The Barbarian handbook. Given to all Barbarians at birth


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The Barbarian handbook. Given to all Barbarians at birth

They’ll take one look and think they know us. Barbarians. Big and strong, but dim-witted Barbarians. Long have we fought off these common perceptions without success. We put ourselves at the frontline of every battle, not because we are so brainless that we don’t fear death, but because we understand the meaning of sacrifice. We understand that God has given us the bodies and the skills that we have, to protect those in our group who require protection such as the Sorceresses who are weak and frail but who provide powers so valuable that they cannot be compromised by the hands of evil.

Little is it known that we too are of high intelligence. Assumptions are a dangerous thing. We will not defeat you by sheer muscle alone. We will outsmart you in every facet of battle until you fall. You think because we yell, we are showing signs of unintelligent behavior? We practice these warcries from birth and they will add haste to your defeat. They propel ones self and all comrades within range to use the emotions within them to become more ever more powerful. Nothing will be left within, all will be felt by our enemies.

Balance is of utmost important to the Barbarian lifestyle. Due to the immense release of energy felt when warcrying, we Barbarians must find time for meditation to counter this. We must use our meditation to control this energy and restore ourselves, and the ability to continue to use our warcries. Plus our throats get a little scratchy. Our training is not only of body but also of mind. Without a strong mind, the strength of our bodies is negated. We Barbarians will spend many hours studying.

From birth, you will be trained for combat, trained to protect the lands of Harrogath and beyond, but do not forget the balance required to be the perfect warrior you can be. Always may you stand victorious on your battle field, yet always long for the day when you need fight no more when the lands are at peace and the evil is vanquished forever.


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Nice read :thumbsup:

Slam said:
We must use our meditation to control this energy and restore ourselves, and the ability to continue to use our warcries. Plus our throats get a little scratchy
Good one:)


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I was just a little bored at work and I love Barbs. That, and I’m a dork.

I’ve been a mostly absent from this game for about 6 months (besides keeping my characters from expiring) but am really getting into it again and it is on my mind more than it should be. I have a lot to catch up on it seems, particularly with all the new runewords. I have so many D2 projects in mind or in progress. I know you all probably don’t care of them that much but I’m going to babble on about them all the same. I feel more satisfied – to the point where I might be able to do something useful - if I translate my thoughts into written (typed) words :)

OK, I finally have a Hammerdin going. Very cookie cutter I know but I had to try it at least once. They truly are a powerful build and I can say this from only having mine at level 31 so far. I can only imagine what is to come in terms of complete domination. I play him a bit like a Javazon where I get a bunch of monsters grouped together then unleash some hammers at them which is easier than getting into position to attack them one at a time. I don’t fear being crowded by monsters because I have fast cast rate (second last break point) and high fast hit recovery, and block rate too. So basically, even if I get hit, I recover so fast and spam hammers so fast that I take everything down before they do any real damage to me. I haven’t died yet which is rare for me for I often play so carelessly. I’m not Hardcore material.

Another Paladin related project (I know, this is a Barb forum – I’ll get to my Barbs) I have going is a 4 Paladin Party. I’m playing this with my wife, brother and cousin. We have in the party, a Tesladin Zealot, an Avenger, a Hammerdin, and a Cleric. This gives us some awesome team synergies. I won’t go into them but you can imagine how powerful we are. Another facet of this project is we have rules that we don’t play unless all 4 of us are on together and we don’t twink except for runes (we have a lot of impossible to get runewords in our final build designs and we know we’d never get them all otherwise). We haven’t had a chance to progress these guys since I got back into the game but I’m probably looking forward to this more than anything.

If we ever get our 4 Paladin project done, next up is 1 Paladin and 3 Sorcs, one specializing in each element and the Paladin obviously having conviction. I imagine that would be an insanely powerful team also. I’d say the Paladin would be the tank but I don’t think he’d get a chance to do much tanking because everything would die so fast :)

OK, now for some Barbs. When season two started, I had my Berserker Barb leveling fast right out of the gate with a team we organized here on the forums and I was on the ladder for a bit. I stopped him at level ** though and his primary function now is magic find. I haven’t played him at all since I got back into the game so I couldn’t even tell you what he is using but I remember that I haven’t put a single point in any mastery yet for haven’t found my end game weapon but he doesn’t have any AR problems somehow. I’ll have to check him out to see how he does that.

