The Adventures of Ruddi, the untwinked HC single-pass fury druid


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The story:

Once upon a time in god knows where Tristram, there once was a woman who would hit on men in the local pub in order to drink her ass off. One thing lead to another and she soon found herself devoured by wolves. RIP random woman. However, our story does not end there. The wolf pair which devoured the drunken little lady, soon ended up with a welcomed surprise, somehow finding themselves being a new parent of a baby ripped straight out from the womb. Many years passed and the baby who was reared by wolves mysteriously arrives in the camp in A1, and this is where our story begins.

Ruddi at the local pub, hitting on local ladies. Unfortunately for him he wasn't taught the proper way to hit on ladies.

Traveled to A2 and splattered an endangered and angry caterpillar.

Upon arriving to A3, Ruddi, having fallen unto the vices of temptations, gambled himself an ever bigger maul, a Great Maul.. which he then went to reroll until it had ED and 2 sockets and socketed a flawed skull and a 13ED jewel giving birth to the monstrosity that is this:

Notable loots so far:
- Sander's: Gloves and Boots
- Cleglaw's: Shield and Gloves
- Arctic's: Armor and Belt
- Hsaru's: Belt and Shield
- Cathan's: Ring
- Isenhart's: Sword
- Ral: 2
- The Gnasher
- Crushflange
- Gorefoot
- A handful of: El, Eld, Eth, Nef, Tir, and random assortment of gems of various grades.

Thoughts so far: Melee is a ton of clicking, and then more clicking ontop of that. I hate the little targets it's a general pain going for full area clears with all the running around and chasing I have to constantly perform. To make matters worse A3 is just a whole bunch of that factored by a power greater than 3. I wish there was a ctc level 4 corpse explosion on striking in D2, would make this whole thing go much faster.

As of this post currently at the early-mid stages of A3.
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Cool. Good luck !!!

As for the clicking with melee ... assign your attack to RMB and use auto attack this way. Much easier.


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And so our adventure continues..

Killed Mephisto, was laborious getting through A3, extremely tedious. A4 was a bit more eventful however but not as much, as I happen to get an Amn rune to drop which compensated for my Thul hf.

Funny pictures and scene depictions below.

Ruddi get's kindly invited to a gent's home, where upon they played paper rock scissors. *spoiler alert, Ruddi wins.
He who smelt it dealt it (Mephisto)
Woof! {don't pull that one on me} (Ruddi)

Ruddi gets involved in a hit and run accident scam! *spoiler alert, scammer becomes the spoiler alert.
Ooof, look at where you're going! You better give me all your pgems and hrs or I'll have you burn in hell for all of eternity! (Izual)
Woof! {F' you, I'm untwinked! I'm so poor I have to eat the corpses to make ends meet.} (Ruddi)

Ruddi attends a hammer weilding competition with the local champion.

After which he went off to a staring contest with the headhuncho of the area, a highly irradiatated porcupine.

And thus, Ruddi arrives at Harrogath.

Moments where Ruddi saw his life flashing before his eyes.
A3 shamans: I don't know what it is with them but their firebreath does extremely high amounts of damage. Being blown on for less than 2 seconds drop the life bulb to 60%.
A4 Infector pack: I figured the same thing would happen since they seem to use the same ability.. and since I am not fond of being roast wolf I did what any well minded individual would do and lure them out bit by bit. Alas I found out to no surprise that yes, even with 75 fire res, their fire breaths do a boat load of damage. Dropt my health to half more than 3 times during the span of the hit and run tactics.
A4 Diablo: There is no arguing that Lightning hose rapes. And the fact that I did not invest any points into dex didn't help matters any as well. Luckily in A2 a pair of Cleglaw gloves dropt, which helped tremendously or I think realistically I don't think I would have been able to kill Diablo as easily as I did. 70% chance to hit Diablo is not good.

Notable drops:
- Amn
- TriRes boots (15 all, surprisingly useful against Diablo)
- Helm of Duskdeep (dropt from Meph.)


