The best weapon 4 an trap assa??

Dagoth Urs Flaming Hand

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The best weapon 4 an trap assa??

I have bartucs, jade talon, and a +4 skills staff but i need 2 know wut the best weapon 4 a poor assa is. I know hoto's good but i need sumthin in my price range.


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You can just shop for claws...Visit Anya in Hell and you can buy claws from her. They can spawn with +2 Assasin skills and if you really lucky also +1-3 to Lightning sentry. Of course there's also stuff like Suicide Branch and Wizardspike, but a claw that gives +5 lightning sentry is too juicy to pass up if you ask me.


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ok i just gotta brag a little now :p
today i was shopping at Hell Anya for a +3 Shadow +3 Venom claw but I got this claw:
+2 All assassin
+2 Dragon Flight
+3 Light Snetry
+3 Shadow Master

So she can sell very very nice claws ^^

sry for bragging ;)


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your best bet would be shopping for one or two nice claws @ hell anya. With a little patience you can buy 2 +3 trap claws, if you're REALLY lucky even one with +3 traps and +3 Light sentry...


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I found that 2 Bartucs were excellent before I could afford/find/buy from Anya, fast trap laying speed for fire blast, hit recovery, 4 skills combined, awesome. Also, when levelling in NM you can hit them with your claws too. They will keep you going until you can begin to stack the +skills.