I also have a Concentrate barb in progress and he is somewhere in the 50’s. I’ve played him a few times since getting back to the game and he is admittedly a slow character to play with but he is certainly rugged. I guess I have him kitted out pretty well because nothing really poses a threat to him. I’m having brain cramps right now trying to remember what he is using. Sorry for the lack of info.

What has really got me excited in the Barb world is the skill that truly makes the barb. Wirlwind. Just yesterday, I read Aramil’s IK Barb guide which made me want to start another WW barb. That was a great guide btw. It is actually refreshing to see a guide based on one of the sets now that they’ve received a nice boost in 1.10. I’ve only done one so far. My very first one which I got to level 99 and was my magic find character for all of 1.09. Combined with his might merc, he had over 1000 magic find and could still take down all the bosses easily. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to let him expire which you can imagine I wasn’t too happy about. Now I still see him there every time I log on to one of my accounts but with those nasty red letters under him (I can’t bring myself to delete him). Anyhow, I will be starting another one shortly. I don’t think I’ll take the IK route for at the same time I lost my 99 barb, I lost a lot of mules which had all IK gear on them though I’ve never found the armor before. There is no way I’ll get it back anytime soon because I tend to never trade (I like to make it hard on myself I guess). I just get so much more satisfaction in finding items myself rather than getting them through trading. I’m a little disappointed that Blizzard didn’t synergize WW in anyway. I don’t feel it was an overpowered skill before and just one synergy would have been adequate. I think it was more of a push to get players to try different Barb builds since the WW one was so cookie cutter. Anyhow, I think I’ll go the route of using a polearm of some sort on this barb to maximize the damage output. I never used a shield on my last barb either. He used a CCB with two hands.

With all the will power I can muster, I will stop myself from typing anymore and go back to dreaming about getting home to play the game.

Ash Housewares

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ungh! ungh!

I still protest that our forum is only labeled "Barbarian" it just propagates the stereotype that words like "development" are too difficult for barbarians to understand


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I'm honored that I'm your kinda guy but I'm on US East. By that do you mean you have the same attachment to the game, the same play style etc? Let me know what you have going on.

What is up with the Avatars btw?


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From what I have exp. I found that if the tar your using is sort of old it. It will not work. I used to use a kitten that was shooting a rifle out a window. It was rather cute so ya I used it. After a wile the pic went all screwy on me so I changed it. Now I use this one because of the same resson.

Ya I feel the same way with some builds basicly, I all ways rout for the underdogs. I play mostly on uswest. On west there is a large number of people that only want to play the cookie cutter builds. From my exp I honestly belive that they just like sorcs and any caster build out there is the build that they want to do. They really stick to it like flys on poop. So I stick to melee based builds. I really stray from any cookie cutter build and if I do plan on doing one ww barbs mainly I do it in a way that puts they're ww barbs to shame. I play the game with a high sence of morals. I wont use mh, bots, and the like. Even tho I have befriended people that do. I also try not to be a exemist. I also really injoy Honorable dueling. I do that because I feel that we as players learn the most about dueling when we loose in these kinds of duels. Like right now I am doing tests and what not to find a way for a zealot to beat a bone spear necro. I do not want to get into that with much detail. I would like to just do my tests and be done with them. Basicly because the tests that I am doing are on open. Masking items that are found on closed. SO ya its the worst and/or the best tests I have ever done.

Emerald Dragon

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Whenever my barb goes into a tavern, he uses his skills to great effect.

Howl to clear a spot for himself at the bar. Shout to get the barkeeps attention and to order ale. When drunk, He uses taunt to engage someone in a fist fight. Double swing to the face, followed by a stun, then bash using a mug full of ale.

Find item to jack a keg of ale. A bunch of people block his way to prevent him from leaving with the stolen keg. He stuns them with warcry, then leaps over them and out a window. Increased speed to make his getaway.

Who says barbs are dumb? They make excellent drinking buddies.