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Even more updates:

So I just took this new weapon out for a spin and this badboy is a complete devastator, though the damage is a tad less than the great maul the modifers really makes it. And then it occurred to me, I could upgrade this badboy, so I did.. but I'll let the pictures do the talking :D

Que in Pokemon evolution music*

Que in successful evolution music*

BUT OH NO, Ruddi doesn't meet the requirements... :(
HOWEVER, Larzuk owes me a socket quest and I also have a nifty rare jewel that I've been hoarding since act 2..

BAAM!!, damage increases by twofold, check out that damage!-- it went from 200-300 to 400-600! Shame I didn't get 2 sockets, otherwise I'd put an Eth to solve all my AR issues.. but beggars can't be choosers and I really did luck out on this Gale Grinder, I can foresee that it'll put anything that drop in Normal, weaponwise, to shame.

Ruddi has become a true force of nature... all that's left is to cure him of his RES and AR issues.. :(



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You can't get two sockets in a rare from Larzuk so no need to feel like you missed out.

Keep up the updates. Sound like you are enjoying it.


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^ I'll try to.

Update: Finished A5 massacred the bovines and in nm A1.

Been feeling the mortality of fury druid. Missing quite a bit, and it's hard to kill the minions with the KB. Truthfully I don't know if Ruddi will make it past NM as things currently stands.

Drops from A5 and Cows:
- Death Belt (cows) only source of CBF so far. Don't know if it's worth it tbh.. hmm we'll see.
- Sigon Gloves (baal)
- Nokozu Amulet (nithalak's temple) solves most of my fire res problem.
- Sol rune (throne of destruction)


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Update: Cain does not want to come out of the closet (Tristram-- ie. portal won't appear. ).

Currently at the part where I have to collect Cain. Sad as it may be, it does turns out that I do in fact need that Death belt just for the CBF alone because getting slowed and hit repeatedly makes a dead wolf pretty fast.. I also found out the importance of walking and having high defense. Things hits hard in nightmare, nearly died half a dozen times due to things hitting me in constant succession. Going to hope for a magic Cuirass so that I may craft a hit power armor. Currently Res sitting at 85/30~/50~/90.

Few unnotable uniques dropt as well as repeated Beserker set pieces.

Now the question I'm currently having now is when can I start gambling/shopping for Magic Exceptional armor? I'm currently level 49.



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You can't get two sockets in a rare from Larzuk so no need to feel like you missed out.

Keep up the updates. Sound like you are enjoying it.
Oops that was meant to say "sounds like you are enjoying it."

Missing that s really changes the meaning!


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^ NP.

Updates: At cleared Black Marsh, respec'd and contemplating. NM is tough.

Too many near death experiences to count. But before that I have to confess. I S&E (probably the only time I will do it too), but it was in an area which I previously cleared but bugged because Cain wouldn't come out of the closet. To make a long story, I got surrounded by the yetis and rogues by the tree had to check if scroll would drop, it didn't got surrounded, cursed and hp tanked to 90hp from full in less than 2 seconds. Yup was fun. After that I S&E then went off and cleared Tristram, progressed with they story and arrived at this point.

Respec'd base stats is 101 str and 45 dex rest in vit. I completely forgo the vine tree, imo it's totally useless, it just dies in 15 seconds of wandering off, instead I got 1 pt bear which I have to say is a real life saver, I'm surprised I didn't take it. I maxed out WW this time and left Feral Rage at 1, I miss Feral Rage 12 the life leech on it was pretty awesome. In process of maxing out Lyanropathy now. My HP is 1038 with oak not high imo. Defense could be higher.

Donning the following: noko amu, platnium ring of the sun (gives 120ar/5%ar/5light radius), random res ring, stealth gothic, duskdeep, gale grinder warclub, cleg glove, sanders boot. As it stands I am diso armor / life mods or I can certainly see my wolf dying a tragic yet comical death in the not foreseeable future.

Noteable loots:
- Shael
- Io
- extreme werewolf sadness


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Updates: Arrived out outter cloister, gambled some and crafted some.

