here?" He nodded silently.
    She smiled evilly, displaying rows of perfectly white teeth, and then beckoned to him.
    "Follow me." She said.

    Together, they silently descending the spiralling staircase till they reached the entrance room. Again, Kayleb looked puzzled.
    "But there's nothing here aside from dust and destroyed furniture?"
    She casually went over to the corner and bent down to open a trapdoor. A rush of stale air came out, and Kayleb sniffed suspiciously. Ramoria rolled her eyes.
    "Look, for now I'm not trying to kill you. If I wanted to, you'd be dead by now."
    "Then why, and what, are you showing me?" She flicked some hair aside.
    "Hey, where's the fun in being an Evil Queen if you can't brag about your accomplishments?"

    The staircase beneath the trapdoor seemed to go on forever. The air began to get warm, and nearly every step was coated in slime and mildew. The fact that they both had to do it in pitch dark made the descent twice as hard.
    Finally at the bottom, Ramoria halted.
    "Please step back," she said, "I wouldn't want you to die before you can witness my genius."

    Kayleb stepped back and waited, listening to Ramoria scuffling about and the drip of moisture from the roof. Suddenly, a buzzing sound filled the air, and Ramoria was illuminated with and aura of electricity. Her hands were planted firmly on an orb of metal, which was attached to a rod embedded in the earth. After a minute, Ramoria let go, and it was dark again. In the distance, metallic grinding sounds could be heard, and suddenly there was light. Kayleb blinked. He was in a tunnel. Small glass bulbs emitted light, which was to bright for him to look at. Ramoria laughed at his wincing.
    "Isn't it amazing? Through the use of metal and my powers, we have light."
    Kayleb continued with his blank, puzzled expressions, and she rolled her eyes.

    They followed the well-lit tunnel to a large metal door. A massive iron bolt kept the door shut, and just for fun she indicated for Kayleb to try it. He pulled with all his might, but the bolt barely budged an inch. Like most things, she seemed to find this highly amusing.
    Pushing him out of the way, she made a gesture with her hand and the bolt slide out as easy as if it had just been oiled. The door opened with an enormous groan, and Ramoria pushed Kayleb in. He allowed a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, then stared in shock.
    The room was lit in an eerie green glow, and it was freezing cold. Every wall, floor to roof, was lined with a glass cylinder. And inside each cylinder... a human. Kayleb began to sweat even though the temperature was below freezing. What was this place? There were things here he'd never seen before, ideas he'd never even dreamed about. Ramoria came up behind him, admiring her work.
    "Welcome," she said, "to the Incubit."

    Kayleb staggered and fell to his knees, still gazing at the green tinted display before him. Ramoria allowed him to gape as she fiddled with various cranks and levers. From atop the roof of the room, a large metal claw began to move; making it's way slowly along a series of chains. As it went, Ramoria enlightened him a little.

    "Many, many years ago, when the old women came and took me from my father, she said to him that she was going release the untapped energy contained in me. However, she did a lot more then that. The woman was a scientist who studied the art of raising Golems and the Dead. Though not a true Necromancer, she had devoted her entire lifetime to her research, and she sought to pass on her knowledge to someone else before her eventual death. I turned out to be the perfect subject."
    The metallic claw suddenly fell and clamped onto a glass cylinder, ripping it from the wall and beginning its return journey.

    "Although I was unable to perform the arts myself, through the use of machines and science, the old lady taught me how to raise skeletons for brief amounts of time. My powers as a sorcerer she developed in our spare time, and once they were sufficient enough, she turned all attention to introducing me to the enigmatic art of the Golems."
    The claw descended in front of Kayleb and her, and placed the cylinder gently on the ground, before rising back towards the roof.

    "Little is known about Necromancers, or Golems for that matter, bar a few small general facts. There are four types of Golems, and a Necromancer can raise only one Golem of any type at a time, no matter how powerful or how skilful he is. Maintaining control over these animated servants is highly taxing, and requires a large portion of the Necromancers subconscious mind.
    The old women, even after her lifetime of study, had only managed to summon forth the Homunculus, or Blood Golem. These Golems are created by a drop of the casters blood, and once raised, can regenerate their strength by feasting on the flesh and blood of those they kill."
    Kayleb had fully recovered from his future shock, and was now listening to Ramorias explanation. It was confusing, and there were many words he did not understand the meaning of. But he was beginning to pick up on the gist of what she was driving at.

