Thank God it's Saturday!


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Thank God it's Saturday!

Yay, the first daily thread started by me! :yep:

After a long week away from my PC I finally managed to do some badly needed MFing. My lvl 63 Sorc (~325% MF) ran NM Meph for about three hours now, and besides filling my giveaway stash I found some very nice items indeed:

Ethereal Meat Scraper (Lochaber Axe)
Ethereal Duriel's Shell (Cuirass)
Those are for my Merc - he's happy :D
Herald of Zakarum (Gilded Shield) Couldn't believe it when this dropped. I guess I'll have to start a Pally sometime soon...
War Travelers (Battle Boots) With 37% MF!
Blackbog's Sharp (Cinquedas) Guess I'll have to start a Poison Necro sometime soon...

The drops only started when I was tempted to call it a day, so I'm really glad I put in that extra hour! And on top of everything I find it's already Saturday, and I can start a new Daily! :drool:


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Hakai_no_Tenshi said:
Kinda early isn't it? I thought the rules were 12:00am US EST for a new thread. Oh well.

Sorry, didn't know there were any rules. :embarrass It had just turned saturday where I was.


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Well, it's Saturday now! No D2 today, I've got to pack etc. so I can go home on Sunday. :D

Hooray for Spring Break!


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No D2 for me for the past week and I love it! Played lots and lots of UT2004 and Sacred. Yesterday was clearly the highlight of the week with those games. Played a Onslaught match vs Inhumain bots, 7 vs 7 on Torlan. I won 3 to 0! w00t! With a final score of 241. :clap: I'm happy.


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Not much time for me to play yesterday, but I was working on my Unique and Set item worshipper. He's still plucking along in Act I hell (and is in the Inner Cloister), which is much farther than I thought I'd get a paladin using an upgraded (once) Bloodrise and who has 2/3rd random skills.

Speaking of which, maybe I'll go to the store for groceries now so I can play this afternoon...


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Haven't posted in one of these for a while. Mostly been playing my Hunter druid--he's just made Champion, but is making heavy weather of it in Hell. His grizzly survives nicely, but the Might merc seems a lot more fragile and tends to die even at /players 2, and since I get a big bonus to damage from that Merc I don't intend to lose him!

However, the problem I'm having--as I knew it would be--is Physical Immunes. Even with a few elemental damage charms and the intrinsic 32-196 cold damage on a Buriza I can barely mark PI bosses. I need to get another 3 levels so I can put the Hellrack Borlag so generously donated onto weapon switch; with an increase of around 500% in elemental damage that should help a LOT.


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Well, Saturday started well (Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal) but things just took a turn for the worse.

Destroyer Nancy, frenzier, lvl 49, just got whacked by two vile archer boss packs in The Hole (A1 NM). Put this one down to operator error. Meant to slam a quick pot and instead hit 'zerker. Defense down to nothing, zot, zot, zot, dead. :grrr:

It was a good run and gave me a taste for the HC side of life. Guess I'll have to try again. Sucker for punishment, that's me.

Crazy Runner, if you see this, PM me and give me an address to send the Barb-only tourney mule.


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After Borlag's help by sending me a Teleport ammy and later some of Trang Oul's set from his Giveaway, I finally got my fishymancer through Act 2 and Act 3 of Nightmare, was rather shocked how easily the Council and Meph fell before my might enchanted army. I'll say one thing though.. Durance level 2.. stupidly big!

I start Act 4 later, am rather nervous about Diablo, since he was alot of trouble in Normal... we'll see.