The 1.10 Fireball Pally Guide

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The 1.10 Fireball Pally Guide

Before I get started there are a few things I would like to say.

First off, no I didn’t think of it but I did perfect it for the most part with assistance.

Secondly, this is a REVISION of Archon’s guide so there will be parts that are the same and others that are left out. If you want to see the original… here it is.

Chances are that I am not consistent with capitalization or other grammatical things… deal with it. It’s just a guide.

Special thanks to archon_aus for creating such a sweet character, and Exile for helping out with number crunching and other good things he did.

All comments, suggestions and criticism welcome :)

I will start this guide with the words that echo in this character’s ears as he passes by his opponents in a blur of righteous fury… “OMFG!! A PALLY USING FIREBALL!! U N00B!!!

Yes, that’s right… this Paladin uses Fireball as his primary attack, and certain questions immediately come to mind. The first most obvious question is “How?†Most of you who look beyond the cookie-cutter builds already know the answer to this, but it is surprising how many people ask me how this is possible. Trang-oul’s avatar is a special set, slowly transforming the wearer (usually a necromancer) into a vampire (aka ghoul lord and various other names). This transformation is progressive, and the first step when combining two of the pieces of the set grants the wearer a level 18 Fireball skill. Not too great, but let’s see what we can do about that…

The next question that is usually asked is “Is it viable?†Now, I don’t really know how to answer this question… what is viable to one player is considered lame to another. Let me say that this character was somewhat challenging, extremely amusing, and above all… thoroughly enjoyable!! If you play Diablo to be the 133test player with uber-skillz that pwnz everyone and everything, then stop reading now. In fact, stop playing Diablo altogether cause you’re a git and have missed half the fun of the game!! If however, you want to try something REALLY different and enjoy a challenge, then read on…

Class Overview – skills allocation

First of all let me clarify that this is a PvM build. I have tested it PvP with some success, but it seems better suited PvM.

Below is a quick breakdown of the skills this character will use:

• 20 Fist of the Heavens
• 20 Holy Shock
• 20 Holy Shield
• ~15 in Conviction - the target here is to reach lvl 25 where Conviction is capped at –150% enemy resistance. More than this and the points are wasted. So depending on how many skillers you plan to use... you can adjust accordingly.
• 1 Might, Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Thorns, Sanctuary (5 total) – prereqs for Conviction
• 1 Sacrifice, Zeal, Vengeance, Conversion, Holy Bolt, Blessed Hammer and Charge (7 total) – prereqs for Fist of Heavens and Holy Shield.
• Everything else should go into Defiance for defense synergy with Holy Shield.

Optional 1: 1 into Prayer, Cleansing, Vigor and Redemption (all or nothing optional, as Redemption main goal here). I did this mainly because I don’t care to keep running back to town for more pots.

Optional 2: 1 into each elemental resistance… or more if you so choose and put some into Vengeance since you plan on hacking stuff to death if you can’t Fireball them.

Optional 3 (ladder only): Max Light Res. This will be for those who plan to do a FB Pally/Dreamer hybrid.

Optional 4: Hammerdin variant…. simply don’t bother IMO, because you will need to put quite a few points into BH, Conc, Vigor, and Blessed Aim to make it decent.

So immediately you’re saying… WTF?!? That’s just a Templar!! Well sort of… it’s all in the philosophy of the items this character uses. I have not named this character a “Fireball paladin†as this is not exclusively what he uses, so I settled on the name of “Fireball Templarâ€. FoH is not a commonly used PvM skill… and Fireball is just cool… face it… Of course you could go the “Fireball Avenger†road and well… do just that.

What makes this character different from the normal Templar is that all his items are geared towards increasing his Fireball damage. The +skills items obviously help with FoH as well, but as it already does a fair amount of damage, I’m focusing on making Fireball usable.

