The Avenger guide for V1.11.


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So which element yeilds the most damage. (Best passive resistance to add the most into for damage bonus). Fire, Cold, or Lightning?
This is hardly a definite answer, but: I suspect it would be lightning (overall)

... the synergies all provide the same amount for each respective element, so that has absolutely no difference. My opinion of Lightning as better damage is entirely based upon the fact that most/all monsters have breakable lightning immunities (although fire isn't too far behind, you're still more likely to meet an unbreakable FI than LI)... with your conviction aura active, you'll break the most immunities in Lightning, and therefore your Resist Lightning synergy will kick in more often.

Also, IIRC there are more FI and CI monsters in the game than there are LI.

However, I doubt the overall difference from various damage types is significant. Even if you get an extra 100 damage out of lightning, that's still likely to be a small percentage of your overall damage. What you might want to consider first is the passive boost to maximum resistances that you gain by placing 'hard' skillpoints into the Resist <element> auras... I think this will have a bigger affect on your Avenger's gameplay experience.



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What you might want to consider first is the passive boost to maximum resistances that you gain by placing 'hard' skillpoints into the Resist <element> auras... I think this will have a bigger affect on your Avenger's gameplay experience.
And most people will tell you to max resist lightning, due to such dangerous attacks like diablo's lightning hose and the bugged lighting of gloams. Resist lightning is just hard to resist :wink3:

Fun trivia about monst immunities- unques can only spawn with at most 2 immunities. Any resist that should be over 100 and thusly immune after the first two are picked, will instead be capped. And since lighting is the last resistance to caluate, it is less likly to spawn in that case.:wink:



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I'm thinking about also PVPing for fun, would a bit of points into charge hurt the overall build? (I understand vengeance isn't the quickest + teleporting casters may be troublesome).
That and... does Fort's damage addition effect the output of vengeance? Or does vengeance only work off of base damage?
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Fort's damage multiplication only applies to the physical damage, and does not affect the elemental damage in anyway. It is still a nice option because it does wonders for leeching back health and mana.


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So, is vengeance + teleport effecient?
Anywho, here's my setup:
1 pt into Fant (smite + charge, just in case)
10 pts into Holy shield
20 veangance
20 conv
10 cold res
10 fire res
14 light res
1 salvation
Helmet - Dream/Guillames/shako
Amulet - Angelics/Highlords (hit the ias BP)
ring 1 - angelic/Soj for mana
ring 2 - RFrost
Shield - Stormshield/Hoz (w/ ber)
Armor - Thinking nigma/coh, possibly treachery for ias BP when needed
Gloves - some nice ias gloves
Weapon - Heaven's Light/Ebotd
boots - gores, marrows, possibly treks
Switch - Cta + Spirit
Inventory - Life charms, some + a couple pcombs (even though they're extremely expensive)
Oh, and another question, does vengeance multiply elemental damage you already have?
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Now assuming that you were a rich player, would a 3 dream runeword stack. This would require you to have 1 dream in merc slot and 2 helm/shield in your own. Holy Shock is the indisputable damage dealer of the elemental auras, would this not add a very substantial increase to overall DPS?


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Question: Does vengeance multiply elemental damage you already have?

Answer: No. Conviction will help it pack a bigger punch, but you are still better off using +max damage charms.
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Vengence question

So how come no one gets sanctuary skills? not worth it?

And has anyone ever tried a demon crossbow for super fast attack? or is this silly? Just something a little difference



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Excelent guide. I've been playing an Avenger for a long time now (both in Sp and on bnet) but I think that the author missed two very important weapon choices, the first one being the runeword Famine (based on Zerker axe):

Fal + Ohm + Ort + Jah (4 sockets axes/hammers)

+30% Increased Attack Speed
+320-370% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
Adds 180-200 Magic Damage
Adds 50-200 Fire Damage
Adds 51-250 Lightning Damage
Adds 50-200 Cold Damage
12% Life Stolen Per Hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Strength

I know those runes are quite expensive, and a 4os zerker can be hard to come by, but I think this is by far the best weapon an avenger can have (it adds loads of elemental damage, and has a lot of enhanced damage, which counts for Vengeance, paired with life leech and PMH and decent IAS to boot). The second weapon is the good old baranar's star:

Baranar's Star (Unique Devil Star)

One-Hand Damage: 129 To 159 (144 Avg)
Required Level: 65
Required Strength: 153
Required Dexterity: 44
Durability: 172
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
+200% Enhanced Damage
+50% Damage To Undead
Adds 1-200 Fire Damage
Adds 1-200 Lightning Damage
Adds 1-200 Cold Damage
50% Increased Attack Speed
200% Bonus To Attack Rating
+15 To Dexterity
+15 To Strength
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

Again, lots of Enhanced damage, decent elemental damage, 50% IAS (and the possibility of adding a shael for even more) it is a fine choice for those who can't afford a Famine.