An eth General Tan Flail dropt in Pits, I'm thinking combined with that and clegs I may be able to make harder bosses more manageable assuming I can pace my weapon usage so it doesn't break. Other than that, I burned some 600k gold gambling for mesh boots, sharkskin gloves, and cuirass for rares and good base gear for crafting.. Long story short only got this outta all my trouble..

Yeah my defense isn't looking so good, I'm in dire need of some defense.


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Updates: Advanced into A2 with much troubles.

Advanced through the catacombs and did the usual area clearing here and there like any good D2 sanitation worker would do and did the boogie with Addy (from hence forth I'll be calling Andarial Addy, I refuse to call her Andy, that be a male's moniker.) And with much trouble after 4 trips back to town I manage to put her down. Surprisingly the flail did not perform up to my expectations, but instead it was the cleaver use of cleg shield + gloves with the gnasher that sealed the deal. To make a long story, the reason is my AR, with cleg shield and gloves I gain a tremendous flat 500 AR which doubled my total AR, this in combination with gnasher's CB and OW really help slowly decrease her life bar. When everything was all said and done somewhere along the way I swapt back to my trusty handy dandy hammer. Sadly after giving Addy a happy ending she didn't even leave me anything notable, just a few chipped, flawed gems, and crappy rares. :( Regardless though, more details within pictures below.

Barged in on a gnomish study session. The instructor kindly left Ruddi a pair of Magefist, sadly Ruddi is not the brightest bulb in the shed and won't be using those.

Killed a wannabe wolf.

The Last Supper.

Snow white cuts in line into the pub, sadly the little dwarves waiting outside had to make way.

After much troubles and many trips back to Kansas, the Wicked Witch finally dies.


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okey, GL on your journey! I ran a titan fury wolf in the Committed Tournament a couple of years back. As is your journey, it was of course untwinked. I ended up gambling a giant axe that was pretty sweet. Check it out:

The Committed Tournament

It solved some PI problems, most all stone skin monster problems and my AR problem since I had no points in dex. I'd recommend trying to find something that is fast with some ED and Fools. It really created the power of that wolf, no doubt about it. I tinkered with other weapons but nothing really ended up matching it.


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^ That weapon looks juicy, it's a far cry from what I'll be expecting in the future in all honesty. I mean what're the chances of getting all those good mods in a row and on your first try no less? I could burn 3 mil and probably still wouldn't get halfway near as close as that weapon. D:

TBH I'll probably have to make Lawbringer assuming I make it that far, but I'm still hoping for a ctc amp with fools mods lol :) .. but as I mentioned earlier, beggars can't be choosers. hahahaha... *goes cry in a corner.


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Update: Ruddi stumbled upon what seems to be a kinky bondage chamber under Lut Guhlan.

Real update: Cleared Dry Hills in its entirety and managed to do a complete overhaul of my wolf.

So I managed to hit 54 after clearing the Dry Hill area portion. After which I figured, I should resume my search for a magical cuirass so that I may cure myself of my horrendous defense ailment. Lo and behold I did just that, after which I then up'd my Duskdeep with one of my two shaels and then swapt out a few charms in with other charms as well as grabbing a cheapo light res + hp belt from Eliza since I lacked the charms to cover the light res. In short I think I'm covered as far as resistance is concerned. Anyways, more details in pictures below.

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^ That weapon looks juicy, it's a far cry from what I'll be expecting in the future in all honesty. I mean what're the chances of getting all those good mods in a row and on your first try no less? I could burn 3 mil and probably still wouldn't get halfway near as close as that weapon. D:
I probably misled everyone back then when I said I just tried gambling giant axes and got that one on my first ever try. I should have elaborated to say that I got that on my first try that session. I'd spent quite a lot of money trying to get good ones. I think gambling giant axes is a good place to start for a fury wolf because they have range adder of 3 (so it reaches out and hits monsters farther away) and is already relatively fast. I guess the point was that you're in an untwinked setting just like I was and that's how I was able to solve some of my AR and PI problems with this character. As always, best of luck in your journey!


