The best non sorc MF'er

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I like zon's myself, can't carry as much MF as sorc's or necro's but they are extremely efficient killers.

Also, I'm pretty sure you didn't really need to list the 6 other classes when asking the question...


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I really think the best MF'er is the one you have the most fun with.

I remember that back in 1.09 I used to MF with a Frenzy Barb, it was loads of fun and I got many many items, not because he was incredibly lucky, but because since runs where fun I could them without boring myself to death and so do more runs.

It's all a matter of taste. Also I don't think Sorcs are the best MF'er all around, I think hammerdins for example can put them to shame. Still, I have loads of fun doing MF runs with barbs :grin: (and also have a second chance thanks to FI)


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LF zon fastest cows and pindle kiling machine
hammerdin P8 killing machine
Frenzy barb travincal killing machine
Venommancer pits killing machine


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I think I lost the point of this thread. Can someone direct me to it?

Nah, just kidding. My answer is:



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The fastest of each group I imagine ...

Just my quick 2 cents:

necro - summoner exploder (aka fishymancer) with a Naj's puzzler or a "godly" ammy with tele charges so you can prebuff with Call to Arms. Efficient up to players5 or so before running out of steam, safe, can minion-stack, can outfit your merc with lots of crushing blow because you don't need a Reaper's Toll for crowd control and because you have (a) an army and (b) curses like attract, confuse etc ... can carry lots of MF without sacrificing much speed. Can also do NF's crushing blow setup for bosses to quicken things up along with a Clay Golem to slow things down ...


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smilts said:
I'm just wondering wich non sorc mf class is best.

Personally I am unimpressed by the MF prowess of the Necromancer, (particularly Skellimancer) due to his low killing speed.

They are notoriously slow in Act 5 Hell, but even for The Pits I find them slow going. The thing is that even (especially) with a large army they tend to spread out and fight a lot of mini battles on the way to The Pits. This either slows you down, or causes half your army to poof when you move out of range.

Enigma would probably solve that problem quite nicely.

The other problem is that although people suggest that you can throw all common sense out the window when it comes to things like resists, with the Skellimancer you generally have to lead your troops into battle, and so you are the one (initiailly) sucking up the enemy ranged attacks and doing an impression of a pin cushion.

(And again, Enigma would solve that problem)

Although the Skellimancer looks good on paper as an MFer in practice they have some hurdles to overcome.

Likewise, I've never been able to get the Sorc MF thing going, because in practice teleporting madly around the durance is a recipe for death (and I play hardcore).

So just be aware of where people are coming from when they talk about these things, particularly if they are making implicit assumptions, such as 'any fool can get +20 to all skills no problem'... which from my perspective would be the *end* result of months of MFing, not the beginning!

That said, I get bored too easily to do endless MF runs, so I won't say what my favourite would be.


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I use a zealer for mf runs mostly and for some reason the rush of finding leet items keeps me doing mf runs even when i want to stop


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IMO, best starting mfer is a lightning sorc, once you accumulate riches, the necro and paladin follow, Enigma is just so powerful on these characters. My best mfer now is my skellymancer. I don't use amplify damage, but instead of lifetap, it keeps my skellies alive as well as my merc, seeing as he doesn't have any life steal, only crushing blow items and insight for the massive amounts of mana pooling

Black Rat

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Besides my light sorc, my hammerdin is the best mfer ive got....... with alibaba and milbregas orb on switch, he has positive resists in hell and around 500 mf..... when equiped to do so..... great for running meph or throne..... pindle on the other hand... thats a sorcs job unless you have enigma


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Hammerdin. Great killing speed, no immune monsters (I know - wailing beast, but who runs Kurast Temples?), and charge + vigor is the second fastest movement ability after teleport.


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Hammerdins are sorcs too, wusses...

I like my IK whirler, 200ish MF and hork, can do P3 pits and I expect him to be able to do about P5 when he gets older. LF-zons can also be quite nice, when there's not much LI evil around ;)


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I just like Zons. What point are runs if you can't stand doing them and quit after two minutes. Besides, they tend to be about as fast at several of the main targets.


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smilts, I have merged your two threads together and deleted few posts which didn't make sense after this merge.


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a necromancer is so versatile with cureses, minions and poison and bone what more could you want?