Firewall or Meteor options of taking three or four Trangs items have not been explored (to my knowledge), as I wanted to focus more on juicing up my Fireball damage. Perhaps Firewall or Meteor could be made to be usable, but I think they would suffer too much from lack of +skills items to help much, and you won’t really be able to tank much to keep enemies in the blaze. I’d love to hear from anyone who’s tried it though…

Stat Allocation

Strength – Since we don’t have to use Dragonscale (142 str) just put in as much as you need to wear your gear.

Dexterity – This is a tricky subject, as it really depends on the items you use and how many +combat skills charms you have. Basically your Holy Shield will add about 35% to your max block. This means you’ll want to hit about 40% from your shield with Dex. About 140 after items is a good number to shoot for, give or take 10-20 points.

Vitality – Everything else.

Energy – Base (while this build can be mana heavy, you should be ok with the items discussed below)

Items Selection

Now this is where the build gets tricky… Some of these items are EXTREMELY specific. They take the build from being very underpowered to being able to survive reasonably well in hell. The most important traits for items are as follows, in priority order:

1. Synergy items
2. + Skills items (note: this is + ALL skills items, not +Pally skills)
3. % fire damage items and/or –enemy fire resistance items

Let’s start with the obvious choices:

Gloves/Helm/Belt – Ok, here is the main decision to make with this build. Which two Trang’s items should I choose to get Fireball? I have tried all the combinations of the three and I can definitely state that from a damage point of view, this is the best combination:
• Harlequin Crest shako with 5/5 fire facet - +2 skills, heaps of life and mana, DR and room for a facet
• Trangs gloves – 20 Faster cast rate and some cold resist. This ends up being better than mage fist as it allows you to wear shako, effectively giving you an extra +1 all skills
• Trangs belt – this puppy is simply great for this build, complete with a nice mana and life buff, and the most important aspect – Cannot Be Frozen. This opens up a ring slot as the usual Ravenfrost is not required.
Alternatives – Any combination of the following that includes two pieces of Trangs:
• Mage fist – nice with 20% FCR and +1 fire skills.
• Trangs helm with 5/5 Fire facet– pretty nice with a similar mana boost to what shako provides and a nice Faster Hit Recovery boost, but ultimately suffers due to lack + skills.
• Arachnid Mesh – Faster cast and +skills makes this a really nice choice, but it does limit your other choices.

Armor – this is one of the trickiest items to get for this build. There are several choices that immediately spring to mind, but the best armor for this build is:
• Ormus’ Robes with +3 Fireball and 15% fire damage. Socketted with 5/5 fire facet. The absolute ultimate would have 15% lightning as well, so if you get that you’re laughing. Now, I have tested it, and the +3 Fireball DOES work with the Eskill granted by Trangs. No other amour can match this +3 to your primary skill, and the fire damage, faster cast and mana regen just can’t be beaten.
Note: Wanna see a weird bug? Select fireball as your left hand skill then take off your Ormus' Robes and put it in your inventory. Roll your mouse over it to get the info window, and your fireball skill is gone altogether!! You have to un-equip and re-equip your Trangs gloves to get it back. Only works in your inventory, not when you’re wearing it. Weird...
• Enigma – What build isn’t this armor good for?!? The +2 skills, DR, life boost and of course the wonderful teleport.
• Chains of Honor – Again, any +2 skills armor is going to do well with this build. CoH sports some serious resists and DR, making it an expensive but good choice.
• Skin of the Vipermagi – Such a great low level armor, that you should wear from level 29 – 75 if you value living…

Boots – There is no clear choice for boots for this build. I’d say the best boots for this build are:
• Sandstorm Treks (eth is you can but not mandatory)- FHR and FRW are what attracted me to these the most and are most helpful for the build. Then there is the extra vitality boost, which is always handy.
• Tearhaunch War Boots (upgraded) – You will be low on resists with this build, so the +10 resists and +5 str/dex are particularly appealing. The stand-out feature of these boots is the +2 Vigor, which saves a lot of points in supplemental skills. This aura is very handy for running around, especially in town. These boots aren’t as great if you chose the optional Redemption path in your skills.
• Waterwalk – Nice dex boost and a healthy slab of life.
• Silkweaves or Crafted Caster boots might be a good way to supplement your mana supply if you find you are lacking… with good use of supplemental auras this should not really be necessary though.