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^ Yeah I assumed as much, and it's getting there.. slowly very very slowly but surely.

Update: Ruddi breaks into Jerhyn's palace and coincidentally finds his hidden collection.

And that's the part I'm up to at the moment. Fought my first immune to physical in the ant tunnels, killed it after 5 minutes of holding down fury, thank god for lightning charms because amp doesn't affect it. Band montage fastforward some. And now I'm in viper temple where this beauty dropt.
ook dropt.

Now I'm happy that Riphook dropt, I'm thinking that combined with my cold charm and clegs claw I can safely tackle any of the NM bosses/annoying champion packs, the only issue is getting crushing blow because the damage on the bow is pretty low.. which I think I may be able to solve that is assuming a rattle cage and/or goblin toes drops.


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Update: Arrived at the Canyon.

Ruddi's currently level 58 and swapt out his defiance merc in favor of holy freeze, notable loots that dropt: fal, shael, 3os mesh armor. Somewhere along the way I decided on making a Peace out of a mesh armor for Ruddi, the reason for this is because Ruddi is a nature lover, he's a peaceful-- alright I'll stop there. Regardless I decided on getting Peace primarily for its +2 crit mod which is equivalant to 25% deadly/critical strike, aka 1/4 of any of my hits doing 2x damage. 2x damage is nice considering that my kill rate is gradually falling. There's also the benefit of the ctc mods, missile is nice because Ruddi seems to be magnet to arrows, and being within melee and being hit repeatedly the 4% is doable, this combined with holy freeze helps with the survivability issue.. to an extent.

However, the fun part is the ctc level 15 Valkyrie that has a measly 2%. Admittingly I thought that Peace would be a waste of a mesh armor as well as a shael, but I soon found out that it wasn't the case. In fact, it's the level 15 Valkyrie that gave it its splendor. That is to say, when you know the workings of how Peace Valkyrie works the runeword actually starts to shine.

Findings regarding Peace Valkryie:

- Peace Valkyrie is a shy one, and refuses to show herself to mere mortals, he will depart to Vahlala if you go to town.
- Peace Valkyrie is a devout potion enthuasist who refuses to following people that drink potions made for mere mortals as it is beneath her,she will depart to Vahlala if you drink anything other than purple potions.
- Peace Valkyrie dislike change of states. That is to say if your orb that circles around your character (such as and not including Feral Rage) disappears she too will disappear. She will also disappear if you shapeshift in or out while she is besides you.
- Peace Valkyrie will disappear randomly when she is too far from you, like SM/SW.
- Peace Valkyrie will disappear if any of your followers dies or expires, she will not disappear if you resummon a follower.

Yup, she is one fussy follower, however this also makes her one of the most suitable for Fury druids, why you must ask? That is because:
- She has 1.5k flat hp, and this is not factoring oak sage and when she spawns, she does so with her own magic items which further augments her abilities to tank.
- Fury in conjunction with Feral Rage procs her so often it isn't funny. Which ultimately leads to an immortal moving wall which will spawn and respawn continuously so long as you are Furying. Yes, get use to hearing the deathcries of Peace Valkyrie because it'll become staple.
- Assuming you have <=2% mana leech, fury druid does not rely on potions. Just by relying on Feral Rage you shouldn't be relying on potions at all. The only time when you will require potion is if your hp drops significantly and in those cases you'll use a purple potion which coincidentally does not affect Peace Valkyrie.
- Have I mentioned that she is one hell of a tank? Because she is a much better tank than both my bear and merc, combined. By that I mean, she will constantly be your shield, she'll constantly be summoned continually right in front of you, taking a considerable burden off of you. One might say, Peace Valkyrie is a literal shield maiden.

That said I think I might stick with Peace for a considerable time, that is until I get something marginably better. And on that note, once I get a lem for treachery, I'll probably wear treachery just for fade buff then swap back to Peace.

Now then as usual, I'm still in continual search for better weapons.
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yep I thought the same, treachery would be really cool since it gives you tons of resists, and leave you slots on your stuff for other stats/damages :) will see how your adventure turns next :D