The Best Player vs. Player Spirit?

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The Best Player vs. Player Spirit?

So thinks have changed a bit in 1.10. Has your favorite spirit changed? Do you even still use a spirit? Do you think the extra damage and attack rating from HoW is really that useful now that leech, for the most part, sucks? Do you think Oak Sage can be killed to easily and isn't really worth it anymore? Do you think the fact that thorns is nerfed to high hell in p v p has killed any chance SoB had? Do you think those points should be used elsewhere?

Well vote it out. I'm interested, we haven't had this poll in a long time, and I'm not sure I was around for it in 1.10.

Specify your build (fury wolf, rabies wolf, mauler bear, fireclaws bear, hybrid bear, hybrid shifter, fire druid, wind druid etc. etc.) and the spirit you use and WHY you use that spirit, or why you don't...

Player vs. Player only please. I honestly don't care about all you monster fighters out there. :p
Being the wind druid I am, I use oak, on my pvm mauler I use HoW.
Also..I don't think it can be called anyone's style to use a spirit when dueling.


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Oak works fine pvp for me as long as they don't have area of effect attacks (FO, light fury, to a lesser extend ww). They like to kill it alot, but gets a few hits in for me. And trang gloves makes it easily recast.


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Æ’enris said:
Also..I don't think it can be called anyone's style to use a spirit when dueling.
Of course that really has no bearings on anything. Those were the most *famous* druids to use that type of spirit... to me. Since I made the poll, I used their names as a tribute.


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Seems recasting Oak after it's demise and loss of aura is uncouth, and in 1.10 that aura just doesn't last as long.... I'd have to go with HoW if I were to PvP.

On some builds, I'd have to consider a Spirit unnecessary now since you could get better bonuses than HoW provides from increasing skills. (Ex: FCWB would benefit from more points in Synergies and/or Bear/Lycanthropy)

So in that situation, or even with an Elemental Druid, I'd have to go without a Spirit since HoW isn't that valuable, SoB is still rather sad in most cases, and Oak has that less than acceptable healing attribute.

Just to say this, I'm a big fan of Oak in PvM... but in PvP Private dueling, the 1.10 Oak Sage just isn't right with it's healing capabilities.


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My wolf, (pvp/melee/fury) has sufficient ar (Damage..less so t.t) without HoW now, due to a personal improvement in charms. So esentially, I could go with, or without it if it were too much of a nuisance to recast. I also have a nearly maxed Oak Sage if I choose to use that per a different kind of dueling situation, ie. everyone except iron barbs and most pallys.

I don't see my dual maxed spirit build very viable unless you too wish to level to 99. >< (He was made pre .10 of course.)
the heal bug with oak sage was fixed in 1.1. it no longer works.

my take on spirits: unless you are going to max the spirit then it's absolutely pointless to even put a single point. it might even be pointless to max a spirit because of the tendency of most PvPers to just randomly kill it off anyways, but a maxed spirit is the only spirit that will have enough life to survive more than a single hit from anything.


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Eh Mauler or Hybrid... HoW hOw HoW

Seriously it doesn't really change anything, it gives more AR and that's what I need. Plus it's nice to have over 10k without any problem on any attack. Removing the Spirit cap gave me something to at least be happy about with all this other crap.

Although I might lean towards dual Spirit for a Mauler, if it's no sort of Hybrid at all. Truthfully, I can't see really maxing much else for PvP since Summons sort of got killed. Oh and dual meaning Oak and HoW, even less impressed with SoB now.


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Oak Sage is probably the most beneficial over all, in my opinion. AR can be raised high enough (except on a Mauler) without HoW, and extra life is always nice.

Since leech is virtually useless now, I'd say that's a strike against HoW, but it might be nice to have that extra damage kick to try to get them before they get you.

I'm not sure, in the end, but I voted for Oak. Maybe some day I'll duel some more and we'll see.


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here is my experimentation w/ it as of late since .10. If your using a 5 framer go oak, it allows you to take extra damage and deal massive damage when you make contact(some eth BotD's). However if your using a 4 framed weapon HoW is better it gives you ar and helps you land constantly thus giving them less chance to hit you.