Weapon – There is one main decision to make here… “Will I exploit a bug in the game?†I do of course refer to the well-documented synergy bug. As this is not a duelling character there are no complications there… it comes down to your moral standpoint. I personally consider this character to start so far behind the eight-ball that it needs all the help it can get!! So this one will totally shock you:
• Moonfall with 5/5 Fire facet – OK, stop laughing… What the hell is Moonfall you ask? It’s the Unique Jagged Star that has level 11 Meteor charges. As Meteor is a synergy to Fireball, this effectively adds 154% to your base Fireball damage (14% per level), and that’s WITHOUT the facet!! I’m not sure if this is affected by +skills, but whatever it does it is VERY significant. This build is actually more focused around Moonfall as the previous was around Dragonscale.

Alternatives – Nothing. Nothing comes close to Moonfall. Period. Anything else will result in you having ridiculously poor damage.
• HOTO – As you are short on resists, this flail is a pretty good option with +3 skills, and up to 40res all.
• Wizardspike with 5/5 fire facet – From a Fast Cast Rate point of view, this is a great option, taking you well into the 75FCR breakpoint. The 75res all is just fantastic.
• Hand of Justice – This runeword grants a hefty –35% enemy fire resists, however I really don’t think this justifies the cost, especially as Moonfall is so cheap and far superior. If you’re stupidly rich you might consider this so you get called a n00b slightly less….
(I really can’t stress enough how good Moonfall is…)

Shield – Spirit: This shield probably the best thing that ever happened to this build.
• Spirit- Since your resists will be suffering so much as it is, and this is a Paladin build it is strongly recommended that you make it in a Paladin only shield that has inherent resist bonuses. So what’s so good about it? Everything!! Resists are a must and the 55% FHR is invaluable to the build since your other gear has little to none on it and it basically gives you all you need to hit the 5 frame breakpoint. Next there is the +2 to ALL skills, amazing? I think so. Everything else is just gravy. Special note goes to the FCR mod here. If you can, get a 35% FCR shield because it will save you a slot somewhere as we need to hit a breakpoint to help this guy out.

Alternatives – Shields are always the Paladin’s forte, so here goes:
•Dragonscale with 5/5 fire facet – The main aspect of this shield is the +15% fire skill damage. It also has a really nice Fire Absorb of up to 20%, which really helps supplement your poor resists. But it is wicked heavy at 142.
• HOZ with 5/5 fire facet– This shield is always nice with high Str, Vit and Res bonuses. The +pal skills and combat skills bonuses will greatly affect your Holy shield and Conviction, making this a good choice. Of course, my philosophy with this build is to be DIFFERENT, so Fireball > everything. And the skills don’t help your Fireball so… no dice.
• Lidless wall/Splendor – These shields are pretty similar with +1 all skills and Faster Cast rate. Both are good options, but lidless is better as it can take a 5/5 fire facet.
• I guess Stormshield has to get a mention here, with it massive damage reduction and resists. As Fireball needs a lot of help to become usable, I’d go for one of the other options. You’d probably be better off using it on the switch with a melee weapon.

Switch Items – There are a couple of combinations I would consider here:
• CTA and Lidless/Splendor – CTA is just great with the boost to Life and Mana from BO, and the +1 from BC. You’ll also have plenty of + skills to buff the casts of these two warcrys.
• Naj’s Puzzler – A great way to get around with the teleport charges
• Hand of Zakarum and Lidless – This will give big bonuses to your FoH and is very cheap. It should be noted that the +4 Holy bolt will not add to the holy bolt damage of FoH, only Holy Bolt used by itself.
•Optional 2: Sweet melee weapon with (insert shield of choice for killing things… probably Stormshield or HoZ). This is another alternative to using FoH if you like to hack things to death. Just slap Vengeance on the switch, keep up Conviction and go to town with your tool of domination. If you plan to do this, I suggest sticking a few points into each of the elemental resists and some into Vengeance as your skills permit.
•Optional 3: You might want to carry a Dream helm around to boost Holy Shock to the max. Your switch would be something along the lines of a Pally Dream Shield (with good inherent res, 45 is the max) and whatever weapon that helps your stats out where you need them.

