TGMFM Progress Thread


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first results are in

vs. tweety: 3-0 - lose
vs. Ocau_Mikle: 3-2 - lose

very good start so far :(

tweety just walked in and trounced me. whereas in the end ocau victory came down to a timely desynch and me not counting my win where he lagged. lucky bugger :thumbsup:

@mankey: ocau needs to be updated to a tier A character.


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Next result:

tweety vs. Ocau_Mikle 3-0

I'm starting to like this stuff

tweety vs. Solaris 3-1

Game down for now.


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3-0 against tweety
3-1 against nubby
0-3 against zhao

I'm getting progressively worse. o_O


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Zhao slays Lemming 3-1
Zhao slays Kabal 3-0
Tweety slays Zhao 3-1 (he used his lag skill very wisely)


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So 0-3 against Lemming

0-3 against Kabal

3-1 against Zhao *takes off running shoes*

and game down.


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I hear DX is having hosting problems, so I'll put up a game for him.

I'll be afk for a bit.

3-0 against corax (just like everyone else)
3-0 against DX


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vs kab: 3-0 - lose
vs lemmeh: 3-0 - lose
vs. dx: 3-0 -


i r pwn. took over 10 mins though. hahaha great duels dx :thumbsup:

tal sorcs r cheesey nubs