    "You're planning to raise an army of Homunculus?" he asked her quizzingly. "But how? You said yourself, it's not possible for someone to raise and control more then one Golem at a time" An evil glint appeared in her eye.
    "Look around you, my small minded friend. How many humans do you think are in this room? A hundred? Three hundred?... Ha. Try five hundred and fourteen. The Incubit is a lot larger then you may think; there are numerous other rooms like this one. There are more then enough different beings here to keep me supplied with blood for centuries... or however long it takes me to conquer Sanctuary."
    Kayleb strode over and tapped on the glass of the cylinder in front of him. The villager contained inside did not respond.

    "Wouldn't you need them to be alive for that? Live minds, living blood?"
    She sauntered over to him and began fiddling with the side of the cylinder.
    "Look closer. Do they look dead to you? Is their flesh not pink and their muscles still tort. They are simply in hibernation. The temperature inside each cylinder keeps their bodies in a state of suspended animation." Knowing Kayleb probably had no idea what this meant, she explained further, "Their bodies age at 1/9 the rate they usually do. However, there is a side affect..."
    She flicked one final latch on the side of the cylinder, and the glass casing flew open. The villager did nothing for several seconds, then it opened its eyes and let out an ear splitting scream. Kayleb nearly died of fright right there and then, and fell over flat on his back.

    He scrambled back to the giant metal doorway, watching the villager topple out of the cylinder and continue screaming. It dragged itself towards him, hair already greying and the skin sagging from the rapidly aging body. In the space of a minute, he watched the middle aged man go from alive and healthy, to a pile of bone dust, which Ramoria casually swept off the path with her foot.
    "As I was saying, there is a side affect. The villagers have been in there so long, that they age at an uncontrollable speed when released. They are forever trapped in their glass coffins."

    She helped Kayleb to his feet and took him over to a cylinder containing a live villager. From the opposite side this time, she pulled a long thin metal needle and a vial of green liquid.
    "And now you will witness the creation of a Homunculus."
    From the same place she produced the needle, she began to slide it back in, point first. Kayleb watched through the glass, as the needle slid up a tube, and finally made contact with side of the villager's chest. With a quick thrust, she made a small puncture, and the blood began to flow. It ran down the tube, down the side of the cylinder, then began to pool on the floor. Using her teeth, Ramoria pulled the stopper from the vial of green goo, and poured it onto the blood. Immediately, the blood began to boil and grow. Gases rose from the expanding form, and small popping noises emitted from the many appearing and erupting bubbles. As the puddle began to rise from the floor, Kayleb could see the Blood Golem taking shape, and no longer doubted anything Ramoria had to say.

    There before them, stood a grotesque creature. Horrible gurgling sounds came from its mouth, as well as a large quantity of bloody drool. Kayleb could see exposed muscles and sinews all over its being, and found it very hard not to make a face of utter repulsion. Ramoria smiled and pointed to the giant metal door. The Golem immediately lumbered over and stood in front of it, leaving a large trail of blood as it went.
    "The creature obeys me, but it is bound to the villager in the cylinder. As long as its blood-link remains alive, so will the Golem. At least until both die from sharing to much physical punishment."

    "So now you see the full extent of my plan. It is foolproof, flawless. Nothing could stand in the way of my imminent invasion."
    Kaylebs hopes began to fade. She was right. The Homunculus were powerful creatures, and an army of five hundred and fourteen could easily wipe out any city in Sanctuary. He looked the grinning sorceress in the eye.
    "Yes, I think your right; on all accounts. But one thing I still don't understand; now you've shown me all this, and had your chance to brag, what are you going to do with me now?" Ramoria pouted her lips and began fiddling with her hair.
    "Well, I had planned to keep you. You're kinda cute. But I think that villager I wasted in the demonstration was of a higher importance. After all, I can't go into battle with only five hundred and thirteen Golems. It'd be unlucky."
    The colour drained from his face as she made a gesture towards the open container before him.

    "Don't worry. I believe it'd only be like a very deep sleep, where you can dream forever and not worry about the world outside you..." she paused and then added, "better hope you don't have nightmares to often." She exploded in laughter, and Kayleb desperately looked for a way out.
    "No chance of that," she said, seeing his frantic glances, "the only way out is guarded by him." She pointed at the Blood Golem, then back at Kayleb.
    "Fetch", she said.

    (Final chapter tomorrow once i've spell/grammer checked it :sleep: )
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    It's good.. very enticing..

    There's a few errors where you missed apostraphes, and at one point you refer to Ramonia as a sorcerer.