Rings – Again the decision about the synergy bug must be made:
• SoJ – for the +1 skills and oodles of mana
• Rare ring with Fire BOLT charges – this again exploits the synergy bug. I have found several. I think lvl5 is the max. You’ll want to opt for one with good mods like resist and possibly life or something. I recommend you start picking up every ring in the cow level you see since these are hard to find… Or do the Gidbinn quest… a lot.
Alternatives –
• BK ring – any one will do, as the leech is irrelevant unless you choose the Vengeance route. Life and +1 skills is nice
• FCR rare rings are nice if you are close to a breakpoint (discussed below)

Amulet – No surprises here…
• Mara’s Kaleidoscope – this amulet is just awesome, and in your low-resistance state, you’ll want a pretty good one.
Alternatives –
• Telling of Beads – The set amulet from The Disciple is a much-neglected ammy for casters, with nice resists and +1 skills.
• Rare amulet with + Pally skills, Fast Cast Rate, resists and/or strength. Crafted Caster amulet may be the best way to achieve this.


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Charms – The one thing your build will be lacking the most is resistances, so stack on the shimmering charms if you can, and keep lots of high single res charms too. +Offensive auras GCs will help you save points on the way to the Conviction cap. As this build isn’t overly tight for skill points, you can probably go with more resistance charms instead.

If you choose not to go Spirit… and shame on you, another thing to remember is that you gear gives you VERY LITTLE Faster Hit Recovery, which is VERY dangerous for a caster. Ever wondered why so many sorcs can’t handle teleporting on Baal runs? It’s because they neglect this essential skill. Make sure you have AT LEAST one 12FHR grand charm and 1 FHR small charm. This gives you 7fps recovery, which is the bare minimum. I’d shoot for 6 or even 5fps if you can. *cough*SPIRIT*cough*
0% fhr - 9 frames
7% fhr - 8 frames
15% fhr - 7 frames
27% fhr - 6 frames
48% fhr - 5 frames
86% fhr - 4 frames
200% fhr - 3 frames

Don’t forget an Annihilus charm if you can get one!! High resists would be the top priority, followed by stats. As already stated, I leave MFing up to MF specific builds, so don’t waste space with Gheeds.

Ultimate Item Summary
Shako socketed with 5/5 fire facet
Trangs Gloves
Trangs Belt
Fireball Ormus with 15/15/x socketed with 5/5 fire facet
Eth Sandstorm Treks
Moonfall socketed with 5/5 fire facet
Spirit Shield with 35% FCR in Paladin only shield with decent inherent resist bonus
Switch CTA and Lidless or another Spirit (any will do for the skill buff)
Ring with fire bolt charges and other mods
Mara’s Kaleidoscope
Resistance Charms

This setup gives you an 10fps cast-rate, which is the best you’re going to get for Fireball, and the best possible damage output from Fireball. Here are the other breakpoints in case you want to shoot for other ones:
0% fcr - 15 frames
9% fcr - 14 frames
18% fcr - 13 frames
30% fcr - 12 frames
48% fcr - 11 frames
75% fcr - 10 frames
125% fcr - 9 frames


One thing about this build is that in Hell… there comes a point where you encounter a Fire Immune that can’t be killed… so a good Merc is a must to take them out.

Well, it’ll come to no surprise that Act2 Mercenaries are the way to go with this build, but there are a couple of options, listed in my priority order:

Holy Freeze – One thing the Fireball Templar really needs is distance between him and his enemy. You will not be a tank, and you definitely need your Merc to be one. Holy Freeze not only keeps your Merc alive longer, but slows enemies as they approach. My top pick, though other options are viable…

Defiance – Another good option, as it helps you and your Merc stay alive. Aside from your gear, you will not have a lot of base defence, but you will already have a large defence bonus from your holy shield. If you are exceptionally rich (even after buying all those perfect fire facets!) and you have a nice ethereal Doom Great Poleaxe, then you have the best of both worlds.

