The Adventures of Toxaris


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The Adventures of Toxaris

"The adventures of Toxaris: a windforce gamble"

Hi everyone!
In this thread I intend on spreading the word on my Hardcore Dexzon named Toxaris.
At the moment she is only in act 4 normal, so most people would frown on me already making a thread for her. (she has yet to ackomplish anything)
There is however something redeeming about her. Her ancestral weapon "Wind Force".

Some people might think this is not enough.
Ok, I can understand this. Nightfish gambles gear like this on every character he makes.
But here's the thing: Im no fish. Night or otherwise. I am at best a mediocre player with no experience playing zons past normal.
And should you think this is not enough to make it interesting, just ignore this thread.

On to the adventure.



The first act was a breeze. Since I didnt twink anything but cleglaws gloves on her killing was a bit slow on p8, but other than that nothing special happened. Got my strenght up to 43 (skin of the vipermagi country) and dumped the rest in dex.


Twinked on 3 perfect emeralds at lvl 19 and made short work of almost anything on p8. The speed didnt slow down until I got to the false tombs and tried to lvl up to 24.
Getting swarmed over and over and loosing about 50k to ressurecting my merc i lowered the player setting to p5 and once again everything was easy as pie.


This is where the twinking started. lvl 28 got me a Skystrike, face of horror, goblin toe and a manald heal (had forgot to twink them on earlier)
lvl 29 got me a 30% skin of the vipermagi and a string of ears (7% steal, 15% reduction)
Until that twink the progress was slow. I kept getting mana problems as I tried to strafe everything so I had to go with 2 rows of blue pots (dangerous in hc)
After the twink everything was pie. Even a p5 meph got killed in about 3 mins.
And here we are.

Stats so far:
lvl 30
Str base: 43
Dex base: 152
Life: 186
Mana 58

Skills: Strafe 7 (9)
Lightning fury 1
Prereqs + all passive 1
unused: 6


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Re: The Adventures of Toxaris


Act 4 was nothing out of the ordinary. Played everything except Izual on p8 and killed quite quickly. Due to some error I had to kill Diablo twice though.

Act V
Some more twinking brought my resists up to 75% and I got my titans revenge and a mosers for the LF switch.
So far Lightning fury just pwns strafe on any group larger than 2, although strafe does give better crowd control. Also managed to find a better vipermagi (perfect 35% resists)
Gave it a socket that I intend on filling with a perfect amethyst. The requirements of Windforce are really steep.
I now intend on going for some baal runs. Need the levels and should I happen to find a rockstopper, all the better.

Str still 43 (64)
dex: 232
Life: 208
Mana: 108
Strafe maxed (22)
LF 12 (17)


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Re: The Adventures of Toxaris

This looks interesting :) i look forward to reading your future updates :D


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Re: The Adventures of Toxaris

Huge Session.


Given that I am twinked the usual problems with nightmare resists was non existant. Sure I had roughly 200 life, but even with my bow my resists were about 50% so I could take one or two hits without any problems. Ripped through the entire act on p8, using almost exclusively Lightning Fury.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a lot of positioning to make sure the scarabs hit my valk + merc (now holy freeze with kelpie) and not little old me.

One of the lucky few times when I didnt have to go through the great marsh. Just a lot of flayers dying to lightning fury until I got to lower khurast.
Did about an hour of LK runs to get resist charms for hell before continuing. Didnt find much in the lines of resist charms, but I did find a fal rune. After reading the stats over a few times I traded my skin of the vipermagi for a lionheart And I think that unless I find a jah rune I wont change it again.
Also got another skin of the vipermagi while on the way to mephisto. (got 2 uniques so far with this char, both skins)

Turned it all down to p1 since I was afraid of gloams (even though I have maxed resists 10+ gloams make short work of 300ish hp) As a result there was only about 20 minutes of act 4 for me. Had to hit the escape button once when I got bone prisoned and the pink lightning came after me, but other than that no biggies.

This is where I started to get a bit tired and got hit a few times. Luckily not by a champion or a boss though. Forgot scouting with my decoy on several occasions and ran ahead of my merc/valk several times. Guess it was a bit too easy to keep my attention.
Only when swarmed with undead flayers did I have to go on the defense.
Not a single unique from the baal even though I upped the players to 8 just to get to his first drop. Guess I have to add some mf if I want something nice, dont have a slot for it though.
Oh, almost forgot. Some more heavy duty twinking. Gore riders replaced goblin toe, laying of hands replaced cleglaws and skystrike gave way for WWS. Not over lvl 70 yet so im still waiting on my last twink for that lovely Windforce.

Here are the stats:
Conqueror Toxaris lvl 68
Strafe maxed
Lightning Fury maxed (24)
Valkyrie 17 (19)
Prereqs and passives 1

Str: 75 (122)
Dex 315 (330)
Life: 380
Mana: 139

Resists in HELL(strafe/LF): Fire 75/75 Cold 35/58 Lightning 61/75 Poison 36/28

Guess I have to pick up some more resist charms (as Ill have 40% less resists, come Windforce) Perhaps run NM-meph for a rockstopper and hit two birds with one stone?