    Very good though.
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    Impressive. very well done, other than a few erros(hey we all make em) its great. Good luck with last part
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    Final Chapter

    (In quick reply to the replies: Ramoria is a sorceress. Hence why she has all those powers like telekenisis and teleport and such. However, she's also a black queen and a scientist :scratch: And also an apology in advance for the apostraphes - they are the one thing i never know where to place. Became kinda my trademark on other forums :uhhuh: don't worry i'll learn one day.)

    Chapter 4: The End of the Black Queen

    The Blood Golem made a pleased gurgling sound and staggered towards Kayleb, great bone claws projected from its knuckles. Kayleb did the only thing he could; he ran.
    Ramoria had been right about the Incubit - it was huge. Corridors lead off the path in all directions, and Kayleb quickly realized that with this green light, he would very quickly become lost. He was being so loud; his breath came out in short, misty clouds and his feet clanked along the metal pathway. Kayleb had no idea how Homunculus tracked their prey, but if it could hear, it'd have no trouble following him in this place. The distant gurgling was a constant reminder to him that the relentless killer was on his tail, its only thought being to feast on his entrails and fulfil its Mistresses whim.

    He continued twisting and turning, desperately searching for a hiding place, but after a time found the cold affected him and he could run no longer. Kayleb slowed his pace, trying to take his bearings, and then stopped all together. Silence. He no longer heard the ominous gurgling, nor any sounds of pursuit. He’d lost the beast.
    Breathing heavily but trying to remain silent at the same time, he began to walk slowly down the metal corridor. He glanced into various cylinders as he ran past; small children, women, elders. All people who believed in their leader and worshipped her. There faces were blank, minds in a world of dreams. He couldn't imagine a worse way for her to betray them... except for slaughtering them outright.
    Cautiously, he walked to the end of the corridor, and peeked into the next room. He couldn't believe it. Some how, he'd come full circle, and was back at the entrance. The giant metal door was sealed shut, and Ramoria was nowhere to be seen.

    "She's shut me in, like a rat in a trap.†he thought.
    The cylinder still stood on the pathway, cold and clear. He'd rather die by his own hands then be put in there.
    Then he saw something he hadn't before. Levers. He had been to busy suffering from future shock to notice them last time, but he remembered how Ramoria had used them to control the giant metal claw while she explained her plan. Kayleb looked above the cylinder and saw that the claw still hung, waiting for commands. Curious, he moved behind the levers and pulled one. A horrid grinding crash filled the chamber, and he immediately pushed the lever forward again.
    "Just my luck, wrong direction", he muttered, swearing in various barbarian curses. His hand froze just as he was about to push it forward.

    Small beads of perspiration formed on his forehead. The gurgling grew louder, and he identified its location as the corridor he had just come out of. Swiftly he pushed the lever. The claw jerked forward with a start, and began to move along the chains to the opposite end of the chamber. However, since the corridor was right near him and not at the other end, he began rapidly pushing and pulling levers, trying to get the desired result. The claw swung back and forth, jerking to a stop, then starting again, doing nothing Kayleb wanted it to and making a tremendous noise in the process.
    "For Arreat's sake come on!" he screamed in a mixture of frustration and utter terror. And then, as if by a miracle, it turned and headed towards him.
    An especially loud growl drew his attention from the claw. The Blood Golem had entered the chamber, and was watching the metallic appendage with intense fascination. Slowly, whatever it used to think with in its hideous head began to work, and it turned to face the levers. Kayleb stared back, silent and still, hoping that its empty eye sockets wouldn't see him if he didn't move.
    It sniffed.

    Instantly the bone claws burst from its knuckles, and it launched itself towards the terrified human. Kayleb yelled and pulled the final lever, causing the claw to drop from the roof. The metal fingers snatched the Homunculus from the air, inches from Kaylebs head. The Blood Golem burst into fits of growls and gurgles, swiping its razor sharp claws in every direction; trying to free itself from the deadly grip and get Kayleb at the same time. Kayleb gave another yell and kicked the lever forward. The claw slowly rose to the roof with its struggling burden, and he stood to watch it. Finally it came to a halt, and the Golem went silent. He could feel the hollow sockets watching him, wishing fervently to end his life.
    "Not today, my gruesome friend." he said under his breath, and pulled the lever all the way back. The claw dropped with amazing speed, and crashed into floor near his feet. The Golems shattered body gave a final, drawn out gurgle, and sank, the magic’s that bound it unravelling and leaving only a stagnant puddle of discoloured blood.