Might – I have not tried this, but the idea came to me when I found an ethereal Tomb Reaver. A strong Merc could dish out some nice physical damage with this kind of weapon, and it’d help supplement your damage output.

Merc Equipment Choices
There is really only one set-up you should shoot for:
• Upgraded Shaftstop with Um or P.Ruby
You could also go for a nice Stone or Fort… I haven’t experiemented with Merc gear so any input would be great.
• Upgraded Vampire Gaze with 20% Damage Reduction and 8% life leech (mana is irrelevant)
• Reaper’s Toll (ethereal if you can get it)
Special note to Insight… it’s got a sweet little mod with Meditation already in it. Saves you points and helps out your mana. Eth if you can in an elite weapon.
This set-up is the best for keeping your Merc alive. You can substitute Tomb Reaver with Amn runes for the Reapers, or Doom if you are uber-rich. You can also consider Leviathan instead of Shaftstop if you’re on ladder. ONLY do this if it has Perfect 25% damage reduction AND your Merc is not dying a lot. The Strength boost will help your Merc with his damage, and hence leech more, so this should be enough.

For those of you that are NON ladder and fail at the Spirit game… here is how the gear should go. For simplicity sake, I’m going to list the changes since it all boils down to hitting the 75% FCR breakpoint.

Shield- Lidless
Ammy- Ultimately we’re shooting for Maras… but since you need 5 more FCR… an ammy with FCR and some res should do nicely… with Paladin skills if you can get them.
Rings- One with Firebolt charges, and another with FCR. However, if you can not find the ring with charges go ahead and put on another FCR ring and get the Maras.

This way also lacks a lot of FHR, so you’ll need charms to supplement that. You can hit 7 frames easy, so shoot for 6 or even better… 5.

Yeah I realize it’s a bit more underpowered but hey… come ladder reset things will change. I have not run the numbers for this but the damage will be less from what I can tell.

Starting Strategy – Archon’s guide to the self-rush
First of all… how do we get this character started? Well, below is the starting strategy that 95% of my new characters start with, and I can say that it is the most effective at getting off to a good start:
Note: Some players swear by using Khalim’s Will to start a character, but having used both, I prefer this option…
1. First get your character to Level 6, which should take about 10-15 minutes in an 8-player game. Tristram runs have recently become a very popular and effective way to advance until you are level 15. Sink all your stat points into Strength
2. Equip Death’s Guard and Death’s Hand
3. Level your Pally to Level 8, replace Death’s Hand with Sigons Gloves now that you have 60 Strength. The gloves boost this to 70, allowing you to equip Sigon’s armour, boots and helm also
4. At level 9, sink another 5 points into strength and equip Sigon’s Shield and Civerb’s Cudgel
5. At level 11, equip 1 or even 2 Cathan’s rings, and Cathan’s ammy
6. At level 12, equip Angelic Ammy and ring, leaving one Cathan
By now you will have a nice defence for you level, 16% life leech with 30% increased attack speed, more Attack Rating than you can poke a stick at, and you can’t be frozen (DO NOT use sigon’s belt to complete the set – it’s not worth it.) The reason I recommend Civerb’s over Khalim’s is that it does a MUCH higher physical damage, and this is much better for your leech, keeping you alive. With this gear you should be able to single-handedly take on everything in act 1-3.
7. Power level to 15 by doing Tristram Runs. Make sure your next few levels of stats go into dexterity to keep your block up and vitality for more life
8. Kill Andy
9. Kill vipers in act2 and smash altar, kill summoner and get to the canyon of the magi then…
a. Join a game called “Kill Duriel†or “Act2 boss kill†etc. and try to find someone who has the staff already or…
b. Go get the staff of kings from the maggot lair and do it yourself.
10. Kill Duriel
11. Get someone to give you Travincal waypoint and kill Council (talk to cain to finish quest). A good way to get someone to give the waypoint is to join a baal run game and ask politely. Someone is usually nice enough, especially since they’re all just standing around waiting for the sorc to teleport.
12. Get someone to give you Durance 2 waypoint and kill Meph
13. Power level to lvl 20 doing Tomb runs or Arcane Runs
14. If you are lucky, join a Cow run that isn’t already done. Two or three of these will have you at level 24
15. Kill Diablo (probably in a group)
16. Kill Ancients (probably in a group)
17. Save Anya (strongly advised before hell)
18. Proceed to Baal runs
19. At level 29 equip Vipermagi, 2 SOJs (if you have them) Peasant Crown and Tearhaunch (not upgraded yet)
20. Power level to 45, then kill Baal
21. Rush though Nightmare as best you can and make sure to get Anya!
22. Do Nightmare Baal runs until level 75, equipping your “ideal†gear as it becomes available
23. Kill Baal
24. Start Hell and you can then go around enjoying yourself!!