Other than that, the guide is very well written. I have but one question left to the experts: can avengers solo ubers? I havent tried yet, but would like to hear from those who attempted to.


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I'd like to make some comparative discussion about a pvp vengeance/auradin vs vengeance/dmg build vs a zeal/auradin

Which one would in your opinion fare best? Would a vengeance auradin, using 2xdream+Hoj phase+Dragon armor, do more damage in general than a vengeance dmg build (using BOTD/storm etc)??

And finally, would either of these builds stand up to a zeal auradin, using a quick attack to land elemental attacks rather than one big punch?

I cannot figure out the damage of either, but i can see the following: Vengeance auradin would be very unversatile in his skill and gear selection. He would basically be stuck with one build. Also reaching 50% dr would be impossible. The dmg build would allow much more gear selection, but skill selection would be equally set in stone.

The zealot would be the opposite of the veng/dmg build - He would have to be very gear specific, no 50% dr, but his skill selection would be very breathy.


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So how come no one gets sanctuary skills? not worth it?

And has anyone ever tried a demon crossbow for super fast attack? or is this silly? Just something a little difference

about sanctuary, its enough to say that putting more than a couple points in it is a waste of points. Look at my build for instance:

20 vengeance
15 conviction
10 holy shield
10 resist fire
10 resist ice
10 resist lightning


1 might
1 thorns
1 holy fire
1 holy freeze
1 sanctuary
1 sacrifice
1 zeal
1 smite
1 holy bolt
1 charge
1 blessed hammer

thats 86 points out of 99. I plan to spend a single point on salvation, and let +skills do the rest. there are three reasons for that: one, you shouldn't plan for a character too much over level 85-90, because it takes a lot of time after that to level up. Two, salvation gives diminishing returns, like cold mastery for example. since I'm aiming for a not too godly gear (I'm hoping to get +10 skills from my gear only, as you can notice by my 15-point investment in conviction), my salvation aura will provide +99% to all resists being at skill level 11, which is only 33% more than level 1 salvation (60% all resists). The third reason (although I'm not sure on that one) is that the single resist skills (fire, ice and lightning) give you a passive bonus on your max resists, even if you haven't readied them, while salvation gives you no passive bonus.

So even if I've planned that char for level 99, I would rather put any extra points in resist lightning (for all the reasons posted by other users which I agree with) and go with a simple point in salvation.



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Norrit - you have 111 points available, remember the skill quests. That build is complete at lvl 74


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maybe i havent checked in awhile but i was under the impression salvation gave 'magic damage' bonus, from "Salvation: +2% Elemental Damage Per Level"

maybe im just confused as to what it means


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anyone know the fastest item in the game?
That would probably a 6x Shaeled Phase Blade. A 4x Shaeled Jeweler's Phade Blade of Quickness is equal in speed but infinitely more rare and valuable and your style points will go up equally using one of these. Note that, unless you want to stack your IAS for when you get slowed, you'll only need 110% IAS from your sockets for any character to reach your fastest possible attack speed, so you could replace two Shaels with 15% IAS jewels with another mod.

Remember though, Vengance will convert your damage to elemental damage, not add it, so these weapons aren't much good for this build.

Now a question from me for you guys: what role does crushing blow play in this build? I figured CB would help your killing speed even though it doesn't convert to elemental damage. Would CB also help your leeching problems partially?



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Crushing blow has nothing to do with the elemental damage or physical damage of an avenger. Crushing blow is really an effect or result of you striking a monster where the game then checks the chance of crushing blow and if successful, applies the applicable fracturing for the target, adjusts for players in game etc and then adds the damage to your characters damage no matter what it is, pure physical, physical/elemental or pure magical such as a beserker.

Leeches work of your physical damage derived from your weapon/strength/skills damage and not effects such as open wounds or crushing blow. Deadly strike works with leeches afaik.

If you need more info, check out the facts and formulae link at the top.