The best day in Diablo 2 history


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The best day in Diablo 2 history

This by far, was the best day for me in diablo history. I got on this afternoon, about 3pm, and starting doing hell phisto runs with my 91 sorc, this has been my MF character, since 1.09, and everything i got today, doesnt compare what i got in months of MFing w/ her. I first found a unique spiderweb sash, i was exicited, but not to excited, a few runs later, what drops, but a unique balrog skin :surprise: And this point, i pretty much have a smile from ear to ear. I then go to the channels on USWest, where i see a man selling 1 290 for 6 100 poison charms, I quickly message him, and I recieve my first 290

Since i love to trade, i went right back to the channels. I offer to sell, a few ist, my spiderweb sash, and my 1 290 poison charm. Right away I get a few messages. This guy offer's a Call to Arm w/ +4 Bo for my 290, sash, and 1 ist. Since im not just about to give up my recently aquired 290 that easily, i offer a second ist and my spiderweb sash, he agree's, and i am one Call to Arm richer :D

Back to the trading channels i went, and quickly sold my Call to Arm and 290 for a wire fleece enigma :clap:

Today has been the best day in diablo 2 history for me and my sorc.

~Integra Type R



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Not to burst your bubble or anything, but an ist is worth 3x290s, on east sc non ladder anyway.


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Sorry to sound like a novice but when it comes to items ....i am :D

Can u clarify what 1 290 is?

Is that +290 dmg poison charm?


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very nice.. i just wish that i could have as much luck as that.. the valor alone would be nice to have..