Playing Strategy
Alright, now the fun bit… using your Pally!! You will almost always have your conviction aura on your right-hand skill, and you should set up hotkeys (q,w,e,r, a,s,d,f,z,x,c,v are heaps better than the F1…12 keys, but you probably already knew that) so that you can easily switch your LEFT-hand skills between Fireball and FoH.

Make sure you have Vigor on a hotkey for a quick getaway. Putting distance between you and you enemies can be the difference between life and death. Holy shield of course should be on a hotkey, and make sure you pay attention to when it runs out, though the duration will be considerable.

In the easier areas with low-hp monsters you can simply unleash your Fireballs and FoHs at the monsters around your Merc. Make sure you know your enemies well, and target their weaknesses. Even though your conviction will cut the immunity of monsters, they will still take much less damage from these attacks. My Fireball’s listed damage at the moment is around 1500 and that’s without Conviction.

Generally you should not charge around the place with your Pally, but take a more cautious approach. Try spamming Fireballs and see who shows up to attack you.

Use your FoH intelligently… it is not a great crowd killer as the lightning only hits one target and it has a casting delay. It is good for mixed crowds with demons and undead, as you can target the demons, which are affected heavily by the lightning, and the undead then cop the holy bolt damage, which should still be around 500 magic damage. Magic damage can’t be resisted, which is quite nice.

Fireball has splash damage, and as you don’t have enormous mana supplies, try to keep your enemies bunched together. This is why it is ultra-important to have a strong Merc. If you took the redemption path, you should flash it when your mana supply is low to recover it even with a SoJ and Shako ;-p

Basically it comes down to you spamming Fireballs at your enemies and letting Conviction help you out. One thing I am going to point out here… Conviction does NOT ALWAYS BREAK IMMUNITIES contrary to popular belief. So you need a backup skill. Personally I like the idea of FOH but it doesn’t always cut it. Now if you were in... say Sewers of Act 2 it would be the perfect switch because it damages the undead. But otherwise let your Merc handle the immunes. If you are feeling lucky and brazen enough, try to hack them to death with a nice weapon and Vengeance. That’s basically how I got through till I could use Fireball. Or of course Holy Shock.

Remember that you do not have ANY damage reduction, so you must try to keep your distance from enemies, and be wary of archers. Your defense, blocking and FHR should be able to get you out of trouble, but don’t rely on it. You are a caster, so play like one…

While not as effective as most of the commonly played characters, this Pally can certainly hold its own. He can survive hell if used intelligently, but does tend to suffer when more players join and monsters hit points become a lot higher. That being said, he works well in a party with sorcs and javazons, who will love and cuddle him for breaking monster immunities for them and making their damage so godly!!


archon_aus for creating this magnificent character

exile for helping with the numbers and some sweet ideas to help the build

Lastly, the Cows… that’s right, the Hell Bovine as it were. For without them I would not have been able to get a large part of the gear.

Long live the Fireball Templar!!