    A loud metal groan made Kayleb turn to see Ramoria stepping through the metal doorway and frowning.
    "You killed my creation." she remarked. She looked up and glared at him. "Have you no respect for science?" Before Kayleb could move he found himself being lifted by an invisible force and dangled in the air.
    "You think you can kill my creatures?" she screamed, "Think you can mock my research and halt the plans I alone have spent centuries preparing??"
    She made a gesture with her hand and Kayleb flew into the wall between two cylinders, only to be raised again.
    "What are you compared to the likes of me? You’re nothing. An insignificant life in a world of thousands. You have no true skills, no beneficial knowledge. You are useless!" Once again he was slammed into the wall, this time repeatedly.
    "I will make you suffer a world of torment inside your glass prison, a never ending nightmare in which you will watch me wipe out those you love over and over. You will rue the day you crossed paths with the Black Queen!"
    She lifted her hands high and Kayleb followed, only to crash down again when she dropped them. He crawled, bleeding and bruised towards her. She watched his pitiful form draw closer.
    "Please, spare me. I am no match for you Ramoria. Spare me and I'll be yours forever". He continued to crawl forward till her reached her, and then began to kiss her feet. She remained silent, then commanded

    He slowly got to his feet, wiping the blood from his mouth. He stood swaying, then smiled and held out his hand.
    Ramoria raised an eyebrow, then her features softened and she too held out her hand. He immediarely grabbed it and pulled her forcibly towards him.
    "Sweet dreams" he whispered in her ear. Then, using all his remaining strength, he lifted her up and hurled her towards the open cylinder. Screaming for all it was worth, she hit dead centre, causing it to tilt backwards and the casing to slam shut, trapping her inside. Her face contorted into pure fear as she hammered desperately on the lid. Kayleb watched as the cylinder teetered awkwardly on its edge, balancing perfectly for about three seconds, before falling backwards, Ramorias mouth open in a silent scream.
    It hit the floor with the sound of a thousand smashing mirrors, and Kayleb had to hide is eyes from the flying shards. When he looked again, Ramoria was lying in a sea of glass; her body slithered and pierced by a million needles. She raised her head slightly and looked at him, her eyes, he noticed, once again a beautiful crystal blue. Then she slumped down. Silent.

    Sadly, he climbed back out of the trapdoor and slammed it shut; the final resting place of a brilliant, twisted mind. Reaching the door, he pulled it open... and gaped.
    The corrupted forest was dieing before his very eyes, leaves falling from the branches and vines drooping lifelessly upon the ground. The entire jungle was withering way. This puzzled him, but he soon realised its cause.
    Without the powers of the dark sorceress, the island was falling to pieces and he left the brown, rusted tower in time to hear a deep rumble from underground.
    A sound like a thousand muffled screams rose from beneath Kaylebs feet; an entire village awakening at once. He struggled to keep his balance on the now strongly quaking ground. From atop the hill, Kayleb could see everything; the statue, ruins of the ancient village, even the beach on which he had arrived. He gazed out to the beach; his only hope for escape, put his head down and ran.

    How close he came to death during that final run, he did not know. Countless trees fell across his path and even a black stonewall came close to crushing him as it collapsed under the weight of the dieing foliage. As he neared the beach, an explosion ripped through the island, and made him turn in time to witness the tower cave in on itself, and crumble to the ground.
    The portal was before him, the island in chaos. There was only one final jump between him and....

    Speed. Incredible speed. Never had he felt so relieved. He relaxed, and almost savoured the painful flashing lights racing past his eyes. The island, and all its insane ideas, were left behind him in destruction; the threat of the Black Queens darkness gone forever.
    He flew out of the portal and across the ground, making a long trench in the grass with his face. Hoping no one had seen his far from dignified entry, he sat up and shook himself free of dirt. A mouldy old tome fell from his backpack, and he stooped to pick it up.
    "I wonder if Akara is skilled with books," he mumbled, "This one is going to need a few extra chapters."
    Kayleb smiled to himself and put the book back. Then lay down in the grass to enjoy the sun....
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    Well written and a good ending. I enjoyed reading this one. 4/5 stars.

    BTW: I know she's a sorceress, but you referred to her as a sorcerer. She's not a male.
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    oh... oh shucks.. now i feel really stupid :bonk: I didn't even pick up on it when you typed it to my face lol. Thxs for that. Sorry :flip:

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