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Great guide and when i first read Archon_aus original guide i was really intrigued with this build :p Your variant options (quote) :

Optional 3: You might want to carry a Dream helm around to boost Holy Shock to the max. Your switch would be something along the lines of a Pally Dream Shield (with good inherent res, 45 is the max) and whatever weapon that helps your stats out where you need them.

Lets say instead of FOH and to deal with fire immunes we make a variant that deals lightning dmg in a melee sort of way via dream. Maybe skillswise:

Max Conviction (-res and defence)
Max Holyshield
Max Resist Lightning
Max Salvation
1 zeal

Helm: Fire faceted Shako
Fireball switch : No change (Moonfall + Spirit shield)
Lightning dmg switch : Dream Sacred Targe + Crescent Moon Phase blade?

Is the damage from one dream significant with maxed salvation for synergy to counter lack of double dream in PvM you think? CM Phase hits a decent 5fpa zeal with conviction and has -lightning resists, ctc static,chain lightning and OW :p


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Gah! I was hoping you'd wait for me!

Sorry about the delay. It's exam time for me and I have three exams that are each worth 50% of the year, respectively. :eek:

I went through about 2/3 of it, would you still like me to send you the changes I made in case of a future revision or something?


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Sorry for not waiting for ya, actually just go ahead and post them in here and everyone can discuss them if need be. And if you have a free moment could you calculate the Deam hybrid damage? And probably that suggestion by batuchka. I would love to do it but... I am numberly ignorent :(


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Just wanted to add a minor point... It appears lv5 isn't the max for rings of Firebolt. I've found a rare at lv6. Don't know if it can be higher or not.


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Back to that Zealot/Dream/Lightning varient, I think it still would be better to have the Dream helm for the Holy Shock synergy because you can have the Conviction aura on and chances are that it's effect will still be intact when it cycles between itself and HS so that will help you out anyways.


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I'll have the calculations up on Friday - Graduation and partying until then. (Sorry about the schedule.)

I'm not sure what you meant in your last post. When I first suggested the Dream variant to you it was based on the fact that we would have Conviction maxed out anyways, and no really necessary skills to max anyways.

If you go the Dream route, I'd suggest:

20 Conviction
20 FoH
20 Holy Shock
20 Resist Lightning
xx Holy Shield
xx Zeal

The Dream idea was meant to be more of a backup thing than a secondary attack anyways, I figured FoH was still a faster killer.


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I'm placing this in the Guide Thread. :thumbsup:

EDIT: I did put both your names on the Guide since it seemed to me it was a team working on this. But, if I'm wrong please let me know so I can change it. Thanks


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I don't see the link in the Guides Thread, have you added it yet?

Also, who do you mean by "both"? If you're referring to archon and Shr00mtrip then I think it might be a good idea, but if it includes me, then I don't think it would be fair. All I did was throw out a couple of ideas and crunch some numbers, not particularly involved jobs or anything.


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[exile] said:
I don't see the link in the Guides Thread, have you added it yet?

Also, who do you mean by "both"? If you're referring to archon and Shr00mtrip then I think it might be a good idea, but if it includes me, then I don't think it would be fair. All I did was throw out a couple of ideas and crunch some numbers, not particularly involved jobs or anything.
I had the link in there. But, ya know how the forums have been going lately. :rant:
I put it back in.

Yes, Thats's what I meant Shr00mtrip & archon.

But, I also think you should be included.
Like I said, It seemed to be a team putting everything together and you did help.
But, it's up to you guys. LMK.

Guide Thread


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ReCo said:
is the fireball paladin dead now as 1.11 came and removed synergy bug?

I know my fb pally depended on synergies from charges, so if they don't work now I will be deleteing him next time I sign on that account.


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:( I was gonna make one. I guess they don't work anymore tho right.

edit: Maybe somewhere it should say that this build doesn't work anymore. I spent 20 minutes getting into the idea before getting shot down. lol


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StraightRyda said:
:( I was gonna make one. I guess they don't work anymore tho right.

edit: Maybe somewhere it should say that this build doesn't work anymore. I spent 20 minutes getting into the idea before getting shot down. lol
It's best to be shot down now than after you made it.:rolleyes:

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